How To Pull Off A Romantic Room Service Dinner Date

If your weekend date night has become dull and routine, you will love this idea, a romantic room service dinner date! It might seem elaborate – but you can make the magic happen, even on a budget. Chances are, this date will be so popular, you and your lover will do it again and again…

Romantic Room Service Dinner Date – A Readers Story

Of course, nothing will be as magical as the first time, which makes a wonderfully romantic “surprise” for your partner. Tom from Toledo, Ohio was kind enough to share his secrets on how he swept his wife, Brittany, off her feet. But before sharing Tom’s secret to success, let’s take a few minutes to review some misconceptions.

Yes, when one pictures a romantic room service date, the mind wanders to a luxurious suite with a hot tub and heart shaped bed, fine meal, champagne and any other luxurious treat you can imagine. The price tag on such an evening scares many couples away, thinking they cannot afford such an experience (or worse, they go into debt to pay for it, which can put a damper on the evening).

So when reading Tom’s story, keep in mind that you can adapt this any way you see fit. You can have a lovely, romantic evening at an affordable motel in your neighborhood, where you bring in your own food (or have a friend “deliver” to your door in a waiter outfit!). You can arrive and pay for the room in advance, having a bottle of chilled champagne waiting. Romance is absolutely not only for the wealthy. In fact, those on a budget can be more romantic because they have to be creative rather than merely paying for someone to provide the romance.

So back to Tom – Tom’s plan was a bit “middle of the road” as far as the budget was concerned. He wanted to do something extra special for Brittany without going too overboard financially. Here was his romantic, room service dinner date:

Find Last Minute Deal On “Luxury” Hotel Room
By keeping tabs on, and, Tom was able to find a great deal on a luxurious hotel at the last minute. He planned out what he wanted the evening to be like in advance, so he was able to grab the room at a moment’s notice.

Call Hotel And Have Evening Arranged ASAP
By calling the hotel, they were more than happy to oblige in helping Tom plan his romantic evening. So there was no interruption, he chose the meal and time for it to be delivered and arranged for chilled champagne to be waiting when they arrived. The hotel also allowed Tom entry into the room in the afternoon, so he could spread rose petals on the bed, place chocolates on the nightstand and, his favorite addition, change out the light bulbs with red bulbs so that when they entered, everything was illuminated with beautiful ambiance.

The Element Of Surprise – A Suitcase Already Packed
Tom took it one step further by having Brittany’s suitcase packed and hidden ahead of time. He bought everything new for Brittany – a nightgown, an outfit, slippers, bathroom necessities…even a travel size of her contact lens necessities. So whenever he snagged the hotel, he didn’t have to worry about Brittany’s belongings. In fact, Brittany might have been suspicious with items missing from around the house on the day of her surprise, or seeing a suitcase in the SUV. So he brought the suitcase to the hotel that afternoon, where Brittany could never have imagined such a romantic evening was in store for her.

Tom says that Brittany calls him “the most romantic man on the planet” since her room service dinner date surprise. As expected, they both look for last minute hotel deals all the time now!

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