Save My Marriage Today Review

Save My Marriage Today ReviewThose that are reading this are more than likely interested in the “Save My Marriage Today“ program. I have purchased this program and used it on my failing marriage. However, this does not mean that everyone should rush out to get the program. It is going to work for some people, while other people are going to find that it would be waste of their money. It is simply not something that is right for everyone, thus the person should make certain that they read the entire review to ensure that this is something that works for them.

My Save My Marriage Today Story

Finding your soul mate and being able to live happily ever after is what everyone searches for. When the time comes to tie the knot and you do so, everything is great and you never think that there will be a day when things are not as they are now. However, for many relationships, things start to go wrong. At night, the person may lie in bed awake wondering what they can do in order to make sure that they do not lose that special person, and worrying about your entire family and keeping them together. You try everything that you can think of, you let things slip that would normally upset you and go out of your way to do things for the other person, but still nothing seems to help you get over this problem.

I have been there and done that, so I understand the feelings of loneliness and sadness that you are feeling. The depressed feelings that you are having are normal and are something that can overtake your life if you are not careful since you are basically standing there watching your family and the life that you have come to love slip through your fingers.

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My first marriage was to my high school sweet heart and I never thought that we would ever say goodbye. However, after two years, it was apparent that we grew apart and my spouse filed for divorce. I don’t think I had ever felt worse than what I felt when I got those divorce papers. I withdrew from everyone and the thoughts of suicide were something that went through my mind. However, with the help of my family that really cared, I was able to move on with my life.

A few years later, I married once again. However, a few years into the marriage I saw that this marriage was going the same route as my first marriage. I knew that we were growing a part; however, I was determined to make sure that this marriage worked. I refused to end up the same way as it did last time. This was when I discovered Amy Waterman’s book Save My Marriage Today.

Before purchasing Save My Marriage Today, I did the free six day course that is digital and sent to your email address. From this brief digital course, I was able to walk away with the knowledge of six things:

  • The six things that show us a divorce is on the horizon
  • What it takes to build a marriage that is going to last
  • How to bring the love back into the relationship
  • How to make sure that you are not growing apart from your spouse
  • Those things that kill a relationship such as being a workaholic
  • How to spot the number one cause of a divorce and how to stop it from happening

This brief introduction gave me all that I needed to know that Amy was one of those people that knew about marriage and relationships. This pushed me to take a plunge and get the full Save My Marriage Today program since I did not want to feel that pain and depression that I felt with the loss of my first marriage.

I did stall a bit on the first few days of having the Save My Marriage Today program since I was really uncertain of where to start, but once I dedicated myself to it, I immediately saw some improvements. The best part about the program is that the spouse does not have to agree to be on the program, this is something that you can do yourself. And you will find that the principles that are discussed in Save My Marriage Today are going to be something that you can use in other situations and relationships as well. And you will find that the guide is designed to be used in its entirety, or the person can pick and choose those sections that they are having problems with and just read these. As long as the person follows the advice that they are being given, they will find that it works.

There were a few things about Save My Marriage Today that I was not quite fond of, which is something that people do need to read. The problems that I had were not with the program, they were rather with the things that the program made me realize. It wasn’t the fault of the program, but it was things that I needed to realize before I could do anything. I realized that there were many things that went wrong with my first marriage. For example, it’s not always about the hard work. If you can get your marriage to the point that everyone is happy then it is the small things that you do that keeps you on this momentum of happiness. You simply cannot sit back and do nothing and think that things are going to remain the same.

I also discovered that you must know what your problems are and not your spouse. You can look at your spouse and point out every little problem, but most problems are really a problem within yourself. This did take me a while to understand, but once I did, I stopped seeing the problems in my spouse and instead of focused on my problems. I also learned that your mood determines just how everyone approaches you, including your spouse. If you are in a mood that is good, then everyone will get along with you, including your spouse. The most important thing that I found out about myself was the fact that you have to keep your calm when in an argument with your spouse. You should never slam the doors, throw objects and push each other to the edge.

Did My Marriage Survived?

I noticed changes in myself once I started this Save My Marriage Today program. I was more caring and I kept my marriage as something that was important to me and made it this way in my life. I realized that I was guilty of whatever almost everyone is guilty of; you take your marriage for granted. And if you do this for too long, then there is no turning back to fix this. With that being said, my spouse and I did start to get along better and start to value what we had with one another.

I recommend Save My Marriage Today to anyone who wants to get their marriage back on the track that does not run into divorce. They should start with the free trial and go from there to ensure that this will work for them.


8.0 Overall Score

If you are serious about saving your marriage and starting a new love life with your wife or husband then You should definitely order this book.





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  1. Amy Waterman owes her parents 5 figures for helping to get a divorce with her husband over the last 2.5 years. She has no follow through and has not completed the necessary paperwork to finalize her divorce. She is a narcissist who manipulates everyone around her to do her bidding. She has no education or training to counsel couples or women. She lacks social skills and the ability to interact with others. She has forfeited her parenting over to her mother, who has her child full time. DO NOT BUY HER BOOKS OR SIGN UP FOR HER COUNSELING!!!!! IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!

  2. Hi I’m not sure if this is the same program that I get emails about but when I click on the links I get a message saying

    This site is no longer in service or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation.

    It comes from Clickbank

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