How To Find Your G-Spot And Have A G-Spot Orgasm

The elusive g-spot can seem almost mythical in nature despite the fact that all women have one. Still, so many women have difficulty finding their g-spot that many wonder if it even exists at all. Here’s the good news–the g-spot is most definitely real and you can easily find it with a few tips and tricks. Why do you even want to find the g-spot and have a g-spot orgasm? Simply put, when the g-spot is stimulated it hits the mons pubis (fatty tissue lying over the pubic bone). In turn, this pushes against the clitoris and hyper-sensitive the clitoral ligaments. The result is profound pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever known! Want to know how to find your g-spot and have a g-spot orgasm? Just follow these simple tips down below.

Where is the G-Spot located?

In order to find your g-spot you’re going to need to know where to look. Where is the g-spot located? The elusive G-spot can be found between the front part of your cervix and your pubic bone. It is about two or three inches deep into the vaginal opening on the front facing wall of the vagina (the wall closer to your stomach). Once you’ve found the G-spot you’ll know it, because you’ll be able to unlock the mythical dual clitoral and vaginal orgasm.

How To Find Your G-Spot?

First things first, you’re going to want to become aroused. When you’re feeling hot and bothered, the blood in your body rushes right to your pelvic area and the G-spot becomes engorged and easier to find. This is key in actually finding your G-spot. At this point, go ahead and do whatever you end up doing to get in a sexy mood. Fantasize, watch some porn, light a candle, or even let engage your partner with some foreplay.

Once you’re feeling turned on, it is time to start searching for the G-spot. Go ahead and insert your fingers two or three inches up, curving the fingers and then rocking them towards your belly button. If you’re choosing to explore with a partner or sex-toy, you can also enter the vagina from behind, just make sure the pressure is pointing towards your belly button, not away from it. Keep in mind, it will be easier to find your G-spot with your fingers the first few times.

You’ll know when you’ve found your G-spot because it feels much rougher than other parts of your vagina. Some even describe it as feeling ridged, but that isn’t true for every woman. There is no specific texture you really need to look for as every woman is different. The best way to find the G-spot is to experiment. You’ll know when you’ve hit the right place.

How To Have A G-Spot Orgasm On Your Own

Now that you’ve found your G-spot, you’re going to want to try and achieve that beautiful G-spot orgasm! If you’re rolling solo, use firm deep pressure and stroke the area with your fingers or a dildo. Try rhythmic circular motion or an up-and-down technique. Another great method is to move your fingers in a “come hither” motion. Keep in mind that you will need to apply more pressure than you think in order to hit the jackpot.

If you’re finding a nice flow and things are feeling good, start to increase your overall rhythm. Creating friction as you progress will boost your chances of a G-Spot orgasm. Keep stimulating and you’ll feel a warm flushing feeling throughout your gentiles and your body. You may even become much wetter. Keep applying firm pressure and increasing your pace until you start to feel a full, intense, and full-bodied orgasm experience.

How To Have A G-Spot Orgasm With A Partner

Stimulating the G-spot doesn’t have to be a solo activity. You can easily stimulate your G-spot with your partner. When having sex with your man (or even using a dildo), it all comes down the angle in which his penis enters your vagina and just how deep in he goes. Generally, your man will want to be at a slightly upward angle to hit the G-spot on the front wall of the vagina. If you find that you’re still not getting enough pressure, try a more extreme upward angle.

If you’re not sure where to start in terms of penetration, we’ll outline a few key positions below that will guarantee G-spot stimulation.

Sex Positions for G-Spot Orgasm

With the crab position, your partner lays flat on their back. You will sit on top of your partner facing them with your legs positioned over their shoulders or on either side of their arm. This is a fantastic position for hitting your g-spot if you enjoy being on top during sex.

Doggy style works, but we recommend a rear entry position in which you fly flat on your belly and your partner lies flat on top of you entering from behind. Instead of thrusting in and out, your partner can use a grinding motion. When he grinds forward his hips will also move forward causing the head of his penis to stroke your G-spot.

To teaspoon, both you and your partner will get on your knees sitting upright. Your partner will enter from behind and wrap his arms around you. The angle of entry will stroke your g-spot while also allowing for a nice deep penetration. This position is especially great if you like to feel embraced by your man while having sex.

Experiment and Find What Works

At the end of the day, finding your g-spot and having a G-spot orgasm will take some experimentation. Luckily, this kind of experimentation isn’t just pleasurable, it’s pretty fun!

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