Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back For Christmas

If you’re wondering: “How can I get my ex boyfriend back before Christmas?” I got good news for you. It can be done and just read on to find out how.

In case your ex boyfriend is not speaking with you at the moment, I don’t recommend bombarding him with e-mails, text’s and stalking his social networking profile. Instead send him a sincere letter over the post (yeah, I know) telling him you want to start fresh you’d like to see him again. Don’t say date or get back together, just tell him you want to see him again. If you get a positive response (and 9 times out of 10 you will if the letter seems sincere), follow the advice above on how to proceed.

I know nobody wants to spend holidays without his/hers loved ones, but you need to take it slow, don’t pressure him or try to “make” him do anything he doesn’t want to do. You might even think you know it’s better for him and you will eventually get back together, but it will only push him further away form you.

Be charming, have fun when you’re with him. Remember, like when you two used to date – FUN! Nobody can resist being around a fun, positive person. Don’t try to make him feel sorry for you or make him feel bad about your past relationship. Now is the time to put that aside and really enjoy the company of your ex boyfriend. Laugher can really bring two people closer, share a happy memory!

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Take Action

Invite him to go Christmas shopping or ice skating with you, do something fun and different. You two NEED to make some new, happy memories of your time together, you want him to go home thinking how much fun he had. Basically associating you with pleasant emotions. This is really powerful right here! He’ll start to miss you even more when he discovers the person he fell in love with in the first place.

Next don’t try to play the jealousy card or make him feel bad in any way. If you think you can manipulate your way back in his heart you’re wrong. You might get your ex boyfriend back using this tactics, but you won’t get him back for good. You’ll only “trick” into a relationship that will fall apart

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back be honest!

Don’t hide you want him back, but don’t throw it in his face all the time either – don’t call him or text him every 5 minutes telling him you want him back and love him. Be a challenge, but not an unreachable one because he’ll get tired of trying to win you back. Just act confident and show interest in him. Let him know you still do have emotions but you’re not desperate to act on them.

If you two used to fight cause of some of his behavior, compliment him even if you see the slights progress. People are programmed to respond better to compliments then to criticism when it comes to changing out behaviors. SO encourage him to keep making positive changes and “reward” him for those changes.

Keep in mind the reasons why you broke up, now is not the time to deal with all that, but once holidays are over you’ll have to take a some steps into communicating what both of you want. Remember his feelings and demands are just as important and before you go dismissing them (I’m not like that…) think about what he is saying. Take your time to improve your relationship. There is no “quick fix”, but like I said a lot can be done. It’s all about thrust and patience.

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