Lee Baucom’s Save The Marriage System Review

Save The Marriage System ReviewGetting into a relationship is easy. Finding happiness in a relationship is difficult and maintaining the relationship for the long term is even more difficult. When marriages are on the verge of breaking up, couples resolve to seeing a marriage counselor and taking part in marriage training sessions. Save The Marriage System by Lee Baucom, Ph.D aims at making things easier for you. Instead of hiring marriage counselors or undergoing training for months, you just need to buy this guide. The guide is for couples who want to save their marriage from breakup, those who want to get back their partner and those who want to build a happy relationship.

Save The Marriage System helps you understand yourself and your roles in your marriage, understand your partner, learn how to handle conflicts and arguments in your marriage, learn how to handle the family income, how to handle your sex life, children, intimacy and basically how to stay true to your partner. Put simply, the system teaches you different elements that may affect your marriage and how to deal with each.

Save The Marriage System Details

Like mentioned earlier, Lee believes that the lower rate of marriage counseling success was due to use of old methods and techniques to heal marriage ailments. To this end, the Save The Marriage System has taken a completely different approach. It comes in 4 modules.

  • Module 1 teaches you what to do and what not to do when your partner says they want out.
  • Module 2 is a crisis diagnosis which teaches you exactly how to save your marriage.
  • The third module looks at marriage and its components teaching the user the real secrets of marriage, what affects marriages and how to build your marriage.
  • Module 4 is like a wrap-up; it teaches you the step by step method of rebuilding your marriage to happiness.

These modules are a result of research, tests and experiments undertaken by Lee. In the Save The Marriage System, there are exercises you need to take. These will help you discover top mistakes you do when faced with a crisis, understand secrets to successful marriages, dissect different stages of marriage crisis, what to avoid in saving your marriage, how to experience true intimacy in your marriage, understand that arguing is a waste of precious time and how to make a paradigm shift among others.

Already Decided?

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System Bonuses: With Save The Marriage System comes great bonuses. The first bonus is an audio explaining mid-life crisis and how to get your marriage past it and beyond. The second one is also an audio step by step guide on how to recover from an affair. The third bonus is a report on arguing and how to make an argument fair. The fourth bonus is a real gem. It is an eBook by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault. The eBook, Change of Heart, used to sell at $39.95 but once you buy Save The Marriage, you get it for free. The Save The Marriage System plus the bonuses go for only $47.

Who is the Author?

Save The Marriage System is authored by Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D, a marriage counselor practicing in Kentucky. He is a relationship coach and a marriage expert with two master’s degree and a Ph.D to his name; all in marriage and family therapy. Having been in the field for 22 years, Lee has devised new family therapy techniques to up the success rate of his counseling sessions. This was after he realized that most marriage counselors barely have a 20 percent success rate thanks to their following old school techniques. He is a happy husband and a father of two.


Save The Marriage System is easy to understand and the exercises contained therein easy to follow. At the end of each chapter, Lee includes bulleted points which act as a recap of what has been learnt on the chapter topic. Every concept given is supported with examples and hypothetical situations. Better still the system covers every marriage element; from finance, children, sex, intimacy and roles to arguments and work. Simply put, it is a comprehensive guide to marriage.

The guide is suitable to any couple; separated, on the verge of divorce, young couples and any couple that yearns for a happy life. At only $47, you get the guide and 4 other guides as bonuses; 2 audios and 2 eBooks. This is a deal like no other. Besides, you can get the trial version of the system for only $1. But why get a trial version for a system that has received hundreds of positive reviews to its credit?


To the lay person, the system is very technical. Lee includes all the findings of his researches and experiments in the guide which makes it look more like a research paper. The theories and the abstract concepts may not augur well with the lay American. Second, Lee has not updated the program for a very long time. This makes the users wonder whether he has not developed new techniques seeing that a new breed of marriages has cropped up where infidelity is the morning tea. There are small bits of repetitive information on the guide and worse are the repetitive Lee’s relationship counseling adverts on the guide. There is no support team and user’s inquiries may go unanswered or get answered after a long time.


The real reason why Save The Marriage System has received lots of positive feedback is due to the high rate of success. Though the system may not be an end-all to all the problems you face in your marriage, it is a great way to start tackling your marriage issues and to avert the looming danger of divorce. One good thing about the system is that the two partners do not have to take part in the healing process; one can heal their marriage even when the other one is reluctant to take part.

If you stay focused and determined, you will see results. At only $47, there is no reason not to try the Save The Marriage system. Compared with marriage counseling and marriage therapy fees, this system is the real deal.


8.3 Overall Score

Save The Marriage System helps you understand yourself and your roles in your marriage, understand your partner, learn how to handle conflicts and arguments in your marriage, learn how to handle the family income, how to handle your sex life, children, intimacy and basically how to stay true to your partner.





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  1. I was very happy with this from the start. You get so much for what you pay! I was hoping I could turn my husband around from leaving me and I did! It took months of work but I kept at it because I love him and we’ve been together since we were 17, almost 15 years now.

  2. My big question is if this is helpful for bringing back a spouse who left (like maybe going to be an ex at some point).?

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