Micheal Fiore’ Make Him Worship You Review

Micheal Fiore' Make Him Worship You ReviewThe feeling of being dumped is one of the worst feelings in the world. The rejection, the pity, wondering is there was anything you could’ve done to keep your man. One more breakup is too much for some women to accept. They just want to settle down and have a long term partnership or get married and have kids. But what does a woman do after a significant breakup? Many women stuff their feelings down with wine and ice cream while others swear off men for the next five years, only to make the same mistakes when they’re in a new relationship.

Some women go out and look for a relationship coach to teach them what to do right the next time. But a select type of woman buys “Make Him Worship You.” With this program, they make their future relationship the best they’ve ever had.

What is Make Him Worship You?

This program, created by Micheal Fiore, is a complete all in one course on how to
Micheal Fioure is a relationship expert who specializes in relationship and sexual psychology. He made “Make him Worship you” to help women find a man who is dedicated to them and will appreciate them for who they are. Micheal Fiore also runs DIgital Romance, which is an online relationship forum that helps people who are struggling in relationships to find amicable solutions to their problems. Now he has created a full course for those women out there in the dating pool who can’t find a man who cherishes them as they deserve.

What’s included in Make Him Worship You?

In the program, six different modules cover a wide range of topics about men. It includes their emotions, reasons for their anger, what they can’t tell their partner for fear of looking less like a man in her eyes, and the lies they tell themselves and their girlfriends.

  • Introduction and the Lies You’ve Been Told – How love is something you must do to yourself. No one else’s love can replace self-love and self-respect.
  • What Men mean by I Love You – What limerence is and how it should not be the basis of your relationship. It is good to have in small doses to rekindle the romance.
  • The Secret Emotional Life of Men – How society’s expectations shape men’s self-esteem and relationship with themselves.
  • Accepting Yourself – Learn about red flags and how some relationships aren’t healthy.
  • Feeding His Masculinity – How to build up your man mentally and how to kiss him so well that he goes wild.
  • Communication and getting what you want – How to disagree without fighting and say all the right things.

Along with all of those courses and modules, Make him Worship You also comes with three gifts to help propel the user who bought the program ahead of the dating game.

The first gift is titled “When to sleep with a man.” As the title suggests, it instructs women on when to have sex with a man. If you sleep with a man who isn’t looking for a committed relationship, then he’ll leave, and you’ll have given up your body for no reason.

The second gift is a DVD called “Unstoppable Confidence.” Women often struggle on the dating scene in their area because they have low-self esteem and readily compromise without having their own boundaries.

Benefits of Make Him Worship You

The main benefit of Make Him Worship You is that it will teach you all about the real emotional lives of men from a man.

You will learn lessons that are based on sexual psychology that are designed to help you understand the mindset of men who don’t want to commit.

You will also learn to increase his sex drive and make him want you more.

Drawbacks of Make Him Worship You

There are no real drawbacks to Make Him Worship you. It is a straightforward program that is designed to improve your understanding of men. It is not, however, an easy book that gives you lines to use on your man. It is about communicationa and seeing life from his view, not quick responses to make him do what you want. So if a woman was searching for a quick fix to her boyfriend’s disinterest, this is not the program for you.

Customer reviews

Many women online love this program, and their reviews say that Make Him Love You has changed their dating life for the better. They are now in the relationships they’ve always wanted for themselves. But this program is only for women who can handle the truth. Fiore doesn’t mince words or try to spare your feelings. In the program, he tells you exactly what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix yourself, But if you are looking for someone to tell you that you’re perfect and a great catch and all the men you’ve dated are assholes, then you should forget about this program and turn on the Lifetime Network.


For all of the resources that come in this program, the price is a bargain. With all of the extra packages and perks, this program is valued at $297. But, for a limited time as of March 2020, it is currently on sale for only $37. That is only 12% of the valued price! Plus, this program is risk-free because every customer who buys it receives a 60 money-back guarantee.

Who should buy Make him Worship You?

The perfect customer for this program are women who can’t understand why their man doesn’t treat them better. They want to be loved and cherished, not tolerated, and settled for.


Some people have a harder finding their Mr. Right while they’re in the dating pool. Many women don’t respect or value themselves and end up settling for less. Then they are dumped because the man who they settled for doesn’t respect them or believe that they are the one. But this program completely changes how women date. Women who use this program by Micheal Fiore are more confident and are empowered to find the love that makes them happy. No more settling or compromise. The dating world is now theirs for the taking.

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