5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Ex Jealous

Jealousy is a very powerful tool; in fact, jealousy is so powerful that it can make your ex boyfriend regret leaving you in the first place. However, many women don’t like using these “games” to get their ex boyfriends back. Yes, using jealousy can be looked upon as a “sleazy” tactic to get your ex back, but unfortunately, it works. There’s no easier way to make your ex boyfriend realize that he still cares about you.

5 Things To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous:

1.) Ignore Him

Yes, this will drive him up the wall if you start ignoring him. He’ll be jealous that you’re spending your time on other things. So if he e-mails you, Facebooks you, or texts you, just leave these messages sitting for a few days. Maybe try not replying at all! This will surely get his attention. Once you know he’s getting annoyed (he’ll start trying to message you more), that’s when you know that it’s working. So keep milking it for all it’s worth!

2.) Look Good!

Yes, look good in pictures. If you see your ex, make sure that you’re looking your very best. Go ahead and meet up with your girlfriends to go shopping for really hot clothing… and more specifically, clothing that your ex boyfriend loved you in! Once he gets a glimpse of you, he’ll be burning with sexual desire for you in no time. Men are much more visual than women are… meaning we are easily persuaded by a good looking woman.

3.) Be Happy

Once your boyfriend leaves you, he’s going to assume that you’re going to be pining for him. He’s going to think that you’ll be depressed and lonely… but what if you don’t give him this satisfaction? He’ll begin to sense that he’s losing control over you and get really jealous! Once he realizes this, he’ll try and get your attention again. Trust me.

4.) Start Dating Other Guys

Yes, this is probably the easiest way to make your ex jealous… start dating other guys. Not only will this make him insanely jealous, but you’ll have fun in the process. Dating guys will only increase your confidence too and make you feel better about your situation.

Do not, however, make it known to the world that you’re having sex with multiple guys here. This will make your ex boyfriend less likely to get back together with you and isn’t a good way to make him jealous.

5.) Talk To His Friends

Yes, nothing is more annoying to us guys when ex girlfriends constantly tries to contact one of our good friends. Did you become close with any guy friends of his while you two were together? Now is the time to reach out and communicate with him… and maybe hang out for something very innocent. Make it known to your new close guy friend that you two or only hanging just as friends and nothing else. Once your ex gets wind of this information, he’ll get extremely jealous.

Remember, jealousy isn’t the only thing you can do to get your ex boyfriend back… there are in fact a tonne of things you can do that will make your boyfriend fight tooth and nail for you until he has you back in his arms.

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