Michael Webb’s 300 Creative Date Ideas Review

300 Creative Date Ideas ReviewI recently was advised to read the book 300 creative date ideas by my fiancée as she thought that I really needed to work on my spiel! Well, after such an admonishing, I had no option but to check out this ebook by Michael Webb. The fact that the author has been featured on Oprah along with being written about in a few magazines, made me check out the ebook even more! After going through this book I was suitably impressed! Here, I present an honest review about Michael Webb’s ebook: 300 creative date ideas and help you decide whether the ebook is worth investing or not!

What is the 300 Creative Date Ideas about?

If you have found your love life to be bland and you are always seeking new ideas to impress your date, this book is a must read! This book is a compilation of 300 inexpensive ideas to make your dates more interesting and exciting, adding spice to your relationships. The book is overflowing with very simple ideas to make your dates memorable. The ideas suit every purpose, right from that casual first date to the all important anniversary date.

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Many of these ideas are very creative, whereas there are some that are not totally new. The main aim of the book is to remind us to enjoy simple pleasures in our relationships and create memorable memories that would last for a very long time. With the massive volume of ideas present in this book, you would never need to have the same type of date again! Michael Webb has made a comprehensive list of various ideas to enhance your dating experience, making the whole process enjoyable for both of you along with being very easy on the pocket!

He has enlisted many easy ideas like a visit to the winery or an enjoyable hike over the mountains, making each idea simple and inexpensive, along with providing a great time. Michael Webb’s ebook moves beyond the tried and tested “Taking her to movies” date and tries to create a spark in your relationship.

Some great features present in the book:

300 creative date ideas by Michael Webb, is fun-filled and will definitely entertain you along with providing some fantastic ideas to help you bond with your partner. Many of the dates listed here range from simple on the spur exercises with your partner to some elaborate and long thought out ideas that need extensive planning. This allows everyone to choose the perfect idea of a wonderful date, depending on the occasion and the budget! The main purpose it to create a lasting impression on your date, thus paving the path for a happy relationship ahead.

If you are an event organizer who is in need of creative suggestions to satisfy an irate client, this book would work wonders in your profession and you will always be able to find the perfect idea for the occasion! Also, this is a very good buy to increase spontaneity and humor in the date and would be widely appreciated.

Each of us is plagued with many problems, personalities, and circumstances that change our definition of fun. 300 Creative Date Ideas book provides a date for any and every occasion, and helps you enjoy the moment! Sift through the books to find the perfect date that suits yours and your dates temperaments and ideas of fun. Along with all the dating ideas, Webb also lists certain tips to improve your date. The common dating mistakes, disasters, along with the things to avoid are listed in the book.

He also advises on:

  • How to make the date successful and avoid a dating disaster – a must read
  • Ways to work on a long distance relationship, or
  • How to ask someone out successfully!

He has also provided certain dating coupons that you can gift your partner and have them redeemed on a later date. Some of these include, “Redeem this coupon for your favorite dessert at home or in a restaurant of your choice or 30-minute reading of love poetry, a one-hour bike ride or a day trip to a nearby town.” Even you can make these coupons at home, but having them already present in a beautiful manner makes them very attractive and appreciated!

In addition to these, pg 93 and 94 carry an exhaustive list of date ideas that you can definitely shift while on the go! If you are in need of some rapid ideas for a memorable evening, I’m sure you will love these pages. I would definitely advise you to simply sift through the book and jot down on a notebook the ideas that jump out.

Another wonderful feature present in 300 Creative Date Ideas book is the “Why didn’t I think of this before!” This feature converts your boring ‘driving to the movie’ date into a more fun-filled event, which leaves your partner asking for more.

More bonuses included in the book are:

  • The Dating Bible gives you new and exciting dating tips
  • The Romantic’s Guide would help you create that spark which your relationship needs
  • The Newlyweds Guide to a Happy Marriage.
  • 101 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Michael Webb helps you take your dating experience to a whole new level and also helps you learn about your partner’s personality in a fun –filled manner!

Is this book perfect?

Having said it all, this book is not exactly earth shattering! Some of the ideas are very unique, whereas some of them are already known and tested over the years. However, they have been presented in a unique manner to make them very attractive and appealing to the public. With 300 Creative Date Ideas present in the book, not every reader will approve or even want to try all of them. Reading through 300 ideas is a daunting task indeed! Also, many of the ideas have very lengthy descriptions, thus making you lose focus from the basic point


To sum it up, the 300 Creative Date Ideas ebook is a compiled and massive piece of work that lists various ideas and tips to improve your relationships and keep them fresh and filled with humor for a long time. The book provides a good read and the sheer volume of creativity that flows through the pages would definitely impress you. This book has become my favorite since I read it and I would cherish it in the year to come. If your dating life or your marriage has become bland and boring, and you need to ignite the relationship, it would be a very good idea to invest in the ebook by Michael Webb: 300 creative date ideas.


6.0 Overall Score

Many of these ideas are very creative, whereas there are some that are not totally new. The main aim of the book is to remind us to enjoy simple pleasures in our relationships and create memorable memories that would last for a very long time.





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  1. Wasn’t really expecting much from this. I mean it’s a collection of date ideas, right? I was actually surprised to see some really interesting ideas that I’ve actually tried with women and they work wonders. Most ideas are already knows but there are some golden nuggets in here that make it all worthwhile.

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