5 Ways PPP Can Affect Your Sexual Life

Pearly penile papules (PPP) are tiny growths that appear near the head of the penis. They may look like tiny pinkish, yellowish, or white beads. PPP may be mistaken for genital warts, but they differ in that genital warts are clumps that may appear anywhere on the surface of your penis. At the same time, PPP is smaller, pimple-like growths that form a circle around your penis and aren’t infectious.

There are many myths about this condition, so debunking them is essential. First, PPP isn’t a sexually transmitted infection (STI). It’s not sexually transmitted from one person to the other during sex, touching, or contact. Second, popping PPP won’t cure them any faster. The best way is to get a certified PPP Kit treatment.

The causes of PPP remain unknown to doctors and scientists, but they consider it a usual occurrence you shouldn’t have to worry. Approximately 14-48% of men worldwide are affected by this penis skin abnormality. Most affected men are uncircumcised as the bumps form around the foreskin of the penis. Although the cause is unknown, some doctors argue that visible Tyson glands cause PPP. They may disappear with time, but you should see a doctor for more information on Tyson glands vs papules and, perhaps, get better treatment.

PPP can affect your sexual life, even if not directly, in many ways. Here are five common ways in which PPP can do that:

Lowers Your Self-Confidence
Low self-confidence or self-esteem may significantly affect your sexual life and other aspects of your life. PPP may make you lose confidence in your ability to perform in bed. You may be afraid of how your partner will react once you lower your boxers and she sees your penis covered in circles of pinkish growth.
It may be an embarrassing moment, potentially causing you shame. You may try to convince them that it’s not a fatal illness or sexually transmittable, but someone who’s not open to such an idea may be disgusted just by looking at it. Such a reaction may make you feel embarrassed and humiliated, and gaining the confidence to approach another partner will be a hassle.

Increases Sexual Pleasure
PPP may increase sexual pleasure and help your partner ejaculate faster. This is because the bumps and growth around the head of your penis are said to drive your partner into quicker and more satisfying orgasms. Thus, a partner who knows and understands what PPP is can be a positive addition to your sex life.

Causes Fear And Mistrust
Not everyone is well informed on genital diseases. If your partner is among these people, she may fear having any sexual relationship with you. Not being able to tell the difference between PPP and other STIs will make them lose faith in you.

Mistrust will cause intimacy problems between you and your partner, and if you’re like some men who rely on intimacy to get an erection, you’ll be in a pitfall. The first thought that will cross their minds is that you cheated, and it will be hard to convince them otherwise, especially if they’ve been suspicious for a while.

May Lead To Depression
PPP may make you lose confidence in yourself and strip you of your partner, leaving you with no one to confide in. The stress and loneliness you feel may result in depression. Of course, you’ll still have your friends, but you can’t go about announcing your penis abnormality to everyone.

Depression will lower your sex drive, and if your partner doesn’t leave, you might find it impossible to satisfy them sexually. On top of this, you’ll be irritable and gloomy most of the time because most women will choose to stay away. You’ll also lose your libido, making it hard to get or sustain an erection.

To be on the safe side, contact and consult your doctor even if your sex life isn’t affected. Your doctor may recommend you to a psychiatrist to help maintain your mental health. Make it a point to attend all the scheduled appointments and watch your life transform.

Affects The Quality Of Sex Life
By now, you’re already aware that PPP affects your sexual life in one way or another. Loss of libido or sex drive will deprive you of the benefits you could derive from good sexual intercourse. Scientists have proven that good sex will improve the quality of your life in that you’ll get to:

  • Burn calories
  • Reduce chronic illnesses like prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce back pains
  • Have a strong immune system

Apart from the health-related advantages, you’ll also benefit in all aspects of your life: emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially, and even psychologically. Unfortunately, PPP may deny you all these benefits.

PPP Symptoms
All infections or diseases have signs and symptoms. PPP is not any different, although the only symptom might be the appearance of a small dome-shaped growth on your penis. It may happen in your early adulthood or adolescence stages. In some cases, the PPP may appear as a single circle around the head of your penis, but it may also exist in multiple rings.

Although PPP is said to be harmless, it may not be entirely accurate. Thus, ensure you see a doctor for treatment. Popping or picking on the growth isn’t a solution, as it may lead to scarring or may even cause damage to your genitals.

Moreover, medication for PPP is different from over-the-counter wart treatments. Don’t, under any condition, take warts medicine to treat PPP as they aren’t for penis treatment. It’s better to have them removed by a professional. You may opt for cryotherapy, carbon dioxide laser, or electrodesiccation and curettage treatment options.
The treatment may not be smooth and flawless. You may have to deal with possible after-treatment risks such as infections, scarring, and bleeding. Your skin pigmentation may also change, and the PPP might re-appear.

PPP may or may not affect your sexual life. Some effects may be positive or negative, as discussed above. The bottom line is that you can avoid all of these if you seek treatment. You wouldn’t want to be depressed or miss the benefits a good sex life has to offer.

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