How To Get a Girl Back You Lost?

Perhaps you’ve been in a similar situation that has hit you like a hammer: Your girlfriend has separated from you or you have “grown apart”, which in both cases means that the initial attraction that brought you together no longer exists, or it is not the same anymore. Now what do you do? Suddenly there is this emptiness within you, you realize all at once how much you miss that person that you are still in love with.

You have so much experience together, that it is just a sad thought, if all this is just ancient history. You ask yourself How To Get a Girl Back into your life.

Do you tell yourself that she still loves you? “She loves me still, I know it” … you say to yourself. In other words, you want her back but you just do not know how to do it! How nice does it sound if you could be back together, embracing intimate like you did before, in each others arms and laughing about old stories just like old times? How to get a girl back takes patience, perseverance and above all, knowledge.

This feeling can be severe and last for a while, I have personally experienced this at a young age. I was miserable for almost half a year back then, but because I understand the laws behind it now, looking back at it, it should have never have been this way.

In order to get back out there – or to keep your current relationship fresh and passionate, you must understand one thing out of many that you can do: In a relationship, basically the same rules apply like when you first met, flirting with each and seduction: it is to capture your partners interest, eye and curiosity every single time. This attraction, which is needed for every successful relationship, keeps things interesting and never gets boring.

Of course there is also other techniques you can use if you were in a long relationship. To maintain and add additional bonds you must: have a deep rapport through shared experiences. This is part of the reason that you are sad, you miss the familiarity and it is so painful. But when the attraction between a man and woman dries up, its cuts the relationship deep, and slowly drains the life out of it. So how to get a girl back and keep that attraction to a women? Well here are a few things you should know:

You have your own independent life. You have your own goals that are at least as important as your relationship. Ok, your relationship should be more important, but your goals are still important.

  • You are a funny and humorous person
  • You are well liked by your peers/colleagues
  • You are “wild” and independent (Not too wild)

This has nothing to do with selfishness, you’ll still be there for your partner when you are needed, but not around the clock. It is based on the primal urges of humans and the fact that women do not want yes-men, but a strong man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it.

What are the consequences in our case?

The following rules are extremely well suited to get your ex back and make them desire a relationship with you!

1st: Lead your own life

Reconnecting with your friends and look for new friends is an important part. Get back into the hobbies you once loved or find new and exciting ones. Set yourself a professional or private purpose, perhaps something that you’ve always wanted, and then do your utmost to achieve it – regardless of women or relationships. If you accomplish this, it will give you power and distance for a while, and increase your attraction to your ex partner.

2nd: No contact with the ex for at least 4 weeks

By this I mean a real ban on contact – neither phone nor e-mail or chat, no visits, no meetings. 4 weeks is a minimum here. This will give you the same distance and it will make her that much more curious and often she will realize that they also really miss you!


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3rd: Do not Rush anything

Even after the end of your self-imposed ban on contact, you should not immediately bombarded them with messages! Make yourself a bit scarce, do not always go to the phone, do not always make available time for them – remember, you have a goal, new friends and your new hobbies. You can almost be certain that at some point they will want to contact you!

4th: Reconnect With Your Partner Like You Used To

Think about what you had with them and what made it a wild and fun relationship with you. Now you must do what you can to restore this situation and make them happy like they used to be.

How did you meet? It can give you a head start to recreate this situation again. But even more important point is the following:

How did you feel then? How did she feel then? This will create interest, intrigue and excitement. Be a little wild and unpredictable. Like how you used to be!

Feel the same way and set the same tone and mood at your meeting, like it was the first time (this is serious). Relive the first date or first contact that attracted you to each other in the first place

Flirt with her, as if it were the first time. Seduce them in every way, as if it was the first time

And now the most important tip of all:

Be relaxed and do not worry on the outcome. You now have a new life, a strong attraction to women and other options available!

I wish you much success with all my heart, whether you want your ex back, in your present relationship or to give new enjoyment to attract a new and wonderful partner into your life. Be sure to check out the complete guide on How To Get a Girl Back and learn everything you need to know about getting your ex back now.

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