10 Signs He Loves You (Even He Doesn’t Say It!)

Have you ever wondered the difference between INFATUATION and LOVE? The basic difference is while infatuation usually lasts for a few months, love is eternal and ever lasting. Love is wanting to be loyal while infatuation bewitches you for a very short time. Hence, in a nutshell, love is all about compromising , understanding and making peace with each other’s imperfections. Many a times, girls aren’t sure whether a guy really loves them or not. You don’t always need to look for those three magical words. There is something more which you need to look for. Hence, I would like to talk about the most explicit signs that will help you get rid of the confusion you currently are in.

When a guy is in love with you, he will like to express it. Just go by what all he does for you. Is he willing to take an extra mile to make you feel special? Or is he all words and just no actions? A guy who is constantly doing things to make you feel happy, definitely loves you. It could include things like writing poetry, planning up surprises etc. If he can just do anything to light up your face, yes girl, he loves you. But again, some guys are not expressive so you cannot take this sign to be the yardstick against which you can measure his love. Because, trust me, most guys have a real hard time expressing their love in a romantic way.

You just know he loves you when he is willingly ready to stick to you come what may. So, keep an eye over his activities .Does he actually want to be only with you? Does he flirt with the girls around him? Does he have the courage to stick to the commitments he made to you? Does he flirt with the girls when you are not there? If the answer to most of the situation is a NO, then trust me girl, he is totally into you. Loyalty can’t be forced on someone. He would want to stay committed to you if he is head over heels in love with you. You wouldn’t have to act as a spy and keep begging him for commitment, love, loyalty and care.

You can be sure that he loves you if he is willing to learn the things you are interested in. He just wants to learn more about you and it is only possible if he gets to know about your hobbies, interests etc. Hence if he really loves you, he will make an effort to learn things just because you like them. He will also make you a part of his life by acquainting you with his family and friends. He would be curious to know every single detail about you. So, girl, he is actually in love with you if he goes out of the way to do everything for you without your even asking for it.

You just know if you are important to the person you fell in love with. He keeps checking on you several times a day .He makes time out of his busy schedule to meet you. He keeps dropping in sweet messages that just make you smile. He wants you to know that he wants the relationship more than you do. Hence, just be sure when he says I LOVE YOU. Are you getting it? He makes the efforts to make you a special part of his life each and every day. This is where you know that he actually loves you. Planning dinners, going on dates, or gifting you expensive gifts, this doesn’t guarantee that he is really into you.

Always remember, respect and love complement each other in a relationship. If your guy doesn’t respect you, he cannot love you either and vice versa. A guy who is really into you will respect your choices in terms of your career, education, lifestyle etc. Girl, if he is willing to stand by you and supports you in the decisions you make, trust me he really loves you. And what can be even better? He goes out of the way to make you believe in yourself even more. If you feel that you stand on an equal pedestal with him, he loves you. Hence just be content if the love of your life is happily willing to appreciate the choices you make in every sphere of your life.

I can just bet you on this girls. If a guy is actually making efforts to remember things relating to you and is actually interested in knowing things about you, he really loves you. Why would a guy put an effort to remember things about a girl he doesn’t love? If he keenly listens you, asks for your advice then you are surely special to him. Also, he is always interested to know more about you. If even after years of your relationship, he still asks you about how your day was spent, then you are surely special to him.

Loyalty and commitment are the most basic ingredients of any relationship. If the guy you love is truthful to you, he surely loves you. This means that he is even ready to face the consequences of telling the truth sometimes. If he is truthful to you about everything, even if it may annoy you, he is the right guy with whom you can trust your future. He definitely loves you to the moon and back and you can just see it in his eyes whenever he talks to you.

So, can you plant a smile on your partners face? Is he really happy when you are around him? Do you both feel complete with each other? Or does he really miss hearing your voice after a long tiring day? If the answer to these questions is ‘YES’, then can say that he is head over heels in love with you. If he is willing you spend his time with you, then you definitely mean a lot to him. And trust me, your relationship will go a long way. And above all, he actually values your opinions and makes sure that he shares everything with you.

Fights are a part of every relationship. You cannot do away with them because differences in opinion are bound to creep in. Specially if you are in a relationship for a long time, it is but obvious that jealousy, possessiveness and insecurities can lead to fights .But there is the click. How do you guys solve your issues after a fight? Are you the one who is always making up the efforts to settle things? Or does he make sure to apologize after a few hours? Trust me, he is really into you if he makes sure that he makes up for the fight. He does really love you and care for your feelings and you can surely count on him anytime.

You would just know if you are someone special in his life or not. He is there with you on his happy and bad days .You would just know he loves you if he lights up seeing you or hearing your voice. What about a random “I MISS YOU” text anytime during the day? This is a sure shot sign that you mean a lot to him. He actually leaves no stone unturned to make you feel that you are the best thing that happened in his life. He makes sure that he reciprocates your love and manages to plant a smile on your face every time you are sad or depressed. And last but not the least, if he has to choose between you and anyone else in the world, he would choose you without any second thought.

I hope you can figure your relationship status on the basis of these signs. Sometimes you need to look beyond mere words which would help you judge whether your boyfriend is really serious for you. Always remember that love is mutual feeling and you both need to work on it or it will just love its charm. Just know you need to look for his body language and his behavior more closely next time if you are still doubtful about his love for you. If you are still in two minds, then you just need to trust your intuition. Listen to the voice of your heart and it will guide you to the right path.

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