Brad Browning’s Mend the Marriage Review

Mend the Marriage ReviewMend the Marriage is a program designed by well-known author Brad Browning.

Brad has several websites devoted to solving various sorts of relationship problems. He has ten years of experience working as a relationship expert and breakup coach. Besides bestselling books, he hosts a very popular YouTube channel as well as regularly writes for several prominent dating and relationship sites.

Mr. Browning’s best-known book, “The Ex Factor Guide” is a dating guide for those who want to get his or her partner back. The reviews are very favorable and helped establish the author’s credentials as an expert in the field. This book not only focuses on getting someone’s former girlfriend or boyfriend back, it goes into detail in a clear and well-thought out manner regarding how to maintain the relationship so no future breakup occurs.

Mend the Marriage PDF Details

The Mend the Marriage program, available online is a self-help product. The website home page is very simple with one section for men seeking help in mending their marriage and one section for women.

Once you click on the link, you are taken to a page with a free video that clearly articulates what is contained in the Mend the Marriage system. The video claims that Mr. Browning’s product can assist a couple in several ones. One of the key components is what he terms the three marriage murdering mistakes. The system goes into detail about three critical mistakes someone must strive to avoid if he or she wants to have a long-lasting, caring and loving partnership with their spouse.

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More important, the system then goes into steps you can take to mend the marriage if you have committed any of these three critical errors.

The system also discusses in detail how couples you know or read about that stay together in a loving relationship for decades are able to do so with seemingly little or no strife. The ways in which couples who are able to achieve this sort of bond successfully accomplish this are then outlined so that the participant can understand and use it to achieve the same thing.

Finally, the Mend the Marriage system even addresses ways to reverse the decision of a spouse who may have already said the marriage is over and he or she wants out. Mr. Browning’s method claims to be able to make the person regret insisting that things cannot be mended and agree to save the marriage instead.

Using a system like Mend the Marriage has several advantages that make it appropriate for a wide range of potential customers. The system goes into detail about every possible scenario that cause marriage breakups. The system explains the scenarios, the underlying or subconscious in some cases, causes of the problem, and then provides solutions to overcome them.

The Mend the Marriage system provides tips, psychological and practical, to overcome and work through problems and issues in a relationship. Men and women will learn how to make themselves more attractive to their mates through behavioral and other methods. More importantly, the system teaches you how to stay enticing and keep the relationship together for a lifetime.

Jealousy is discussed in detail as this is frequently a significant factor in a breakup. The consequences of jealousy, such as uncontrolled anger, constant bickering and accusations and even physical abuse are dealt with in a logical and rational way. The system then provides the answers into overcoming jealousy and not allowing it to override your thoughts and daily interactions.

Infidelity, another major cause of marriage and relationship breakups, is dealt with in a logical and detailed fashion. Most have read statistics about how a significant number of men and women cheat sexually on their husband or wife. The system explains in ways most have not consciously thought of why a person may be cheating and the various ways it is damaging to a marriage.

Then you are taught how to respond if you are on the receiving end of a cheating spouse. It also talks about how to change your behavior if you are the one committing the infidelity. Even if you are not caught by your spouse, the system explains how you can change the underlying causes of the cheating and stop the destructive behavior.

A key difference also in this system is that it generates hope. Mr. Browning explains the steps you need to take to overcome infidelity, either committing it or finding out about it. This includes things like honesty and learning to forgive. He even explains the long-term strengthening effects on a marriage if these sorts of problems are dealt with in an appropriate fashion.

Another advantage of the Mend the Marriage system is the gender targeting. There is a different system that is specifically for women and one for men. Women and men have different concerns and deal with marriage problems differently. Mr. Browning understands this. His system helps women understand themselves and their spouses better and allows men to do the same.

Some of the mechanical advantages of buying the system include the payment system. It is simple, safe and the site offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

You can also download and view the product on a thumb drive and access it on your PC, phone or another device. The site is also user-friendly. The supporting products too are readily available. Mr. Browning’s other videos and articles are readily available. They can provide appropriate additional material to help you work through whatever relationship problems you are having. There is a large community of users too that can help further with any of the points taught.

There are a few disadvantages of the Mend the Marriage system. Some will not like the ease of purchase as it does not allow for changing your mind. Once click and you are committed. This is ameliorated somewhat by the money back service, but going through a refund process is considered a hassle.

Couples or individuals looking for a quick solution to their marriage woes may find that the system will not work for them. Most will have to study and absorb the material. Implementing solutions to most things too take time, but many are too impatient to give the system a chance to make a difference.

It is not possible for any system to meet everyone’s needs. Some men or women will not have the personality that would allow them to make the changes or adjustments necessary to mend his or her marriage.


Overall, the Mend the Marriage system is laid out in a clear and logical fashion the steps necessary to mend a marriage. The explanations make sense and are grounded in logical. Mr. Browning’s expertise and experience come through clearly in the offering. Most couples experiencing problems in their marriage will find the Mend the Marriage system useful in some fashion.


7.5 Overall Score

Overall, the Mend the Marriage system is laid out in a clear and logical fashion the steps necessary to mend a marriage. The explanations make sense and are grounded in logical. Mr. Browning's expertise and experience come through clearly in the offering.





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