If you are planning to have a committed long term relationship, PerfectMatch can be the excellent online dating site for you. PerfectMatch is very original as it offers congeniality matches according to its proven Duet Compatibility Profile, in addition to the capability to look for your own PerfectMatch. Additional distinct feature available is a side by side profile match-up of all profiles that you located throughout an independent search. With this data of each profile you are able to create an educated, information-based determination as to whether or not a potential partner may be your excellent match.

PerfectMatch Packages and Features

On top of a free trial with limited functionality, PerfectMatch also provides you with Premium and Platinum memberships. If you are planning on purchasing a 6 month plan then you are going to be eligible for making the most of their Platinum plan. Premium memberships is for those planing on being a member for shorter period of time. Whilst the packages contain features alike, the Platinum plan holds some exclusive advantages, such as preferred placement in search outcomes and highlighted profiles which helps your profile to be more noticeable than others.

Features Review

  • Receive match suggestions
  • Access to advice columns and articles
  • Duet compatibility analysis
  • Receive information about singles events and special offers
  • Search for matches
  • “Ask Dr. Schwartz” personal question submission
  • Additional photo capabilities
  • Send icebreakers
  • Respond to communication
  • Initiate communication
  • PerfectMatch guarantee
  • Use of advanced search functions
  • Unlimited profile access
  • Preferred placement in search results
  • Ability to communicate with ALL members


PerfectMatch provides multiple pricing sets. Except the 1 month plan, almost all plans have a guarantee that PerfectMatch is going to offer a specific number of matches during the duration of the contract. If PerfectMatch does not succeed in meeting this commitment, they will extend your membership for free, until you get the promised number of matches.

Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover cards. US residents are allowed to use check or money order too. Unless you will request to cancel your membership, all subscriptions are going to be automatically renewed within 24 hours of their expiration.

Renewal rates are as follows:

  • 2 month – $29.95 per month
  • 3 month – $29.95 per month
  • 6 month – $24.95 per month

Note: You are allowed to select a report of your Duet Compatibility Profile without being a PerfectMatch membership. This will cost you $40.

Membership Base

  • PerfectMatch owns more than four million active profiles
  • PerfectMatch has a almost 1:1 ratio of men to women, a rarity in the world of online dating
  • Married or separated adults can not become a member of PerfectMatch
  • Both heterosexual and homosexual singles are welcomed

Positive Features

  • Highly compatible match suggestions
  • Balanced ration between men and women
  • Free personality evaluation
  • Responsive and professional customer service
  • Dr. Schwartz for personal advice
  • Simple to manage potential matches
  • The capability to get matches via independent search and compatibility matching

Negative Features

  • Very few guaranteed match suggestions
  • It may take hours to days to receive match suggestions
  • Long registration process
  • No instant messaging
  • Mobile online dating services not available

How PerfectMatch Works

PerfectMatch’s congeniality matching system is going to send you match recommendations whenever relevant. Additionally, you can search the site and check the values, personality and preferences of all potential matches. An useful and special feature provided by PerfectMatch is the capability to match-up your profile with the profile of a possible match to decide whether a person of interest can turn out to be an preferred match. Once you have chosen a profile that you are satisfied with, you are able to send an icebreaker or direct email to the person. Bookmarking of the profile is also possible for your convenience.

The congeniality evaluation provided by PerfectMatch was very precise and served as a very useful reference both in getting applicable matches and in having a guide throughout the personal search. Their congeniality information can eliminate wasting time and made it possible to swiftly clear up inadequate options.


Registration for PerfectMatch may require around an hour to complete. The aim of PerfectMatch’s questionnaire is to get a whole aspects of your total characteristic, in addition to what is crucial to you in life and in a possible match. The process starts with a number of pages of standard multiple-choice questions regarding your values, lifestyle and deal-breakers. You are going to then be requested to answer one page of questions in your own words.

When you are done with completing the background questions, you are going to have to finish the 8-section Duet Compatibility Profile. The test was provided by Dr. Pepper Schwartz based upon 35 years of researching qualities that are present in congeniality matches. The sections assess your romantic impulsivity, personal energy, outlook, predictability, flexibility, decision making style, emotionality and self-nurturing. Each section has seven true or false questions. If you have personal questions while you are using the service, you are able to send email tp Dr. Schwartz directly or visit her advice column in search of direction.

Customer Support

Just like most other online dating sites, PerfectMatch only provides customer service through an email provided on their site. We sent an email and we received their reply very fast and it was a relevant contents with an address to which we could address future inquiries.


PerfectMatch offers a very unique and pleasant experience in that it allows you to enjoy both a computerized matchmaking system and a searchable membership base. Although PerfectMatch is slightly more expensive than most of the other sites we have reviewed on our portal, you will be definitely getting more for your money by getting two equally strong services, whereas most other dating sites offer only one strong dating solution.


8.4 Overall Score

If you are planning to have a committed long term relationship, PerfectMatch can be the excellent online dating site for you. PerfectMatch is very original as it offers congeniality matches according to its proven Duet Compatibility Profile, in addition to the capability to look for your own PerfectMatch.






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