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Hook Your Ex ReviewHook Your Ex System is a unique ex recovery program that makes use of mind control techniques and psychological techniques to make your ex want you again.

The writer, Steve Pratt writes about how you can easily trigger a feeling of love in your ex-partner and make him or her take the first step. The program talks of how you can be totally in charge of the situation even when he or she was the one who chucked out. The author tries to analyse how relationships work. The main aim of the system is to give readers self-confidence after reading it. The manual gives readers a better understanding of where they are at the moment and the techniques they can utilize to take full control of their relationships in future.

Hook Your Ex program teaches readers some little known strategies and effective pointers for one to get their e-x back even when he or she is with somebody else. The system talks of some common errors which can ruin your chances of getting your e-x back and methods or strategies that you can use to avoid them. It also talks about the essential things that you can do immediately after a break up and how to cope. The best part about the system is that it does not matter whether you are female or male trying to get your sweetheart back, it is architected to work for both genders-lady, male couples.

Hook Your Ex System Details

Hook Your Ex System is purely a relationship guide, designed to assist both male and lady couples recover their lost love. There are millions of people out there who like their exes from deep down their hearts but cannot get a chance to see, date or flirt with them. The guide will help you realize all the helpful techniques and fantastic ideas that you can easily use to get your e-x back as soon as possible.

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The core idea behind the Hook Your Ex program revolves around the brain’s need to avoid pain and seek pleasure. The author explains that as different experiences enter your brain, they are usually categorized as either pleasurable or painful depending upon how bad or good they feel. Emotional or Intimate relationships normally intensify pleasure or pain. When the number of painful experiences intensify and overwhelm the pleasurable ones, the difference can cause your partner to break up with you or end the relationship. The system refers to this as “putting up” a wall of defense. Essentially this means your ex did not feel good about the relationship and had to chuck out.

However, what is also clear is that the negative feelings do not have to stick or be permanent. In fact the author believes that because you have turned your positive emotional feelings into negative emotional feelings, it is very possible to reverse this and convince coax your ex partner’s primal brain to perceive you appealingly. Actually, this process or technique is what is covered inside the system. If you utilize specific steps, you can learn how to make your ex love want to be back with you again. Here are some important topics that are covered in depth in the Hook Your Ex System:

  • Effective techniques and strategies that you can utilize to make your ex partner view you positively. If done correctly, he or she will find it impossible to resist and will even beg you to take them back.
  • Quick strategies to help you realize what is actually going in your ex partner’s mind. You can then use this realization to actually know what he or she really wants, expects and needs from you.
  • Very Powerful messages and words that will certainly draw him or her back if you say them daily.
  • An ’emotional clean-up’ process that clears all doubts that your ex-lover has about yo. The guide will teach you how to eliminate the doubts and replace them with an attractive side of you that your he or she will find powerless to resist.
  • A counter reaction’ procedure that switches the power from him or her to you. This alterations in the structure means you will never again be at the mercy of your ex-partner.
  • A strategy that generates unconditional forgiveness. It doesn’t matter whether you broke up because you strayed sexually, the pleasure that the system brings will make your ex forget your past mistakes and forgive you unconditionally.
  • A love technique that positions you as the most important being in his or her life.

Additionally from the main manual, there is an audio version of the hook your ex system plus other important bonus items. The bonuses include the How to Hook a Man for Life’ report and the Love Trigger’ guide.


  • The Program Is Actionable – The system is skilfully put together and well thought which makes it very easy to implement. If you correctly follow the outlined steps in the guide, results are achievable. Moreover, the mp3 file makes it very easy for individuals who do not like reading to understand the guide.
  • Includes many different scenarios – Because every break up scenario is different, a wide range of situations have been included in the guide. For instance; the guide; includes scenarios for those who broke up long ago, those who just broke up recently and those whose ex is with another person.
  • The Price Is Right – The program is affordable and instead of spending hundreds of dollars consulting a relationship expert, this system, will assist you get over your broken heart while still keeping your bank account intact.
  • A Full Refund Is guaranteed – If Hook Your Ex does not meet your expectations within 60 days, you -can return it and you will get all your money back.


  • Some people can misuse it for their own selfish reasons – The message in the guide is very powerful, and people can easily misused it. If she or he is already in another relationship and they are happy, think about it twice before you mess it up.
  • It is not an easy fix – The techniques in the eBook, require dedication and hard work, for one to get the desired results. If you are not willing to do that, do not spend a dime.

Hook Your Ex system is an actionable and effective program where everything is laid out clearly within the main manual. Additionally different scenarios are covered and the bonus information that Steve provides on how a woman or a man differ in psychological approach is something that most individuals will find very helpful.

That said, if you seeking for a step by step guide that will assist you hook your ex back that is very easy to implement and covers lots of different situations, then you may want to consider the Hook Your Ex System. After all if does not work for you, you can take advantage of Steve’s full refund guarantee after 60 days.


7.5 Overall Score

Hook Your Ex program teaches readers some little known strategies and effective pointers for one to get their ex back even when he or she is with somebody else.





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