​Jes Extender Review – Discovering One Of The Oldest Penis Extenders On The Market

There are no doubts that penis extenders can and will make your penis longer, yet you probably know already that not all of them bring in the required results. How come? Easy! If you buy a cheap product made in the middle of nowhere by some company invented overnight that no one has ever heard of, chances are you will injure yourself before you see a quarter of an inch in size. Instead of going through all these, it might be wiser to just opt for quality and a reputable manufacturer instead.

This Jes Extender review will give you all the details you need to make a clever decision.

Introducing Jes Extender – What Is It?

Jes Extender is one of the most popular units in this field, as one of the first models to hit the market. Its primary goal was different though. Basically, it was designed in 1995 as a medical device to treat the Peyronie’s disease – an uncomfortable curvature of the penis. The mission was successful, yet the developers noticed a positive side effect – penis enlargement too.

Overtime, Jes Extender has been used by over 250,000 men and for some good reasons. Sure, there are plenty of penis extenders out there, but this model stands up in the crowd due to its quality build. It is made of surgical steel and features medical silicone for the soft parts. Other than that, it is produced in Denmark, so it has to stand by strict local regulations in terms of quality. No surprise you can barely find a negative Jes Extender review.

How Does Jes Extender Work?

Does Jes Extender Work?

Jes Extender holds the penis in a stretched state. Simply put, it will add some pressure to the penis. In the attempt to adapt, cells will slowly divide into smaller cells that will eventually grow larger. The pressure does not have to be painful or too uncomfortable though. As a direct consequence of this natural process, the penis grows wider and longer. Such results will not occur within the first week. Instead, you need to give yourself at least a couple of weeks for anything visible and more than a few months for the growth to be obvious.

According to the stats available on Jes Extender’s website, some users have experienced a 28% growth within half a year. Obviously, not everyone is the same, so results will vary from one individual to another. Some patients can get more, while others will get less.

How to Use Jes Extender?

Using Jes Extender is a pretty straightforward and intuitive operation. Just looking at it, you can guess where everything goes. However, if this is your first penis extender, you should check the manual of instructions as well. There are a few steps to fully install it. Start by putting the penis through the base ring, as well as the extended bars on the sides. The top has a silicone band – put the tip of your penis through it. Securely fasten it and you are ready.

The final step implies applying some force. There are two extender bars on each side of the penis. You can apply more or less pressure. How much do you need? Make sure it is not too uncomfortable. Also, it should not be painful at all. But then, you do have to feel the tension, so find the perfect balance.

Keep in mind that applying too much pressure will not necessarily rush your results. Instead, you risk injuring yourself by damaging penile tissues.

Who Jes Extender Is for?

Jes Extender is recommended to anyone who wants some extra size – simple as that. Most men have an average penis, yet they compare themselves to what they see in adult films. Those are exaggeratedly large though. But for this reason, they want more. They want more for themselves, as well as their partners. Whether you have a small or a medium penis and you want more size, you can get it done through dedication and commitment.

Jes Extender is also suitable to those who are already naturally gifted with large penises. If you think about it, there is always room for more, so why not? Keep in mind that the larger your penis is, the less you will grow. Proportionally, those with small penises will achieve greater results.

In terms of age, the manufacturer recommends the patient to be 18 or over. Normally, you should wait until you are about 20. That is when your body stops growing naturally, so you are pretty much done with the size you got. You can make better decisions after the natural growth process stops. As for the maximum age, there are no restrictions.

Already Decided?

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Jes Extender is just as useful for those who suffer from a curved penis. In fact, this was its original role.

Side Effects of Jes Extender

There are no side effects associated with Jes Extender as long as you use it correctly. You might experience a mild discomfort, redness or itchy sensations until your body gets used to it. At the same time, take a few precautions into consideration. Avoid using it if you have any wounds or cuts. Just wait until they get healed first.

While you might find a Jes Extender review or two from people who use it while they sleep, you should not if you tend to roll – better to be safe than sorry. If the penis goes erect while using it, take it off and put it back in once the erection is gone.

Pros of Jes Extender

  • Clinically proven results backed by scientific facts.
  • High quality materials meant to keep your penis safe and allow extending it for ages.
  • Safe to use, yet a few precautions should be considered.
  • Comes with a double your money back guarantee.
  • Available in a few different models and sizes to accommodate any kind of penis.

Cons of Jes Extender

  • Takes time to show big results.
  • Getting used to it might take a while.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Jes Extender if I am circumcised?

Yes. Circumcision has nothing to do with extending your penis, so you can safely use the device regardless of it.

Can I have sex during the treatment?

Absolutely – just not with the extender on. Take it off and enjoy good sex. In fact, many users have reported the fact that Jes Extender also improves erections. As it tears cells, they require more blood and nutrients to divide and grow back up. The excess of blood in your penis will inevitably lead to bigger, firmer and stronger erections – great side effect.

Can I wear Jes Extender at work?

Unless your job is really physically demanding, yes. You can also wear it as you walk​​ or go shopping. Some people use Jes Extender while they sleep – not such a good idea if you tend to roll.


Bottom line, it is quite hard to find a negative Jes Extender review and it is easy to tell why. Jes Extender sells for over two decades. If it was bad, it would not have been here today. The review should give you all the answers you require.​


7.5 Overall Score

This really is an awesome penis enlargement solution which actually deliver amazing results. Probably the oldest one out there but still quite popular.





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