Simple Plan To Get Your Girlfriend Back Fast

There is no fool proof way to get your girlfriend back but there are things that you can do to help the process along. It is important to know the reason why she broke up with you in the first place so that you don’t find yourself in the same situation after a short while.

Play it cool which means don’t bombard her with calls, texts, emails, or go to her home or work place begging and pleading for her to take you back. How you will get your girlfriend back will need a less obvious strategy. This is easier said than done especially in the first few weeks of the breakup but you must be strategic so you can get your girlfriend back.

After time has passed, but don’t take too long so that she does not find a rebound boyfriend or she has started the process of moving on, start calling, texting or emailing her once in a while and make small talk so that she doesn’t completely forget about you. If you know for example she had some issues at her job or a friend of hers was sick, you can use this as your excuse to communicate. When you talk, pay attention to her and seem interested in what she has to say, put yourself in the back burner and let it be all about her. This will also show her that you care about her and the things that are going on in her life.


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Once you have that one foot in the door, suggest a meeting or wait for her to suggest for a meeting. Make it plain that it’s not a date but more of two friends meeting. This will make her want you because women are attracted to confident and assertive men. Even though you are desperate to get back with her, don’t show your desperation. When you meet, make sure you look good, smell nice and you can even wear something she loves you in. Touch her once in a while, not suggestively but tenderly. This is to remind her of what she is missing. Her thoughts will be full of you and this is important on how to get your girlfriend back.

If you sense that your girlfriend seems interested but there is some reservation, you can reach out to one of her close friends and let her know your intention is to get your girlfriend back and for sure that information will get back to her. It doesn’t hurt for her to know that you would love to have her back especially when someone close to her is pushing your agenda.

Look happy and like you’re doing well. Make her laugh, women love funny men. This will make her miss you. Don’t parade girls in front of her, playing the jealousy card can backfire on your plan to get your girlfriend back. You can however hang out with girls but don’t flirt with them and make it clear they are just friends. She is most likely to get jealous and this can help you get your girlfriend back.

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