15 Hot Sex Ideas to Blow your Lover’s Mind in Bed!

When it comes to truly blowing your lover’s mind in the bedroom, technique is everything. You’ll need to educate yourself before trying to do this so you can actually get it right. Once you really discover how to pleasure her, she will be all yours forever. There are some strategies and ideas that work like a charm every single time that you’ll need to know about. The information in this article will guarantee a hotter and steamier sex life for both of you.

1. Dress for the Part
One of the best ways to make your sex even more enjoyable for your lover is to dress in a way that turns them on. This could mean just wearing some sexy underwear, or even doing a little bit of role playing in costumes. The clothes you wear before getting naked and hitting the sheets can have a huge impact on the quality of your sex. Try putting a little bit of thought and effort into this for next time.

2. Introduce Some Toys into the Bedroom
There is nothing wrong with suggesting some toy play with your lover, and it could turn out to be extremely hot. Using the right toy on a woman could lead to multiple incredible orgasms that she will never forget. Don’t let your macho ego get in the way of showing her a good time using this method.

3. Whisper Naughty Things to Her
You should also try whispering some dirty things in her ear before and during the sex. Depending on what you say and how you say it, this can really steam things up in the bedroom. While it might be a tad awkward the very first time, it will start to feel more natural as you go along.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Let Loose
Some guys have a problem with restraining themselves when it comes to making certain noises in the bedroom. A little bit of moaning and gasping during sex can make things even hotter. She isn’t going to think less of you, and it might even turn her on quite a bit. Just go with the flow and do what comes naturally in the moment.

5. Get Kinky
Find out if she has any fetishes that she would like to explore in the bedroom. This is a great way to really get her going. It might require a bit of an open mind on your part, but it is worth trying new things. If you aren’t used to being kinky at all, you really need to open yourself up to new sexual experiences. You might discover something you really enjoy.

6. Have Aggressive Sex
Sometimes there is really nothing better than having hard, fast, aggressive sex. This isn’t the same as having angry sex, but it can be very hot nonetheless. It might take a few minutes for both of you to get into it, so just start off slow.

7. Try Having Some Drunk Sex
Before you move into the bedroom to have sex, you should really try having a few drinks each. This can really enhance the quality of the sex by lowering both of your inhibitions. It might even lead to trying some new things that you never thought you would.

8. Do it Outside
Another hot sex tip that you should take into consideration is doing it outside. Go hiking on a secluded nature trail and have some fun along the way. The risk of getting caught is part of the fun and excitement. You very well might end up having some of the hottest sex of your life.

9. Try Out Mutual Masturbation
Mutual masturbation can make for some pretty hot foreplay, and in some cases replace the sex entirely. Sometimes just pleasuring each other in this way can make for a very hot overall session. This is something that all couples should really try at least once.

10. Watch Porn Together
Watching some hot porn videos together in the bedroom is a great way to get both of you super worked up. This is a great way to indulge in one’s fantasies while still including your partner. While it is not something that all women are open to, it is worth bringing up at least.

11. Bust Out the Handcuffs
A simple pair of handcuffs can go a long way towards turning normal sex into a much hotter experience for both people. You can have her handcuff you to the bed, or the other way around. It can feel really good to lose control for a little bit in this way.

12. Be Spontaneous

Sometimes there is nothing sexier than being spontaneous. This can mean taking off your panties while you are at a nice restaurant, or even going into the bathroom for a little fun. It is something that can add a lot of spice to an otherwise boring and tired sex life.

13. Give Each Other a Massage
A good all over body massage can really loosen a person up and turn them on at the same time. You should try giving each other a massage next time you go into the bedroom together. It is a good way to build up the sexual anticipation until you are both ready to get it on. Work your hands all over each other’s bodies slowly, building up the tension.

14. Try Out a New Sex Game
There are actually a number of sex game products that you can buy online and in stores to make things a bit more interesting in the bedroom. These games typically have couples take turns doing different things to each other. While it might seem a little weird or silly at first, you’ll very likely get it into it pretty quickly.

15. Shower Together
There is absolutely no question that shower sex can be amazingly hot. Make sure that you take some time to look up a few good positions for doing it in the shower beforehand. This can really help you to achieve the kind of sex life you’ve always wanted.

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