Micheal Fiore’s Make Him Worship You Review

Make Him Worship You ReviewWomen around the globe are looking for a man who loves them with all their hearts. They want a fairytale love that storytellers and directors couldn’t possibly understand. Sadly, most of these women won’t get the love of their dreams. It is often because they settle and compromise on their own needs and wants. These women quickly throw their standards out the door and do anything they can to keep their man. But, by lowering their standards, they are not happy with the relationships anymore and feel used. But Make Him Worship You is a program meant to change that type of mindset. By using their program to its fullest extent, women can improve their relationships and build up their men and improve their self-worth.

What is Make Him Worship You?

Created by Micheal Fiore, who is a relationship and sexual psychology specialist, Make Him Worship You is a program online for women to understand men and teaches them how to create a loving relationship with the man that they are currently with. But this program also teaches women to spot red flags in their relationships so they can work on them or leave. For a woman to improve their relationship, they have to know why he acts the way he does. Men are vast seas of emotion, but sometimes you’ll never see a single drop come out of them.

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What’s included in Make Him Worship You?

In this program, there are six major modules that deal with their specific issues in a relationship.

  • Introduction and the Lies You’ve Been Told About Men – How love is something you must apply towards yourself. You must also learn how to accept yourself so you can fight for your needs and respect yourself.
  • What Men mean by I Love You – How romanticizing love is not helping your relationships. You must fall in love with men in front of you, not the person he should be. You can also use limerence to spice up your relationship and your love life.
  • Accepting Yourself – This may be the most in-your-face module in the programs. In this module, you are taught to accept your good and bad sides, your good qualities and flaws wholeheartedly. Loving yourself is the number one way to find someone who loves you.
  • Feeding His Masculinity – If you want your man to treat you better and love you, then you have to build him up too. This module shows you words and strategies to improve the way he sees himself by changing the way to talk to him. Men whose partners believe in them and encourage them are more likely to give more into the relationship.
  • Communication and getting what you want – To improve your relationship, you and your man have to adjust the way you two communicate with each other. That includes being respectful to each other, deflecting anger from the conversation, as well as how you talk to others about him. This module also covers seduction and how to turn him on quickly.

As a bonus, Micheal Fiore included several useful bonus guide completely free. These guides are called:

  • Unstoppable confidence with Micheal Griswald
  • The man-melting backrub
  • When to sleep with a man
  • And Good Girls guide to dirty texting.

Benefits of Make Him Worship You

When a user utilizes this Micheal Fiore’s program to its fullest, they understand how to improve their relationships with their husband or partner. It gives women back the power and controls they crave over their loved lives and helps spot and repair her self-esteem issues, so she stops seeking less than what she deserves.

Drawbacks of Make Him Worship You

This program makes its users realize how they’re ruining their relationship with their spouse. Because of this, some women will have to do a bit of inward reflection. They could also come to find out that their relationship is full of red flags, and they should’ve never been together in the first place. There will be a lot of introspection and discovering part of yourself. So if someone was looking for a few magic sentences to use on their man for a quick fix to their relationship, then this is not the program for them.

Customer reviews

The vast majority of reviews for Make Him Worship You are overwhelmingly positive. Users report that their relationships improve and are better than ever. They say that their men treat them better, and they have better, more fulfilling sex. Or women say that because of what they learned in the program, they decided to break up their partner. The women who break up their relationship say that they did so when the program taught them what major red flags to watch out for. They don’t regret buying the program and feel more empowered and ready to get the man of their dreams.


The Price of Make Him Worship you is only $37 for the entire program, which is a great deal. The regular price of this program is $297. This includes the PDF, the DVDs, and all of the bonus gifts. Plus, it also comes with a 60 money-back guarantee. So if a user tries the full program and finds that it isn’t working for them, they can return it, no questions asked. And there are no hidden charges or a subscription fee that you need to worry about. The full program is a one time purchase.

Who should buy Make him Worship You?

Women who aren’t happy with the state of their relationships should buy this program. Also, women that feel they have tried everything they could to get their man to love them more need their program.


Life is too short and too finite to stay in a relationship that drains you and gives you no joy. If you and your partner are not in love with each other and happy to be together, then why are you two together? Many women say that they stay because they’ve already invested so much time into the relationship. But by doing this, they’re spending more time into a dead relationship where she’s not even appreciated. This program helps women change their relationship from roommates who have sex(or don’t), to a relationship filled with love from a partner who adores them.


8.5 Overall Score

Make Him Worship You is a program online for women to understand men and teaches them how to create a loving relationship with the man that they are currently with.





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