10 Natural Herbs to Boost Your Sex Life

For the significant majority of people, having a healthy sex life is something very important to overall quality of life and general wellbeing, both in a physical sense and an emotional sense. Being able to express affection for a partner in every way is something that billions of people around the world desire and when something happens to disrupt the mechanics of that, it can have very real negative impacts on the body and the mind.

It is fair to assume that we are all aware of some of the more famous sex boosting supplements that are popularly available, but what if you are someone who doesn’t necessarily want to put your sexual future in the trust of a little blue pill or some doubtful aphrodisiacs? The answer is turning to nature rather than man-made chemicals.

Natural herbs have been used for millennia across the world to treat every type of ailment you can think of, but only recently have they started to come back into prominence in the modern landscape. From CBD flower in Michigan to old school traditional herbal medicine in China, nature’s ingredients play a huge part in the lives of millions.

With that in mind, here are some herbs to consider if you are looking for something natural that might be able to give your sex life the much-needed boost.

Maca for Improving Sexual Desire
Maca is something that can be found in any local wellness shop or juice bar, and it has a very strong reputation as a herb that can increase feelings of sexual desire. Native to the Andes of Central Peru, there has been studied evidence to suggest that around 3 mg of maca per day can not only improve sexual impulses and desire but also improve fertility. With regards to women specifically, the herb had the power to balance out estrogen levels which can help to alleviate potentially sex-limiting conditions like vaginal dryness.

Red Clover to Induce a Natural Libido Boost
Red clover is a type of legume akin to a chickpea or a lima bean, and it is also something that has been highlighted as increasing a person’s sex drive. The red clover plant is very high in isoflavones, which are a type of plant estrogen that has the power to naturally boost libido.

Korean Red Ginseng for Improved Stamina in the Bedroom
Used for centuries in traditional Eastern medicine, Korean red ginseng, or Panax ginseng, is a good sex-boosting herb because it has been proven to be able to improve a person’s stamina. If a lack of strength or energy is the thing that is holding you back from enjoying a full sex life, then a healthy dose of Korean red ginseng can improve heart health and in turn improve energy levels and stamina.

Fenugreek for Stimulating Hormonal Responses
Fenugreek is something that is cultivated and widely available in most areas of the world and most people associate it as an ingredient in Indian curry but the seeds of this have long been celebrated as having libido-boosting effects. The science behind this has been pinpointed as the herb being able to increase the activity of both testosterone and estrogen.

CBD to Ease Anxiety and Heighten Sensation
You might be more familiar with various CBD products as aids for easing anxiety and stress, but this can also have a positive impact on a person’s sex life. Relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety can make people more willing to open themselves up to both sexual arousal and sexual practices, and some studies have shown that CBD has the ability to heighten sensations in a sexual context.

Indian Ginseng for Increased Blood Flow
Indian ginseng, otherwise known as ashwagandha, is something that has long been used in certain parts of the world to achieve an increased libido. This is down to the fact that the herb can increase blood flow around the body, which of course includes blood flow to sexual organs. It is seen as a natural treatment option for erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire.

Damiana for an Ancient Aphrodisiac
Damiana is a shrub that is native to areas of southern Texas, Central America, Mexico, South America, and across the Caribbean. For centuries before modern medicine was developed, evidence suggests that Mexican Mayan Indians used damiana as a form of aphrodisiac for both women and men seeking a boost in their sexual activity. This is thought to be down to the flavonoids in the herb’s leaves.

Nutmeg for Increasing Sexual Behaviors
Nutmeg is a popular kitchen ingredient, arguably the most commonly recognizable and available on this list. In Indian culture, nutmeg has been used to prompt a healthier sex drive, and in Africa, it has even been referred to as ‘Viagra for women’. Previous controlled tests on animals have been conducted, and it was proven that nutmeg can act as a natural sexual stimulant, increasing the regularity of sexual behaviors.

Bergamot for Improving Erectile Dysfunction
You might be familiar with bergamot in Earl Grey tea. The lemon-like fruit that grows in Southern Italy has more properties than simply making a great tasting hot beverage. A 2015 study found that bergamot was able to provide positive changes in the body by supporting healthy blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure. The healthier all of these elements of a (particularly man’s) body are, the healthier everything related to sexual function is going to be. Good cardiovascular health is one of the best ways to promote regular erectile function.

Catuaba for a Dopamine Boost
For some people, the mechanics are 100% fine but the emotion and mental energy for sexual excitement is simply not there. Something that has been identified as being able to help with this is Catuaba, which has been used in Brazilian culture for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac. The science behind this suggests that Catuaba can boost levels of dopamine, which in turn can create increased levels of sensitivity in important erogenous zones. This can lead to positive changes such as more regular erotic feelings, increased sexual satisfaction, and heightened sensitivity when it comes to experiencing orgasms.

When it comes to finding natural remedies for sexual problems, the reassurance one can take from herbal treatments is the lack of suspect and unknown chemicals within the products. Herbs are a great place to start if you don’t want to jump into the world of manmade pills.

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