Mike Westerdal’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Are you struggling to shed off those extra kilos or cut accumulated belly fat? Do your hips often get stiff and painful and you wish to end the pain. Or perhaps you simply want to improve overall body health. If you answered yes, then perhaps you need to check out the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program.

It is a comprehensive descriptive guide from Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj, detailing the hip anatomy, causes of hip aches and injuries, and includes ten pelvic and hip physical fitness training moves to help restore peak performance, vitality, body immunity and overall body health.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors PDF Details

Hip flexors control almost every body movement such as balancing, walking, sitting and even standing. If the hip flexors are stiff or tight, it causes many health problems. The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program offers possible moves to unlock the hip flexors. It consists of useful physical exercises that a person can execute at the comfort of his or her home to restore hip mobility, strength, and flexibility. Through the program, a person gets to loosen the muscle, joint capsule, connective tissues and the fascia. Besides, it also helps to break up scar tissue.

Upon starting the program, the body experiences increased blood flow and cleans out lactic acid, toxins, and metabolites, resulting in a healthy fit body. In contrast to other fitness training programs, Unlock Your Hip Flexors focuses on the cause of flexibility and body strength problems as opposed to the effects.

The concept of the training centers on the Psoas muscle, whose function is creating nonaligned pelvic positioning, hip stabilization, and support for the pelvic organs, abdomen, and lower spine, to give increased body mobility and strength.

What the program contains:

  • The unlock your hip DVD video.
  • A PDF Manual
  • A few extra giveaways

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD Video

Unlock Your Hip Flexors ReviewIt is a two section video demonstrating the ten exercises one needs to execute to get to the Psoas muscle. In the first part of the instruction video, Rick, the coach explains in detail the benefits of the exercises, best strategies to get the most out of the program as well as what one should expect during training. It helps the trainee understand why they should exercise.

The second video consists of simple step by step demonstration of the exercises. It adopts a follow along approach that conveniently allows the viewer to carry out the exercises along with the instructor, devoid of explanation interruptions.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual

The PDF manual gives in-depth explanations of the Psoas muscle and the effects the muscle has on the body. It also has well-illustrated descriptions of the specific exercises one must do to relax the tight muscles.

Additional bonuses

Besides the video and the manual, the program includes several resources a person can use to stay fit and healthy. Such resources include the ‘Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings’ program and the ‘7 Days anti-inflammatory Diet’. The hamstring program helps to make a healthy back and ideal body posture while the Diet pdf reveals body healing foods.

Some of the exercises that the program covers include:

  • Dynamic stretching that helps to warm muscle joints, increase joint motion, and improve flow around the joint.
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching that helps relax the muscles around the joint and reduce stiffness.
  • Mobility exercises that makes the joint more freely and function at peak performance.
  • Muscle activation movements for activating off muscles to help the body move better.
  • Fascia stretching exercises, which ensures that the fascia muscles loosen.


Not time-consuming

Executing the activities does not take much time as the recommended training duration is 15 minutes per day. It is convenient considering how busy a person can get at times. All that a person needs to do is find the time ideal for him or her.

Efficient workout solution

The program helps to find the cause of reduced flexibility and body strength and deals with it. It also repairs the damage on the Psoas muscle thereby resulting in flexible, healthy and strong hips. The overall body fitness also improves.

Easy to reach

Anybody wishing to join the program can easily do that from the comfort of his or her home. There is no anxiety of waiting for delivery as one can download it from official websites.

Easy to use

The beauty of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is that it has simple to carry out exercises. The design of the program also makes it easy for a trainer to not only understand how to execute the exercises but also the benefits.

Effective for relieving body pains

It offers the perfect solution for a person suffering from recurrent pain in the back, hips, and joints. The reason it is so efficient is that it addresses the cause of the problem and not the effect.

It is safe

A desirable feature of the program is that it is safe, and any person can do the exercises. The postures are not life threatening or intimidating whatsoever. In fact, any pain or discomfort that an individual might experience as a result of the workout does not need medication.

It is affordable

Getting into the program is relatively cheap since the only financial obligation required is purchasing the training kit, whose price is reasonable. After that, one does not need to pay an extra fee unless if they are buying a different product.


It is a digital product

The program is only available in digital format meaning getting a physical copy is out of the question. A person who does not like watching videos or reading eBooks might find the program unappealing.

Requires total commitment

Even though the training requires only 15 minutes daily, to see desirable results a person must commit him or herself to the program. The trainee must execute the exercise as accurate as possible.


The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is worth trying out as it offers visible results by bringing vitality back into the body. After just a few sessions the body starts regaining its full potential. The ease of use and the low price are also motivation to try. Besides, in the event a person is not satisfied with the program, there is always the money back guarantee option.



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