Mirabelle Summers’s Addict Him To You Review & Attract Your Ideal Man

Addict Him to You ReviewAs the title quite rightly suggests, Addict Him & Attract Your Ideal Man is something of an instructional guide for women who are either interested in beginning meaningful long-term relationships with new men, or are already in relationships and would like to make significant improvements. Mirabelle Summers created the Addict Him To You guide with the interests and concerns of the modern woman in mind and is herself a famous and respected relationships expert.

In order to demonstrate exactly how to improve a relationship in the most illustrative way possible, Mirabelle focuses largely on women’s mistakes and the ways in which they themselves have the potential to spoil or sour their relationships. In a nutshell, her theory is one whereby the ways in which men feel and experience love is something that most women are wholly unaware of and is therefore the root cause of their mistakes. As such, in order for women to both hang on to the men of their dreams and attract them in the first place, this is precisely what needs to be learned and explored.

She also delves rather deeply into the all-important subject of the kinds of things women tend to do when they are looking to attract a man which may in fact lead them down a rather slippery slope. If you’ve ever wondered why despite your best efforts you always seem to attract the ‘wrong’ men, Mirabelle shares her theories on why this might be the case and ultimately how to break the cycle. She talks of the inevitability of relationships hitting brick walls and failing outright when women find themselves accidentally or otherwise with the wrong men.

Addict Him To You Primary Teachings

By the time the Addict Him To You pdf book has been read, Mirabelle’s intention is to instill not only a new sense of confidence in women looking to improve the relationships, but also how to approach, manage and indeed begin a meaningful relationships in the first place.

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Some of the primary teachings the Addict Him To You book seeks to convey include:

  • The importance of being who you are at all times and never putting on a facade just for the sake of attracting or retaining a man.
  • How to get out of the habit of manipulating the men rather than understanding them.
  • Learning how to better understand the unquestionable differences between men and women and how these differences can be capitalized on for the benefit of both partners.
  • Techniques and approaches which have proved effective in the reaching resolutions and once again restarting relationships when that things appear to be heading down a rather sticky path.

As a relatively short guide, weighing in at just 150 pages, Mirabelle’s Addict Him To You quickly moves from one point the next and ensures that no time is wasted on needless filler. There are also several bonus guides included with the eBook covering various other matters of a related nature.


Perhaps the most advantageous and appealing aspect of Addict Him To You is the way in which Mirabelle doesn’t just focus on one specific relationship area or problem, but rather delves into a wide variety of real life issues most women will have faced at some point during their lives. As such, it is a book that will most certainly reach out to real women.

There’s really nothing worse than picking up a book like this and getting the distinct feeling that the author is talking to every other woman apart from you yourself. Mirabelle’s work is quite an exception to this common complaint however as the book is designed for all women across the board regardless of age, religion, creed, background or outlook on life in general. It is simply designed to be of assistance to those who are determined to find their soul mate but so far have not met with any luck.

It’s also up both comforting and reassuring to see that much of the theory, research and evidence that made it into the book was sourced from real life relationships and studies.

Many of the strategies and guidelines shared throughout the Addict Him To You pdf book are not nearly as outlandish and to-the-point as the status quo in other books of this kind. Instead, Mirabelle’s program focuses more on realistic strategies and changes in both perceptions and actions that are both easily actionable and can be made part of the reader’s everyday life. Everything is laid out in a simple step-by-step format which is surprisingly easy to follow given the volume of information communicated.

The fact that the primary book also ships with three free of additional guides – “Cheating Neutralizer,” Lie Detector” and the “Reflexive Attraction” – is of course a bonus, as it is the incredibly rare and reassuring 60 day money-back guarantee for anyone who doesn’t find the book genuinely helpful.


As for the disadvantages, the fact that the Addict Him To You book is only currently available by way of digital download will not be to everyone’s tastes. It would be nice to see a hard copy on the shelves, but this is certainly not the end of the world.

In terms of the content of the Addict Him To You book, it isn’t so much of a disadvantage as it is an important acknowledgment of the reader’s contribution as a fair amount of work and effort is needed to put the author’s teachings and programs into practice.


As is the case with largely every other guide on relationships ever published, it is important not to approach Addict Him To You as if it were some kind of silver bullet that guarantees immediate and permanent relationship happiness. Instead, what the author brings to light is a series of well researched and well documented theories and approaches – it then comes down to the reader to implement in their own lives should they choose to do so. Or in other words, it’s the classic case of having the doors open for you, but it being entirely up to you to walk through them.

As already touched upon, the fact that this is a book which has clearly been crafted to appeal to real women regardless of their current situation or background is extremely impressive. The step-by-step organization of the book makes it fabulously easy to digest and is also a great book for dipping in and out of should time not permit a cover to cover read.

On the whole, it is difficult to see any woman looking to enrich her relationship not thoroughly enjoying Addict Him To You ebook and taking several useful insights away. And of course, those that are not happy with Mirabelle Summers’ work have the option of applying for a full refund within the first 60 days, no questions asked.


6.5 Overall Score

As the title quite rightly suggests, Addict Him & Attract Your Ideal Man is something of an instructional guide for women who are either interested in beginning meaningful long-term relationships with new men, or are already in relationships and would like to make significant improvements.





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