He’s Not That Complicated Review

He's Not That Complicated ReviewWhat’s so cool about “He’s Not That Complicated” book?

Most issues in relationships develop when you assume things about your partner. You may even have expectations that he does not seem to fulfill. Maybe you anticipate that him will message you or call you after a date yet he does not. Then again, maybe you expect that he will stay in the relationship, but he starts pulling away. You can go into a frenzy when this happens. It is normal. Most people go overboard when reacting to such a situation. Some women try to control their man. They want him to do what they want. Unfortunately, the more you attempt to do this then the more he opposes you and pushes you away. Many women wake up to a man that will never come back after pulling such stunts. They never see it coming.

You may find yourself in a similar situation. Knowing what to do at this point is hard. It is also hard to understand why he did it. Questions may ring in your mind endlessly. What did you do that irked him? Was it something you said? How can you read his mind? Can you turn back time and go back to how it was in the beginning? The sad part is that you cannot rewind time, but you can avoid similar mistakes in future. You can stop making the same errors repeatedly. You can quit being sad for yourself. Eric Charles shows you how to do this through his relationship manual titled “He’s Not That Complicated.”

He’s Not That Complicated Details

You can get He’s Not That Complicated book in a PDF format. You get your login information after you purchase the book. You can use this information to login into the site and download the book. Remember, it is not a physical printed version so you will not get it sent to your location. It is 141 pages in length with six fundamental chapter. Each chapter looks into a different phase of a relationship starting from the dating stage the distance to developing a genuine connection.

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Chapter One: Be Mindful Of Your Petty Behavior

The book calls attention to how a frivolous woman can destroy a relationship, even before the relationship starts. Pettiness is a sad quality in some women that put off a man the minute they meet him. Try not to put-down yourself in the event that you need to do some work in this area. He’s Not That Complicated will show you how to recognize and remedy this terrible conduct so that you can keep your man.

Chapter Two: How to Prevent Great Connections from Going Awful

Occasionally, your man starts to vanish all of a sudden when you think things are going great. It is possible that he does not message you back any longer, or it may feel like he is trying to ignore you. It can happen either in the beginning dating stage or during the later phases of the relationship. Chapter 2 shows you how to react to this absence of reaction and what you have to do to move your man from being frosty to being warm.

Chapter Three: Figure out How He Truly Feels

This chapter hits home with a considerable number of women, because men can be hard to understand. There are trick sheets here that contain a remedial formula that you can use to make sense of reality. In other words, it will help you figure out what your man is feeling despite his actions or words.

Chapter Four: Earning That ‘Mark’ In Your Relationship

Men can be hesitant to say that you are their better half. Their hesitation can drive you mad as you attempting to get that level of commitment from him. Chapter 4 shows you how to get him to confer, and make him think it is a choice to get into a committed relationship and call you the ‘one.’ This chapter contains the testimonies of women who used these tricks to get a proper level of commitment and respect from their man.

Chapter Five: Figure out Whether He Has a Justification for His Actions

You should invest your time, energy and feelings on a man that will stay with you for a long time. Chapter 5 contains investigations from genuine cases so you can figure out whether he is ready for a relationship.

Chapter 6: Get Your Man to Treat You Better

This chapter is an extraordinary one as it also teaches you how to take care of business. It will help you will attract the kind of a man you want. Obviously, you get a few thoughts and tips on what to do as such that you are taking care of business as no one else can.


You will have complete clarity over your present relationship issues when you read this book. It will also help you to understand past connections and why they failed or succeeded. You will learn to trust in yourself. Additionally, you will see what you bring to the table and how to utilize those advantages to their fullest potential. You will get all that you have ever needed out of life and out of your relationships.

Here is a summary of what you will realize after reading He’s Not That Complicated book.

  • Why men are sweet and then become distant without warning.
  • Why do men take so long to get back to communicate to you?
  • How to know if a man likes or adores you.
  • The reason men are anxious about marriage and duty.
  • Why do men underestimate you?
  • How to get a man to treat you like a queen.
  • How to revive the spark that was in your relationship.

You get five short books besides to He’s Not That Complicated book. Each short book focuses on a profound issue that numerous women have. The titles of the books are as follows:

  • Is It True That You Are An Option Or Priority?
  • Lethal Mistakes That Destroy Relationships.
  • Is It True That He Is Really Into Me?
  • Is There A Future With Him?
  • Why Is He Withdrawing?


He’s Not That Complicated contains a lot of information that can help you improve your life if you apply it. However, many other books also deal with the issues covered in this one. Other books have a decent measure of examples of overcoming adversity from these relationship issues.


He’s Not That Complicated is a decent book loaded with strong clarifications concerning why your man carries on the way he does. Apply these tips in your relationship. The outcome will amaze you. Do not settle at any point and do not become complacent. When you read the book, you too will find that men truly are not hard to comprehend they just get to be confused when you become complicated.


6.8 Overall Score

It is 141 pages in length with six fundamental chapter. Each chapter looks into a different phase of a relationship starting from the dating stage the distance to developing a genuine connection.





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  1. This book (or series) was obviously written by a twenty-something as mature adults 35 and older do not behave this way. Relationships, dating, and love are not complicated. No one needs to “prove” themselves, or fight extra hard, or go overboard on anything, as many of the text and emails preclude. That’s nonsense. You either like a person for themselves or you don’t. You either love them as they are, or you don’t. Plain and simple.

    1. I disagree. Men are aging slower and so are women therefore the dating scene has also changed. It is good to hear their advice because many men do think this way and it gave me clarity since the aging process as well as the internet has changed things immensely. Women are way more insecure due to the bad comments and bad advice posted online

  2. I subscribed to his newsletter and one piece of advice is to not care about your relationship until you are positive about how they feel… Being obsessed and overly worried about things or making your relationship the source of your happiness is never good and sometimes we need to take a step back but flat out not caring? It’s human to care. Not caring at all makes one a sociopath. Yes we can’t control what happens and we should try our best not to worry but we can’t just sweep our worries under the rug. Finding healthier ways to deal with them is better than not giving a damn. And saying “I won’t care until they care”? What if they feel the same way? You’ll never get anywhere. If you push things you’ll likely drive them away but if you act like the relationship doesn’t matter at all how can things go beyond a meaningless fling?

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