Never Lose Him Review

Never Lose Him ReviewNever Lose Him is a very useful relationship development program especially designed for women wanting to get the most out of their husbands, lovers and partners.

Never Lose Him focuses on helping women build self-confidence, self-respect and self-identify before trying to build a healthy, fulfilling relationship or find the love of their lives. Women lacking self-identity are easy to manipulate, and lack of self-respect may open a woman to verbal and emotional abuse. In addition to this, women lacking self-confidence will become dependent an needy which may lead to an unhealthy and problematic relationship.

Women need to understand that developing your “self” is paramount to keep a man loyal or attract the right type of man. This situation will generate the automatic success women are looking for all over the world. Nadine Piat-Niski is the author of Never Lose Him who has been working in the areas of healthy love, confidence and behavioral change. Clients use Never Lose Him to work on areas where things are going wrong. Many women tend to feel depressive, anxious and stressed because they do not have a healthy relationship, and Never Lose Him has been created especially for them.

Nadine Piat-Niski is the founder of Healthy You Healthy Love a unique and useful relationship and love portal designed for women looking for solutions in life and love. This is the right place for linkminded women to learn, connect and grow together. This relationship guide’s process is a combination of things wrapped up in a method called L.I.P.S. This method says that women who want to attrac the right man should be sassy and sexy, loyal and likeable, independent and playful, among other traits. If a woman wants to keep a man loyal, she needs to work on her own self growth.

Never Lose Him Details

Never Lose Him also teaches women how to handle rejection, which might become a blessing in disguise. Yes, rejection sucks but a self-defeating behavior will rob you of all the opportunities open to you by the field of self-development. Never Lose Him will teach you how to handle rejection and benefit from this situation. This program also teaches you how to keep the relationship alive over time. Women will learn how to handle many relationship issues and keep the romantic fire alive.

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Never Lose Him makes women work from the inside to create the permanent, fulfilling relationships they want. Many men use manipulative and deceptive practices to sway women. This is one of the main reasons women should buy Never Lose Him as soon as possible. Women will become stronger increasing their chances of building long-lasting relationships. In addition to this, Never Lose Him comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is not book about seduction, Never Lose Him is about becoming the Ms. Right for the future Mr. Right.

In addition to the main guide, you will receive a workbook to monitor your progress. There is a video series called Transformation Series teaching you how to become Ms.Right. Women will learn how to improve their overall personalities not just how to become the right girl for the right guy. Women will find out many interesting facts about men. Women will realize that men do not like many things that many women believe men love. Do you want to know how to spark up tons of romance in your relationship? Never Lose Him will teach you this and more.

Never Lose Him will teach women about 9 personality types allowing them to read many kinds of people out there. If you are a woman looking for an important improvement in your relationship, Never Lose Him is for you. It does not matter if you are single, looking for the right partner or currently in a relationship, Never Lose Him will help you out a lot. Moreover, if you are looking for a self-improvement guide, Never Lose Him is also an important option out there. Since Never Lose Him is based on sound psychological principles, women do not have to work hard to seduce men.

This program’s simple terminology will make women fall in love with the book. There is also an e-book format for those women loving technology. In addition to this, customer service is awesome, and they will be there for you 24/7.


  • Women will learn how to move on when relationships do not work.
  • The author has a certification in the relationship field.
  • There is a strong, 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • This guide has been especially designed for women.
  • This relationship guide is based on principles of interpersonal dynamics that work. Manipulation and seduction gimmicks are not what this guide is about.
  • Outstanding presentacion and information, which is very useful if you are going to spend tons of time reading the guide.
  • Never Lose Him will help women revitalize and re-energize their love life by developing the strategies to keep a man passionate and committed to them.
  • This relationship guide will help lonely women find true love.
  • This relationship guide does not use the average trial and error approach. This is a proven system developed by an expert in the relationship field. Plenty of research and testing has been done to offer women a comprehensive solution to find love all over the world.
  • Women will be able to develop their most alluring, intoxicating and powerful aspect while helping men become devoted to them.


  • The guide is not for men.
  • There are some typos and misspelling errors here and there.
  • You will find more theory than practice, but the guide is very well-made overall.
  • The program lacks specific situations in the relationship field such as how to deal with infidelity, how to get over any breakup, and so forth.

Never Lose Him is the relationship guide women need today if they want to build long-lasting relationships. Though the guide does not go deeper into specific relationship scenarios, it is very well-made overall. If you are a lonely woman struggling to find true love in your life, this relationship guide is for you as it has the right tips, strategies and tactics to help become successful in this area.


5.8 Overall Score

Never Lose Him focuses on helping women build self-confidence, self-respect and self-identify before trying to build a healthy, fulfilling relationship or find the love of their lives.





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