Extenze Review & REAL Results (UPDATED 2023)

Extenze ReviewFailing to obtain an erection when being with an attractive lady is a man’s worst nightmare. You feel like you are not good enough as a man, as you cannot satisfy your partner anymore. There are plenty of medical treatments based on drugs and medications with side effects, but you can also rely on natural supplements. Furthermore, taking a supplement will also increase your sexual confidence because you know things are about to get better. Being advertised on television and featuring thousands of reviews, Extenze might be the answer to your issues.

Move on with this Extenze review to find out whether or not it is worth your time and money.

Introducing Extenze against Erectile Dysfunction

Extenze is currently one of the top rated supplements for erectile dysfunction. It has taken this industry a bit further and ended up advertised on television in the USA. While you can find plenty of products out there, most of them never make it to television. The reason is fairly simple ? they are not too efficient.

It is available in two different varieties. The basic and most popular one is advertised as Extenze. However, there is also a more powerful option on the market sold as Extenze Plus. It has higher doses of each ingredient for more powerful effects. All in all, most people stick to the basic one, as it is strong enough already.

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What Extenze Does against Erectile Dysfunction?

Extenze comes with a series of claims and based on pretty much every Extenze review out there, at least some of them seem to be real. All in all, the supplement represents a primary choice for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. You know you have it when you cannot maintain the erection throughout the entire sexual act. In some cases, it is even more severe because you can barely obtain an erection in the first place. With Extenze, erections are harder, bigger and easy to obtain.

On another note, as a direct consequence of more powerful erections, stamina will also skyrocket. You will no longer feel breathless after a few minutes of action, but you can go on with the same high energy. Moreover, orgasms will be more intense. The more stimulation you have, the better your orgasms will be.

To top all these up, Extenze is said to work extremely fast and provide results in no time.

Ingredients in Extenze

Extenze brings in a cocktail of more than 20 ingredients. Most of them work on the blood circulation, stamina and libido. As you might be aware, a proper blood flow is the secret to hard erections. Here are some of the ingredients and what they can do for men.


Zinc is one of the most important minerals to pay attention to. It is also vital for male enhancement, especially in terms of sexual health. According to scientific research, it enhances sperm and boosts the natural testosterone production.


Ginger is one of the main natural recommendations against impotence because it is known to increase circulation. The root extract used in Extenze provides a higher dose of the active substance than if you have it as a spice.

L-Arginine Hydrochloride

L-arginine is among the most important amino acids for a good blood circulation. It will naturally increase the blood flow to the penis as well. Apart from harder erections, you will get more stamina and energy as well.

Pumpkin Seed Extract

Whether you eat them raw or you take them in supplements like Extenze, pumpkin seeds are rich in nutrients and minerals, including some elements essential for sexual health ? magnesium, iron and zinc.

Muira Puama Extract

Muira Puama may not ring too many bells unless you live in the Amazon. It is often referred to as the potency wood by native tribes. It has been used in the area for hundreds of years due to its erection enhancing properties.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is a common plant in certain Asian countries. It is quite common in local testosterone boosters and has recently become popular in the western world too. It increases the testosterone production, strength, libido and energy.


Folate is one of the numerous B vitamins and according to recent studies, it is a sperm enhancer. It also increases fertility in men.

Other ingredients in Extenze include:

  • Pregnenolone
  • Black pepper
  • Yohimbe extract
  • Korean ginseng extract
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa
  • Gamma-aminobutyric acid
  • Velvet deer antler
  • Horny goat weed
  • Damiana
  • Stinging nettle
  • Astralagus
  • Licorice extract
  • Ho show wu extract
  • Hops extract
  • Boron

How Extenze Works against Erectile Dysfunction?

The quality of a product depends on nothing but its ingredients. This is why you have to go through all the ingredients and know precisely how each of them can help your case. Extenze is entirely transparent and leaves no room for interpretations. Its ingredients are entirely natural. All of them float around gaining more stamina and increasing the blood flow to the penile area. In other words, they work both directly and indirectly.

Simply put, a flawless blood circulation with no actual clots or restrictions will provide more nutrients to organs. It can also transmit more oxygen to vital organs. Your cells will no longer feel tired after a few minutes. Forget about losing your erection due to fatigue too.

Many ingredients are available in decent doses. For instance, the manufacturer has come up with a blend of them and boosts 135mg of this blend into each pill. A second blend of other ingredients fills up 223mg of each pill. Proportions have been carefully calculated before being put out for sale.

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Dosage and how to Take Extenze?

Extenze comes in pills. You should have enough pills in the container to support you for a full month. However, it depends how problematic your situation is. Some men can do with one pill a day, while others require two pills a day. You only have 60 pills in a container.

Whether you take one or two pills, stick to some sort of program and try doing it at the same time everyday. Pills can be taken whole ? with or without food. They are not large, but you should still take them with water. It eases the transportation to your stomach.

According to the manufacturer, full results will be achieved within a few months, yet you can still observe some improvements within the first weeks only.

Side Effects of Extenze

Extenze is entirely natural, so there are no medical adverse reactions associate with it. It is not a drug, but a supplement.

The yohimbe extract in the supplement might be natural, but it may also cause some side effects. Some of its side effects are similar to Viagra’s. From this point of view, you should check with your specialist doctor before starting this treatment.

Most people never experience anything, yet it is better to be safe than sorry.

Who Extenze Is for?

Who is Extenze For

Erectile dysfunction has no age. It can affect someone’s life soon after he gets married in his early 20s. It can also occur when it is normally expected, somewhere in the 50s or the 60s. No matter which age category you fit in, there are absolutely no reasons for self-pity and acceptance. Overcoming this problem is a fairly simple procedure that demands a little time and patience.

While Extenze is a natural supplement, it should be taken by men over 18 years old only. Also, one of its ingredients may have side effects, so those with a low blood pressure should see a doctor first. It is not recommended to women, as it will have no effect.

Even if you are perfectly healthy but you want a boost in bedroom, Extenze can still work on your erection by making it harder and longer. While it looks like it was designed for those with erectile dysfunction only, it is a male enhancement supplement that can help all men.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Extenze Work for Everyone?

Extenze is a male enhancement supplement that will work in all cases, regardless of your situation. It is worth noting that different men experience different results, as they will also be influenced by your lifestyle, diet and background.

Is Extenze Guaranteed?

Extenze features a full 100% guarantee. If you are not happy with the results or you feel like it does not work, you have a 60 day full money guarantee.

Do I Need a Medical Prescription to Take Extenze?

No. You need medical prescriptions for certain medications and drugs ? not all of them. Extenze is a natural supplement ? it has no chemicals in its composition. For this reason, you will never require a prescription. However, it does pay off seeing a doctor if you suffer from low blood pressure or severe chronic conditions.


Bottom line, Extenze is one of the most potent male enhancement supplements. It is one of the few such supplements that were advertised on television. Being around for ages, it has managed to maintain its top position in this industry, which means it actually works.


8.3 Overall Score





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