Alexander Wilson’s Manifestation Magic Review

Manifestation Magic ReviewMost people are looking forward to learn how to live life as per their desires and attract profusion or richness. They are likely to do so by understanding the law of attraction. This law is all about matching the active frequencies (energetic) to attract whatever we desire in reality. The basis of this law is that like attracts like. Whatever we focus on surely grows, may it be positive or negative.

This basis has triggered a new series of research on the human brain, consciousness, and body for connecting new concepts of science with ideas of generating reality. This law works even if you do not believe in it.

Everything in this universe exists as vibrations, including our desires. It is only a matter to pull their presence into your life. So, why can’t we do it? This is because of the blocks or resistance in our mind that do not allow real manifestations to happen. Now, if you want it, then how your own mind is stopping it?

Well, that is because of missing ingredient called ‘belief’. If you believe 100% that what you want exists, it will come to you once you match the frequency of it. This frequency matching happens only with a quiet mind, which comes through meditation. The right blend of this meditation for calming the mind at a deep level, belief instillation is the specialty of Manifestation Magic.

Overview of Manifestation Magic

Based on the law of attraction, this is a robust life-changing program with the help of which you can make literally anything you want in your life, including a new car or your dream home.

It aims to manifest money whenever you want in your life, may it be money for bills, rent, home, or tours. This is how it is likely to prove that manifestation is real, not a myth.

The program aims to bring this real manifestation into one’s life within the initial 24 hours. This actually sounds suspicious to me but I seriously found it to work (a bit on my experience later in this article).

Well, the best part of this program for me is that there is nothing to read, study, or do. There are no activities or exercises to practice for experiencing the expected results.

You only need to push the Play icon in the app to listen to the most rejuvenating audio tracks for clearing patterns at the deepest subconscious levels. Well, this is something that I did not find in any other similar programs.


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Inside the Program

The Manifestation Magic program comes with two mystical modules namely, the quick-start guide and an autopilot audio system.

Once you become the member of this program, you get access to the guide within the initial 15 minutes. The initial half of it reveals how to get started with the program. It guides on how to listen to the tracks or audios. It also imparts a better knowledge of how the program works.

The second half of it reveals a simple 5-step process of manifestation so that you are clear on what you desire in reality. However, it is not mandatory to finish these steps in order to benefit from the audio tracks.

From this guide, you get access to the second module, which consists of ‘Energy Orbiting’ sessions holding the tracks. Well, these tracks are at the core of this program. The module holds a series of revolutionary tracks, which are meticulously designed with the author’s guidance and with the assistance of a famous audio engineer.

Both the program and I recommend the track of Twilight Transformation to get started. All you need to do is just play it just prior to the bedtime or when you are falling asleep. Then, the audio itself will clear the major subconscious blocks for abundance, which were holding you back.

There are some bonus audio sessions that remove the blocks that are linked to each of the energetic chakras in the body. If combined with the main tracks, it actually changes the manner in which you deal with wealth and abundance.

The bonus set also comes with an additional seven tracks that are likely to transform the listener completely. Each of these tracks aims to awaken a unique but coveted superpower.

Working of This Program (My Experience)

Once you tap or click Play while falling asleep, you will realize later that it was like swaying the magic wand of Harry Potter. I felt this exactly when I let the Twilight Transformation work at night.

Overnight, the audio’s brainwave technology makes your mind feel relaxed while being pushed into the ‘Theta State’. At the same time, it explores the deepest subconscious levels from where robust subliminal signs steer clear of the blocks and new positive beliefs about being in abundance quickly take hold.

While you are asleep, the playing audio does everything needful for a complete transformation. It boosts the vibration level and triggers a strong gravitational force (that of attraction) that pulls whatever you want into your orbit.

For me, this program worked. Although nothing happened on the first day, I was able to sell my old home at an unbelievable price. However, that one day was not a waste for me, as I was full of positive affirmations in my mind. Many thanks to that Twilight track!!!

  • Simple
  • Effortless
  • Effect on the deepest levels of our subconscious area
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Testimonials on display
  • Current discount of 80%

Hardly any, as it has worked for me

About the Author: My Conclusion

Alexander J. Wilson is the author of this program but seems to be no ordinary person. He has been a spiritual teacher for almost seven years and has written many books on most intriguing manifestation concepts such as visualization and law of attraction.

Alexander himself has applied the law of attraction and signs of the universe to come out of his own challenges faced in life before being a spiritual guide. When I read his story, my suspicion turned into a faith that this program is surely going to give me something real! I understood that believe in what you want, and it will happen!


8.5 Overall Score

Based on the law of attraction, this is a robust life-changing program with the help of which you can make literally anything you want in your life, including a new car or your dream home.





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  1. I bought the program and even if it looks like a good program, the customer service is awfully. I lost my password code, and after sending me a code that doesn’t work they ignore me, when is so easy reset my account. I think they want me to pay again ( are they so hungry for money?) If it’s like that maybe the program doesn’t work like they say it does. I’m VERY disappointed.

    1. My audios would not play one morning so I emailed them and I received a quick response on what to do and a follow up. Their customer service is awesome.

  2. Thank you for the honest review. I am loving the product! I have been listening for a week now and my sales have increased!

  3. It works!! I listened to it like twice about a week ago while I was at work and it was playing in the background the whole day…

    I connected the dots and started my own business from home overnight!! And my customer base is rapidly growing! I made within a week what I make in a month at my 9 to 5 job! I feel so blessed and resourceful ?…

    …I also got a call yesterday for a job interview with a company I applied to work for a few months ago and I thought they overlooked my application but I discovered that they think I’m suitable for a higher post so they created this post within that time TO HIRE ME!!

    … So I will quit my job soon to another better paying job at a company that actually sees my value and wants to give me a better offer all while I run my own business..

    …I feel so abundant and appreciate this magical experience! My life is changing and so quickly to the better 😀 I will listen to it daily and see what happens

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