12 Signs & Symptoms You’re An Alpha Male

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The fact is that women are attracted to alpha males, and there are certain signs that you may be one. If you want to attract women in the most effective way possible, it is important that you have at least some of these qualities or characteristics. Every woman wants to be allured, and that means having a dominant quality that not all men possess.

The Main Signs You’re An Alpha Male

Being a Leader
One of the biggest and most overt signs that you are an alpha male is the ability to lead others. If you frequently find yourself in a leadership role at work, this is definitely a good sign. Alpha males tend to take the lead rather than follow. This is one of the biggest things that women are attracted to in men, and there is simply no denying it.

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You know how to remain calm in stressful situations
A lot of “beta males” tend to freak out and lose their cool when they are put into high stress situations, but not alpha males. Most guys who are losers usually fall apart when they are under pressure, which is definitely not the kind of quality that women want in a man. Alpha males take control when things start to get tough, and they never let their circumstances control them.

You have plenty of self-respect
If you have a lot of self-respect and self-esteem, chances are you an alpha male. Women cannot respect a man who doesn’t first respect himself, and that’s a cold hard fact. Men with low self-esteem and self-respect tend to give off a weak vibe that most women can see from a mile away. Those who are truly alpha males always retain their self-respect no matter what.

You come across as authentic
Women know when you are bullshitting them, and they can see right through it. Alpha males always have an air of authenticity about them; they don’t pretend to be anyone else because they are completely comfortable in their own skin. Authenticity is definitely one of the more important characteristics of an alpha male, so you will therefore need to keep that in mind.

You simply cannot be an alpha male without being incredibly courageous and willing to take risks that others are afraid to. This isn’t to say that you necessarily take foolish or dangerous risks, but you recognize the importance of being brave and act upon it every chance you get. No woman wants a man who is afraid to take what he wants and put himself out there.

Acting with a Purpose
Alpha males also tend to be very purposeful in everything they do. If an alpha male goes over and talks to a girl, it’s because he knows exactly what he wants and he is going for it. If you don’t constantly act with purpose, you are not an alpha male. Every action you take and word you speak should have a firm and forceful purpose to it.

Alpha males always have a unique and overt style that is all their own. This means that you dress with still and more importantly act with style. Those who are true alpha males take a very careful and considered approach when it comes to their style and they way they carry themselves. If you want to be a real alpha male, it is important that you focus on your overall style as much as possible. The more stylish you are, the more attractive you are going to be to women in general.

If you find yourself always competing with others to prove that you are the best, you might just be an alpha male. Authentic alpha males take competition seriously, and they are always setting out to prove that they are better at whatever they feel confident about. If you take a lot of pleasure in competition, that is definitely a very positive overall sign.

It is very easy to be cynical these days, but what takes real strength is optimism. If you are always trying to look at the glass as being half full, you most likely have some alpha male instincts lurking within. The fact is that most losers tend to focus on the negative aspects of their lives and never actually try to change anything. A true alpha male will always strive for success, and they understand that a positive attitude is required to do so. Anyone who is always feeling sorry for themselves couldn’t possibly be a real alpha male.

If a lot of the people in your life say that they can depend on you, there is a good chance that you are an alpha male. These real men tend to be people that you can depend on when you need them the most; they aren’t flakey or shirk their responsibilities. Women need a man that they can depend on to meet their needs, so you will definitely have to possess this specific trait if you want to be an alpha male.

You Break the Rules
Sometimes an alpha male needs to break the rules in order to get what he wants, and they always do when it is absolutely necessary. Anyone who is afraid of breaking the rules in a crucial moment of decision is not an alpha male and probably will never be one. If you want to attract women like crazy, you will certainly need to be willing to break certain rules and carve out your own path in life. Nobody ever became incredibly successful in life without breaking a rule every once in a while.

You Inspire Others
If you frequently inspire people to take action in their own lives, there is a good chance that you are a genuine alpha male. Once again, alpha males are people who lead instead of follow; they inspire others instead of waiting around for inspiration to hit them. This is perhaps one of the more important aspects of being a real alpha male.

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