The Essential Facts About Ring Buying

Ring Buying Guide FactsChoosing the right ring for your other half can cause anxiety, stress and confusion. It’s always best to do a lot of research based on what style of ring that you think your girlfriend will like and it is why we have put this engagement ring buying guide together for you. Perhaps she has dropped hints that she wants a platinum ring. If this is the case then you will have to save up a little more money because platinum is more expensive than gold.

A rough guideline to the amount that you should spend on the ring is 2 months’ salary but there’s room for negotiation depending on your budget. Once you have decided how much you want to spend you should seek some basic guidance to ensure that you don’t fall at the first hurdle. Jewellery can come with a lot of jargon so it’s important to get a basic understanding of what these words and phrases mean.

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Basic Language

You may have spent several hours or even days researching diamond rings on the internet but this won’t make you an expert. On the contrary, it can leave you feeling even more confused. Start by learning the four C’s which are cut, clarity, colour and last of all carat. Next you should research diamond grading and the role that a gemmologist plays in the jewellery industry.

How Much Should I Spend?

You may have already heard that you need to spend on average at least 2 months’ salary on the engagement ring. This may seem a little unfair and unreasonable for a piece of jewellery but it’s thought that if a man can commit himself to saving his salary for 2 months then he will make a better husband due to his reliability. Obviously, if your budget is tighter than a mermaid’s bra then you could perhaps postpone proceedings until you are more financially stable. Alternatively you could wait for the January sales and try and get a discount.

Discovering her Ring Style and Size

Hopefully you will go shopping together and you will get a clear idea of what she likes and what you should definitely avoid if you want to live to see your next birthday. You could perhaps ‘borrow’ one of her rings to get a general idea of her size but at the end of the day, a ring can always be made smaller or bigger so it’s no big deal if it doesn’t fit first time (you could stage a second proposal if the ring size needs to be altered to make up for buying the wrong size).

Should I take my Girlfriend ‘Ring Shopping’?

If you did go together there’s no chance of screwing things up but it does remove the element of romance and surprise. Presumably you know your girlfriend well so your gut instinct should tell you what to do.

Where should I buy the Engagement Ring?

It’s wise to look online and seek out testimonials from other customers who have bought a ring from particular jewellers. Buying a ring online without seeing the ring in person may not be the best idea so it’s imperative to shop around. Look out for stores which have a trained gemmologist who can really help you with their expertise.

Look out For Diamond Grading Reports

If a diamond has over half a carat in weight, then it should have a grading report. If a jeweller does not sell diamonds which have been graded then you should give these merchants a wide berth. Remember though that you are not an expert and you don’t have a trained eye. You should therefore have a gemmologist or diamond merchant explain the grading report to you so that you have a basic understanding of it. This will also present you with an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

Insuring a Diamond Ring

It’s essential to have insurance which covers the value of the engagement ring, especially if you have spent several thousand dollars. You wouldn’t allow a valuable item inside your home to go uninsured so you need to have the same mind set for the ring. Not all household insurance policies cover items of jewellery so it’s always best to get separate ring insurance. If your girlfriend loses or damages it, you will be able to make a claim.

Swapping the Diamond in the Ring
Save The Marriage

Unfortunately, sometimes when a customer takes a ring to be altered or fixed, it can be replaced by a different diamond. Luckily this isn’t a common occurrence but you should protect yourself by having an individual grading report carried out separately by a gemmologist. This ring will be signed and authenticated by a professional and so would be used as evidence during any dispute or insurance claim. Some reports even contain a detailed magnification report which will prove if your diamond has been swapped.

Picture the scene; you feel emotionally and physically drained but you are smug in the knowledge that you have chosen the very best sparkler for your woman. It’s classy, timeless and understated and you have insured it. The only box left to tick is the proposal itself. Think long and hard about the proposal because you want it to be a memorable occasion for all the right reasons. A romantic weekend away, a meal, a surprise party or a proposal from the top of a mountain just as the sun is setting are all great ideas. Only you know what would create the perfect setting for your girlfriend so use what knowledge you already have to give her the proposal of her dreams.

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