Get My Ex Back? Or not…

You broke up with your ex and your immediate reaction is to get your ex back safe in your arms. Yes, you’re in love, your hormones are all over the place and all you want right now is to be back with your ex and for everything to be as it was before the break up. But take a few days and really think about your relationship and what is worth saving.

We, humans are creatures of habits and we act the way we’re used to acting. We don’t really think it through just act almost automatically. Every time we think or feel something there is a little “path” created in our brains, the more we think or do that behavior, the bigger and deeper that “path” gets. It gets “easier” and faster for us to think and do the stuff we do a lot.

Did you ever see gymnasts doing their routines, it’s automatic for them, they don’t think about it. On the other hand if you tried to do it, you’d have to think every second of a way and you couldn’t do it very good. The same is when we try to break a habit, you will automatically think about your ex and that you want him back, but try to keep your mind and emotions of the path for a few days.

Get My Ex Back Test

Take a sheet of paper (I know it’s lame and old fashion) and write down two columns, one what you love and miss about your ex and the other one about what you don’t love and won’t miss not having in your life. Try to be as realistic as you can. Now would also be a good time to call up your friends tell them you’re on a break and ask them what they really think about your ex partner. There might be a few things you didn’t want to see, but your friends did.

I know it sounds awfully simple, but some time, it really is. Your ex might be the one for you and there is a great chance you two spend the rest of your lives together, great, but there is also a chance that your ex is an ex for a reason.

When you write those two columns down really think about your ex. Don’t immediately dismiss his or hers bad character traits as something that will change. Yes, people do indeed change, but only when THEY want to (and even then it’s not so easy). Not when you want them too. Remember the path, it’s much easier to go with the one that is already big and you’re used of thinking then to make an entire new one, and make that one your habit.

So before you rush off to get back with your ex, think about your ex, think about your life, how does your ex fit into your picture of reality. How does your ex fit into your picture of the future?

Really few days can do wonders, don’t fear that you’ll lose precious time you could of spend getting your ex back. It can only work in your advantage if you take a few days off from communicating with your ex.

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