Myth and Truth About Orgasm

Orgasm is experienced, as like a dam failure, when a stream of feelings is directed downwards, while the body convulsively curves in a single rush with each involuntary thrust of the pelvis forward, compression of the vagina and contractions of the uterus. Feeling of languor and happiness fills the whole body.

If the culmination is strong enough, an increasing sensation of heat is created, which seems to radiate from the pelvic region and penetrate the entire body.

Love and sexuality make up the meaning of life for every living organism. They add importance to its life and provide the strongest pleasure that controls its behavior. In women who are in pursuit of detente, we discover certain ideas about sex, ideas that prompt them to desperately crave orgasm.

And these women are visited by the following beliefs:

The first idea: the pleasure from the “summit of intimacy” is many times higher than from “just sex.”

The second idea: orgasm is absolutely necessary for the mental and physical health of women, without it, it is doomed to nervous tension and gynecological diseases.

The third idea: an orgasmic woman for her husband or a permanent friend is much more attractive than one that is not orgasming, and men, are drawn to the first and leave the second.

So, let’s speculate about this and try to prove or dispel these myths. We begin with the first statement. In fact, a lot of myths are circulating around the “summit of intimacy”. We are confronted here with a subjective experience that cannot be analyzed objectively. However, let’s try to look at it from the physiological side.

And yet I dare to say, who can say whether he is satisfied or not, if not someone who has experienced this process? The physiological reaction underlying the sexual orgasm is embodied in the involuntary pleasant movements of sexual discharge, embracing the entire body. And these feelings are your own and they belong only to you.

Orgasm is one of the main reflexes of the body, the same as yawning or sneezing, it is triggered by proper excitement. Like sexual desire, the kind of stimulation leading to orgasm, and the delight of orgasm itself is unique for every woman. I, however, believe that every woman has experienced an orgasm at least once in her life. While we are at it, here is a great Russian dating site for all your dating and sexual desires. This could happen during childhood, in a dream, or during masturbation in later years, but she did not attach any importance to this.

When you experience an orgasm, the muscles around the uterus and cervix contract so that the stomach is shaken. The air can escape from the vagina. Blood flows to the walls of the vagina, creating a pressure that causes the lubricant current. Arterial pressure, heart beat and respiratory rate reach a maximum. Muscles of the neck, hands, face and legs may involuntarily contract, and the tension of the LK muscles will cause them to contract and sometime after. You can feel the trembling in some parts of the body and the warmth that begins in the hip area and spreads to the chest, neck and face. Be sure to check out this site, where you can get all of your sex information that you may need. You can be in ecstasy, some escape from reality. During orgasm sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work simultaneously. Sexual energy, as it were, soared and released, giving you a sense of freedom and relief, and sometimes a changed state of consciousness – a sense of flight.

Some women experience streams of female ejaculation. All this looks amazing, is not it? But in fact, in most women, orgasms are not always the same. Sometimes you can experience voluptuous, covering the whole body with a full-blown orgasm, and sometimes – just a trembling of the LK muscles and pleasant sensations. Some women expect each time, almost an earthquake and, after experiencing a moderate orgasm, are disappointed. A person who has experienced an orgasm, is satisfied and not depressed, is not capricious or morose. Orgasm is a complex aspect of a female body, if you are interested in how it works, check out this site. In recent years, the degree of sensual pleasure in intimacy has been studied with the help of special methods, and sexologists have concluded: the pleasure from intimacy resulting in a discharge is several times higher than without it. So, the myth of a special, with nothing comparable pleasure from detente in principle corresponds to reality.

There are a number of physiological factors that determine the sexual “response” of an individual, of which the most obvious is his vital energy. Sexuality is a biological process, dependent on the presence of excess energy necessary for its implementation. The fatigue and exhaustion greatly reduce sexual feeling, and vice versa, a healthy and energetic person is capable of a strong sexual response. Psychological factors can also distort this dependence, but they cannot completely change it. At the same time a physically tired person can show a strong sexual attraction, a lack of energy can significantly reduce the final response or orgasm, and sexual intercourse may be unsatisfactory.

The following tips will help you identify these factors that can prevent the creation of the mood necessary to achieve orgasm.

  • In order not to feel rushed or anxious, provide yourself with sufficient time and an intimate atmosphere. If you have small children and you do not want to lock them during the night in another room, arrange for them to go to a cinema or on a walk with friends on Saturday.
  • Try not to touch the main and routine concerns such as work, money, school affairs of children and other problems that can cause disagreement, at least half an hour before you go to bed.
  • End any arguments before going to bed, not while you are in it. If your partner is trying to use sexual intimacy to quench the argument, this can heighten your grievance and further alienate you.
  • If you experience tension, perform relaxing exercises before the beginning of sexual intercourse or try to adjust your consciousness to greater receptivity. The best thing is, if everything happens to you naturally, in your own way, until you reach orgasm, but do not expect that it must always be so. And if orgasm does not come, do not grieve over it.

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