Plan My Baby Review

Plan My Baby ReviewSo you’re probably planning for your next baby? That’s absolutely okay, but would you like to have a baby girl or a baby boy to be specific? Well, it isn’t difficult to plan your baby-prince or princess these days, particularly if you incorporate the Plan My Baby Guide Book by Alicia Pennington.

Many families in the entire world are unique, and at times, choosing the sex of a baby makes sense when it comes to social and economic matters. Whatever your reason is, choosing the exact gender of your baby is absolutely easy with this guidebook. It demonstrates ways you can utilize to choose your kid’s gender prior to conception.

Plan My Baby Overview

The Prince Or Princess Guide, a product created by Alicia Pennington, is a step-by-step natural system that can intensely boost your odds of having the kid’s gender you desire. The guide focuses its strategies and techniques on the difference existing between the female sperm and male sperm.

Plan My Baby Guide, alias the Prince Or Princess Guide, demonstrates specific methods that can be utilized to modify specific factors that typically influence whether the female or the male sperm gets to the egg first.

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Alicia Pennington made things easier for interested folks by dividing her Prince Or Princess guide into three key sections. The author explained every section in a step-wise manner, and elaborated specific steps that people should consider when choosing their baby’s gender prior to conception.

In a nutshell, here’s a list of steps to be used:

Section 1
The first section focuses largely on ovulation. In this section, Alicia Pennington reveals the significance of knowing when you’re ovulating and reasons why the timing of your intercourse is prudent.

Here, the author includes a lot of crucial info about the difference between acidic PH level and alkaline PH level. Similarly, the author explains how different PH levels influence your baby’s gender. You’ll likewise learn when and how to schedule your entire intercourse so you can boost your odds of choosing your kid’s gender prior to conception.

Section 2
The second section in Alicia Pennington’s guidebook majors on diet and its role in choosing your kid’s gender. In this section, the author reveals the significance of proper diet, and explains why certain diets can help you when it comes to improving your chances of getting your desired kid’s gender.

In this section, you’ll learn which type of foods must be added or removed from your “conventional “diet plan in order to modify your PH level up or down. The author shows how small or trivial changes can influence your odds of conceiving a girl or a boy.

Section 3
The third section of Alicia’s Plan My Baby guidebook addresses some of the most recommended sexual positions to be incorporated. According to the author, sexual positions play a vital role when it comes to selecting your kid’s gender.

In this section, the author outlines precisely which sexual positions work best for conceiving a girl and which ones can work best when it comes to conceiving a boy. The guide explains that these sexual positions are exclusively based on the placement of the XY chromosomes. Pennington attached a series of graphics and clear explanations in this section to enhance understanding.

The author claims that by following her Plan My Baby three-step program, about 94 percent of couples conceived the girl or boy they desired in their life. Similarly, she promises that the same system can help anyone including you.

She says no matter your age or the number of times you’ve tried before, this program works to deliver the best results every couple will live to remember and appreciate. Do you trust Alicia’s sentiments? Well, let’s look at the pros and cons of Plan My Baby guide to find answers.


1. Only natural and safe methods are utilized
One of the greatest benefits of Alicia’s program is that it doesn’t involve any risks. Also, there’s absolutely nothing to lose when following her program.

Her gender selection guide book covers all natural and 100 percent safe strategies. All the strategies revealed in the guide are safe for the mother, father as well as the future kid. While following the Plan My Baby program you’re not obliged to take any dangerous drugs that can risk your health.

2. Clear and user-friendly
Alicia Pennington’s guide is undeniably detailed, precise, and user-friendly. The author utilizes simple language that’s easy to understand. Consequently, you don’t need to be a language “genius” to grasp whatever the author explains in her Prince Or Princess guide.

Additionally, she integrates many photos and graphics in the guidebook—making it easy to understand the process. This will definitely help you take your guess work away, and just incorporate factual details to accomplish success.

3. The guide accompanies two great bonuses
The Plan My Baby guide by Alicia Pennington includes two great bonus items for her clients for free when buying her guidebook. Unlike other “vague” bonuses that often come with similar guides, Alicia’s bonus items include the breastfeeding secrets guide and the healthy pregnancy guides—which are high-quality bonus items that can’t be compared with any other.

4. Full refund policy
The Plan My Baby program comes with a full 2-months refund policy. Hence, if you’ll not like this natural guide for one reason or the other, you can simply claim your cash and get every single penny back. This is indeed a very fair offer that allows any couple to try the program with absolute confidence. Remember, there’s no risk attached.


1. The guide is not a guaranteed solution
One thing that every couple should understand is that there’s no such thing as “one hundred percent guaranteed solution”. You don’t expect to choose your kid’s gender naturally.

While it’s only God who determines the ultimate gender of every kid, the Plan My Baby program only tries to adjust the outcomes using natural strategies. Therefore, though the program claims very high success rates, it’s prudent to understand that there’s always a chance the program will not help you accomplish the much desired results.

2. Only available online
The Plan My Baby eBook as well as the bonus items accompanying it are all digital products. Once you make a payment you’ll get your product instantly—and hence it’s great for folks who like digital products.

Nevertheless, if you’re that kind of person who likes hard copy versions, you’ll be somewhat disappointed because the program can only be bought online and you won’t find it in stores.


It goes without question that the plan my baby program is a helpful tool that allows couples to decide their kid’s gender, particularly when they’re in search for a specific gender. The program claims that it is 94 percent proven that couples who use it get their baby as expected. The program is very easy as it’s explained in three basic steps, and thus you don’t have anything to lose since the language used is simply basic. Try this program today and you won’t regret it. After all, you’ve a full money-back guarantee if it fails to work!


7.0 Overall Score

Plan My Baby Guide, alias the Prince Or Princess Guide, demonstrates specific methods that can be utilized to modify specific factors that typically influence whether the female or the male sperm gets to the egg first.





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