How To Keep Your Long Distance Date Night Alive With A Little Pre-Planning

Nothing hurts a romantic couple more than having to be apart. Unfortunately, sometimes life circumstances or careers force this separation on couples who would like nothing better than to be together every minute of the day.

With some pre-planning, though nothing can replace being side by side, the pain of being apart can be minimized thanks to modern technology. With the internet, couples can still gaze into each other’s eyes, eat dinner while discussing the day’s events and even lie in bed and talk about the future before turning out the lights for the evening.

Let Technology be your friend
Aside from letting technology keep the daily routines intact, a couple can also keep their traditional Friday or Saturday night date alive as well.

Just look at how one couple who constantly has to endure lengthy separations keeps the romance alive – making the time apart more tolerable. They are truly more romantic apart than most couples are when together!

Peter and Gloria are no strangers to the heartbreak of separation from a loved one. Peter installs fire sprinkler systems across the country for major companies and when duty calls, he has to leave town and remain at the work site until the entire job is complete.

Gloria understands that Peter’s job is important but also openly admits it is so hard sometimes. About a week before Peter leaves, this loving couple begins sulking around the house, knowing goodbye isn’t far away.

The week before tends to fly by but once Peter leaves, Gloria explained, the weeks can just drag on and on.

Whenever possible, they arrange a mid-project rendezvous with Gloria flying out to Peter’s location, but that is quite an expense and at Gloria’s new job at the hospital, taking time off is not easy given the limited vacation time she has available.

The detail is in the planning
Tired of the long goodbyes, Peter and Gloria devised a plan to make the separation easier by keeping to the same traditions they usually participate in at home. When together, Wednesday nights were always Chinese takeout meals and a thriller style movie.

Saturday nights were always a date night out of the home. Also, Peter and Gloria always did a crossword puzzle in bed on weeknights, taking time to snuggle and connect, while unwinding from the day.

So Wednesday nights both Peter and Gloria use Skype to meet with their Chinese food in hand. Setting laptops on the table, they eat their favorite foods, talk and laugh about life and read each other their fortune cookies as always.

Before Peter leaves on his trips, all thriller movies are decided on in advance and Peter brings the old laptop they have so he can play the movie at the same time Gloria plays hers on their tv.

At first they would watch them alone and then reconnect afterward. But they like being able to glance at each other while watching, so the Skype continues through the movie.

Crosswords in bed still take place each night before sleep. Gloria bought 2 identical crossword books and Peter takes his along. Then they work on the same one together and talk openly through Skype, just like they do every night at home.

Don’t forget the envelopes
The most magical creation they came up with is that both of them equally create romantic envelopes for date nights. If Peter will be gone 6 weeks, each one of them will create three.

The envelopes will have a date night idea, such as stargazing, sitting at the park and reading a book to each other.

In addition, they can also be filled with a love letter, romantic tidbits and/or photos. Gloria joked they are actually getting competitive with each other to be the most creative!

The best part, Gloria says, is that the week before Peter leaves isn’t so painful anymore, because both of them spend the week preparing all of these special, romantic treats before he goes.

So it is a win-win, even with the heartbreak of separation.

If a long distance relationship has been getting you down why not take inspiration from these two love birds? They may not be together physically but they still make the most of their time together when separated.

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