Michael Fiore’s Online Allure Formula Review

Online Allure ReviewOnline Allure Formula is an online dating program created by Michael Fiore, a renowned author in relationship domain. It was created solely to help women who are seeking to attract their “Prince Charming” online. It could be said this program by Michael Fiore was designed particularly for women with a bad online dating history where they probably attract the following types of guys: The emotionally unavailable guys, The scumbags, The serial daters, And the sex-a-holics. However, Online Allure Formula is also suitable for single ladies who are out on a mission to find their loved ones online.

What’s Inside Online Allure System?

What Online Allure Formula includes:

  • What to or not to speak to men so that you don’t turn them off.
  • Three important steps one needs to follow in making her dating profile appear brighter than others to attract the right guy.
  • An explanation of why you keep on attracting the wrong men online.
  • An Illustration of 5 groups of men you will meet while dating online and the difference between them.
  • The particular things men go for online in a woman of her choice.
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Bonus items are offered to the core training program. Additionally, one can get an all time access to the online allure’s members’ area.


Produced by a professional relationship adviser

Online Allure Formula was created by Michael Fiore, who is a renowned relationship counselor and a dating coach. He is widely known in the US for producing various relationship books such as “text your ex back” and “capture his heart and make him love you forever. These programs have not only been found to be successful but have also been purchased by many people making Michael Fiore a genuine expert in relationship niche.

The program has thorough and clear-cut instructions

It is hard to say that one cannot clearly understand the contents, techniques and instructions of this program. This dating manual has been crafted in a language that is basic in that even an elementary kid can understand. Additionally, it is formulated in a step by step manner thus ensuring that it contents are easy to follow and understand

Helps one steer clear from online dating mistakes

Nobody likes kissing so many wrong frogs online. Many women find themselves wondering why they keep on attracting “bad boys” online. Maybe they say, do or post pictures and updates that make them a magnet for attracting the wrong guys.

The good news is that in this program, Michael Fiore guides one on what to do to avoid online dating mistakes. He also shares juicy information on what women should do to avoid and turn off the bad guys.

It opens up a man’s mind to you

It may not be so obvious, but the truth is not many women know how men think; in fact, most of them are completely clueless. With Online Allure Formula, you are assured to be taken for a trip into a man’s mind by Michael Fiore, who is a man and therefore can help you to understand men and still, to date another, right?

It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

Are you having a problem of continuously attracting the wrong kind of men online? Have you not found the one your heart was beating for? Well, do not worry since Michael Fiore is very confident with his online allure program that he is willing to refund you your money in case you find his program less useful to you. In other words, there is no risk in trying the online allure program.

This program is totally affordable

It is unfortunate nowadays that we see many “tiny” dating programs for women that purport to offer them with solutions to their dating problems. These programs are not only a scam but also the solutions they provide are only temporary.

However, the same cannot be said for the online allure program since apart from being affordable, its content is generous in providing information to assist one solve her dating misfortunes


Your disbelief can sabotage your success

What you believe in matters a lot in a relationship as it can decide if you will succeed or fail in your love life. When you start doubting the effectiveness of this program, the chances of it helping you fade away too. If you want this program to be effective, then you must open your mind.

It can only work if you work

Just like many other programs, you must invest your effort and time to obtain the desired results. Do not expect to read this program and then sit down and wait for men to magically line up before you. For you to attract your Mr. Right a.k.a prince charming, you must see to it that you apply, step by step, all the techniques that have been laid down in this program by Michael Fiore.

It is a program that is web-based

Most of the programs offered by Michael Fiore can be downloaded online through the members’ area. However, the online allure program isn’t available in a printed form in the stores, and if you dislike the idea of reading it online, then this is a con to you.


Personally, I believe that the online allure program dating program is a useful formula and most likely the closest thing you will ever have compared to a dating/relationship adviser telling you just the same thing on how you can succeed with online dating. However, the difference lies in the fact that this program if far cheaper compared to a one on one consultation with a coach.

There are numerous benefits that come with this manual that makes it great. First, it is detailed and simple for anybody to understand. Secondly, it contains many topics that are well explained that have not been seen in other dating programs. Thirdly, this program has been written by an author who is an expert in relationship niche and hence it is useful in handling dating issues. Finally, it is from a man’s point of view since it is written by a male author.

I am sure you are already fed up with thinking of ways to attract an alpha male or those that meet your requirements. Online Allure Formula not only helps you do away with the guesswork but also helps you to iron out your dating mistakes you commit while dating online

In the end, Online Allure Formula will improve your dating life and give self-confidence, which men find to be an attractive trait in women.

With all this said, I will also like to say that this program is not for all women

First, you must take this dating program seriously if you want to succeed. Don’t read it only to forget and let this information go away unutilized. You must ensure that you apply all the knowledge you have obtained from this program. Also you need to know that there is nothing like “100% guaranteed results” with the dating world and, therefore, this formula is not for those that are thinking of it as a “magic pill” to their online dating problems.

However, it is obvious that with genuine efforts, Online Allure Formula can assist any woman in need and based on the fact that it is free from risks, I believe it is worth giving a try.


7.5 Overall Score





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  1. Oh, this program fits me like a glove! I’ve been dating all sorts of weirdoes from scumbags to serial daters and I don’t seem to be slowing down. It gets tiresome to always end up dating a guy who is either in it for the sex or just isn’t what I wanted. Hope this helps out.

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