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Magnetic Messaging ReviewYou meet a girl, you hit if off almost immediately, you become her impromptu companion for the remainder of the evening and she even gives you her number to contact her. Of course, you go to bed happy and proceed to text her the next day, or even that night before getting some shuteye. However, you do not receive a text back or even a missed call. You start going bananas trying to figure out what went wrong, if you got the number right or if she was kidnapped and her phone has gone missing. Chances are the text you sent may have not gotten the much needed reception. It could be because the content lacked emotion or empathy, or it could have been downright sexist. It could also be because you are shy or awkward when meeting someone new, especially one that you like. Not to worry, Magnetic messaging is here. This is a how-to guide book by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. This is a 192-page guide on how to get that desired date in just 3 messages.

Magnetic Messaging Details

Magnetic Messaging is a book that came about after 2 years of case studies and research that Bobby and Rob did. This is a guide on how to get her emotionally interested and even put subtle sexual thoughts in her mind which means her chemistry towards you and urge to communicate with you will be heightened. The introductory video by Bobby is a good starting point to learning more about Magnetic Messaging, including the fact that attraction is not as easy as black and white as well as the fact that when a woman gives you her number is a sign that she is interested and expects you to begin courting her. Yes fellas, the game begins the minute she gives you her number.

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The book comes in 4 parts that breakdown how messaging can either get you that much desired date or relationship or it could get you nowhere and back on the prowl for another lady love.

  • The Principles of Phone Game: It is said that between the initial meeting and the date is where things can go so right or so wrong. This is what is known as the phone game. Basically, the dynamic duo that is Bobby and Rob liken getting a date to a pizza. The idea is to know the perfect ingredients that come together to get that lovely slice tasting and looking perfect. The first thing you need to do is spark and emotion. This means that you are able to tap into an emotion, like making her laugh or pointing out something that makes her saying “aww!” At this point, she will most probably respond and the next thing that happens is that a connection has been made. It is at this point, you can make your move and plan a date. Try to make it something that she will enjoy and does not in any way scream “I want to have sex with you”. She will definitely respond positively and now the details of the date such as time and place will be finalized. Done!
  • First Phase – You want to date her: The next part of the book basically discusses the process and emotion behind texting one another when planning to date. The section tackles what to do when she becomes unresponsive and you really want to date her. Magnetic Messaging also discusses bad girls, meaning those that send nude selfies and other naughty shots of themselves. Further, it talks about changing your language in order to get her back on board of the dating boat.
  • Second Phase – You’re sort of dating her: This part of this interesting read gives you some tips on how to get that second date and how to keep the conversation going, affectionately referred to as “the art of bullshitting”. Finally, it talks about actually having phone conversations.
  • Third Phase – You are dating her: Now that she has agreed to a second, third and 10th date, you are now considered to be dating her. Now you need to keep the relationship spicy, emotionally and sexually. This is all about phone sex, sending sexy pictures, still keeping her laughing, smiling and romantic and so on. Magnetic Messaging now wishes you two all the best.
  • Common Questions & Mistakes and Final Thoughts: The remainder of the book gives examples of texts you should and shouldn’t text. It tackles actual scenarios that will take your phone messaging and dating game on point. Finally, Bob gives his final thoughts to bring the book to a close.


  • Magnetic Messaging is told in a humorous tone and keeps the subject matter light-hearted. The texting and dating game is a tense and tough one as it is, so a little humor does not hurt.
  • The book contains 2 years of examples and case studies, complete with screenshots of actual texts shared. Therefore, you are able to understand the book’s message with illustrations.
  • The sections of the book gives you tips for every conceivable scenario when texting a girl and possible responses you might or might not get. Therefore, you no longer have an excuse for slipping up when you meet a girl you like.


  • While it covers how to text and subsequently date, some people feel that sections such as the sexting part of it still needs more information.
  • While the book does not tackle relationships in a unique or extensive manner, let us all remember that the main reason for Magnetic Messaging is about the phone game and getting that date.
  • It might give the ladies a “Wikileaks” on how men text or don’t text them. This is pretty much the “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man” argument all over again because Steve Harvey was accused of sharing men’s secrets to handling a man and keeping him.
  • When you order Magnetic Messaging, it comes with bonus material such as “Make Small Talk Sexy”, The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes and a free download of Teasing and Banter Cheat Sheet. This means that you get so much more than you ordered for (you are welcome, gentlemen!)

While looking to Magnetic Messaging for texting and dating tips, always remember to be yourself (for the most part) and treat her right always. A little humor, a touch of sensitivity and a good messaging phone plan is also an important key in getting that date and keeping the girl. Get to the next level of your dating game by ordering your own copy of Magnetic Messaging here.


7.3 Overall Score

Magnetic Messaging is a book that came about after 2 years of case studies and research that Bobby and Rob did. This is a guide on how to get her emotionally interested and even put subtle sexual thoughts in her mind which means her chemistry towards you and urge to communicate with you will be heightened.





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