Chemistry is an online dating site mainly focusing on congeniality matching according to a personality test created by biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher who directed 30 years of research on the science of interpersonal attraction.

Here is our in-depth review of this service with all advantages and disadvantages. We’ve decided to purchase a paid version as well and here are our test results. Read below for more details.

Chemistry Packages and Features

As opposed to the majority of other online dating sites, provides its users with only one package. The site also provides a free trial where users are able to utilize certain features so that they can decide if is the suitable dating site for them. Review

  • Personality Assessment
  • Profile transfer from
  • Check out suggested profiles and photos
  • Take advantage of their match suggestions
  • Check who’s attracted to you
  • Get a hold of suggested matches
  • Check who found out your profile
  • Get additional information from a possible match with specific characteristic questions from

Membership Base

  • holds around 4 million members
  • Caters to both heterosexual and gay singles
  • Targeting mainly singles of aged 35 and up
  • Married people are not allowed to use the service.

How Works

As a user of you are going to constantly get match recommendations. Each match recommendation is going to give background detail regarding the person in addition to an assessment of how your characteristic fit together.

Paying subscribers get to receive notices whenever there is someone visiting their profile. If you find someone you want to get to know better, you can click the “I’m interested” icon, and is going to contact your possible match. You then are going to start the process to get to know the person by providing extra information about your relationship needs. If you wish to contact someone who is interested in you also, you need to answer the same questions. is going to give you a comparison of your answers with your match’s answers, in order for you to check your congeniality.

In the case that you and your possible match are satisfied with what you see in your compared relationship requirements, you are going to need to send your potential partner a number of short questions. gives you an opportunity to send six short queries to potential matches and help coming up with questions that can be useful for your characteristic type.

After both of you accept the answers to these questions, you can start communicate using emails with your potential match. The objectives of this directed process is to make sure that you are still into each other and to help you to have a successful first date.

When utilizing, you might feel that each process is taking longer time than you were expecting as you are continually asked to wait for a reply from your potential match(es) and not everybody is going to reply right away. Nontheless, the process is very interesting because answering those questions can help you learn about yourself. The waiting process can give you time to find out other alternatives and therefore it will prevent you from choosing someone out of eagerness. Chemistry .com offers more than 5 match recommendation daily so you are always with several potential matches to check out.

If you start a relationship or wish to have some time off from of online dating, you have the option of hiding your profile anytime you wish. If you hide your profile, you wont be getting any match suggestions. Before you hide your profile, it is important to check that any current suggestions do not interest you.

Positive Features

  • Accurate personality assessment
  • Useful personality comparison provided with each suggested match
  • Inexpensive pricing as compared with other compatibility matching services
  • Provides matches constantly
  • Customer support by phone

Negative Features

  • No ability to search for your own match
  • The advice section is difficult to find and offers limited advice
  • Email support provides automated responses


When you are about to work on the’s member profile, be sure that you have enough time, no less than 45 minutes to concentrate on the task. You will like the registration process as the questions are very interesting and has a mixture of text-based multiple choice questions and questions on a range of graphics and images.

The registration starts with analytical questions that are broken down into the following sections:

  • Step1: Provide a ‘snapshot’ of yourself (2 pages)
  • Step2: Self-perception analysis (3 pages)
  • Step3: Communication Dynamics assessment (4 pages)
  • Step4: Personal Traits and Preferences section (8 pages)
  • Step5: Aspects of Identity questions (2 pages)

When the analytic evaluation is done, you will be requested to answer standard questions regarding yourself and what you are seeking in a partner. These questions most of the time focus on your look, ethnicity, occupation and other easy questions. You are going to need to put up a photo, and if you are having trouble uploading it, all you need to do is to send it by email. After your registration is cone, you will get your personality evaluation and will start receiving match suggestions straightaway.

Customer Support is well known for its support which accepts both phone and email contacts. A customer care staff is going to answer your call between the hours of 9:00 20:00 CST from Monday through Friday. We have tested their phone support by calling them at little passed 9am. It took around 6 minutes for them to pick up the phone, but when we tried again at around 2pm EST, their response was quick. The representative was quite friendly and was able to answer my question smoothly and clearly.

We emailed them at 6:20am on a Sunday morning:

Although the response we received from’s support was helpful, it was disappointing that a dating service so focused on the needs of every individual member would provide an automated response that made me read through several paragraphs of irrelevant instructions to find the answer to my question.


It is quite impressive that’s personality evaluation was very precise, and it seems very handy that they offered match recommendation with a commentary of how your personality could potentially match with the characteristic of a recommended match. It can be a little time consuming to complete each step necessary before you finally get to start communicating with other users on a personal level, but offers sufficiently more match suggestions than PerfectMatch and eHarmony, and most of the cases, their suggestions are applicable.


7.8 Overall Score

Chemistry is an online dating site mainly focusing on congeniality matching according to a personality test created by biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher who directed 30 years of research on the science of interpersonal attraction.






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