Signs of Obsession: 15 Signs of Obsessive Love You Can’t Ignore

There are a number of telltale signs of obsession that you should definitely be aware of. Whether you are obsessed over someone or the other way around, it’s important that you know about these signs. Being in love can be amazing, but it’s totally different from obsession.

When you know about some of the more common signs of obsession, you can give yourself a bit of a reality check. Obsession is never healthy, and the sooner you find out whether or not you have a problem with it the better off you will be.

1. Something Feels Not Quite Right

One of the more basic signs of obsession is that something just doesn’t feel right. Deep down you know that your feelings aren’t healthy, and you need to put a stop to it. Listen to your instincts, because they will end up being your salvation.

2. No Time to Yourself

If you are obsessed with someone else, you never want to spend a second away from them. Those who are obsessed with others don’t value alone time, because they just want to spend every waking moment with the object of their affection. If someone is obsessed with you, they probably won’t ever want to let you out of their sight. Either way, this is not part of a healthy relationship at all.

3. Complete Lack of Privacy

Obsession often leads to suspicion and an abject lack of privacy. Does the person you are with demand to have all the passwords to your social media accounts? If so, there is a good chance that they are completely and utterly obsessed with you. Everyone needs a certain amount of privacy, even in a relationship. Privacy doesn’t equal secrecy, and it’s crucial that you understand this.

4. Rampant Jealousy

There is no way that a person can be obsessed with someone without being extremely jealous as well. Do you find yourself constantly getting jealous of even the slightest affection that others show your significant other? Jealousy tends to be a huge problem when there is obsession in a relationship. A little jealousy every once in a while is perfectly normal, but it can quickly become a problem for those who are obsessed with the person they are with.

5. They Keep You Away from People You Are Close to

If the person you are dating tries to keep you from your friends and family (not physically of course), they are probably in the grips of obsession. No healthy or normal person who is in love with someone would try to keep them from seeing other people who mean a lot to them.

6. They Constant Accuse You of Cheating

A lot of people who are in a relationship with an obsessed person get accused of cheating over and over without even the slightest shred of proof. It can be annoying at first, but after a while it becomes a relationship killer.

7. They Move a Little Too Fast

If someone you’ve only been out with a few times says they love you, take it as a major red flag. You don’t want to get in a serious relationship with anyone who moves this quickly, because chances are they’re already obsessed.

8. They Treat You Like You’re Made of Porcelain

Obsessed people often justify their controlling nature by telling the person they are with that they want to protect them, so you’ll need to keep that in mind. If your man or woman is treating you like you’re made of porcelain, you should run fast and far as soon as possible.

9. You Get Criticized by them Often

If you find that someone you are seeing romantically criticizes you for small things a lot, it might be a classic case of obsession. You should be with someone who likes you for you, so don’t tolerate this behavior from the person you are with.

10. You Feel Like You’re Going Crazy

Many people who are involved with obsessed people feel like they are losing their minds because of how they are being cleverly manipulated. If you don’t even feel like yourself anymore, it’s definitely time to rethink being with this particular person.

11. They Tell You They Will Never Let You Go

Perhaps one of the more worrisome signs of obsession in a relationship is when you get told by your significant other that they will never let you go no matter what. If someone truly cares about you, they will be willing to let you go if that’s what you want.

12. They Only Have Bad Things to Say About Their Ex’s

Another sign of obsession to look out for is when the person starts talking about how every single one of their ex’s is crazy and ruined the relationship. While this could technically be true, it is doubtful. The last thing you want is to be with someone who always shifts the blame onto others. It’s also not a good sign if they refuse to talk about their dating history at all.

13. They Follow You Wherever You Go

A lot of people who get obsessed over someone end up stalking them. If you have noticed the person following you and “coincidentally” showing up where you are, you should be concerned. Getting stalked by anyone is a very bad sign that the person is obsessed and maybe even mentally ill.

14. They Threaten You

If you are being threatened in any way by the person you are seeing, it’s a matter of obsession and not love. You should take any threats the person makes very seriously, because otherwise you could end up in a very bad situation.

15. He is Constantly Checking Up on You

If you cannot seem to go out with friends without the person blowing up your phone, they very well might be obsessed with you. You shouldn’t have to pay the person constant attention no matter where you are.

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  1. This post is very helpful to some of us, am an obsessive person myself seeking help to improve my trust to my significant other. I met with this certain lady two months back, and she was just caming out of a broken relationship at that time. Obsessively I told her how much I love her and how I would want us to spend the rest of our my lives together. She requested that we take things, but I was able to can convince her to move on to me of which she did. Later this week it happened that I saw her walking with another guys in town, and I followed them, Without questioning I just started by accusing her of cheating n stuff. Only to find out that it was just a friend. And it messed up our relationship.
    I really need help with things obsession, I’ve been struggling for years now.

  2. Um, I think I have an obsessive friend. So I got a guy friend that I met earlier this year through another friend. I think it was June when the first and last time I hung out with him. And one thing I definitely remember is him telling everyone multiple times on how his ex girlfriend was a snake and that she only dated him to get something out of it. I don’t remember what exactly is was, however. Over the summer he texted me asking me out. Of course I didn’t accept because I didn’t know him for even two months when he asked me. After I said we can hang out more to get to know each other if he wanted to, he texted me the next day apologizing like crazy and saying he wasn’t ready for a relationship yet. So I said ok let’s keep being friends. I didn’t really care that much and shrugged it off. But then he starts apologizing more and more as if I were crying over the fact that he said he wasn’t ready. I told him it’s not that deep and to stop apologizing. It wasn’t as if I agreed anyways. He said ok and i thought things were back to normal. Then several days later on he says he’s ready, only to say he wasn’t again immediately afterwards. And then he started saying that he wants to kill himself and he tried to FaceTime me. I denied the FaceTime since I was spending time with my parents and told him so. He would keep on telling me that he was suicidal. Which I found weird that he was telling someone who he didn’t even know about his personal issues. I have some personal problems myself, but I don’t tell just anyone about that as if it was nothing. I didn’t reply because I just didn’t know how. He stopped writing to me for a couple weeks until the end of last month. He and a friend of mine asked me if I was upset at the same time. It was obvious that he was talking to my other friend about him thinking I was upset with him. I told them both that I wasn’t, and I think we all moved on. Now he’s sending me wholesome memes and couple stuff like “you’re adorable” and I honestly just want him to leave me alone. I don’t care if he wants to date me or not, I just don’t want to deal with his drama anymore. He always thinks that I’m angry with him when I don’t reply and he even followed my Instagram (which I didn’t NOT give him). I want to get him to leave me alone, but I feel like he’ll start talking about me to all of his friends like how he did with his ex. I’m not worried about him spreading rumors, I just want to get all this drama over with. What should I do?

  3. Yes but it must be willing on both sides….
    Its all well and good having someone crazy about you but when you hate them or have no emotional attatchment to them in any way, its a blasted nightmare. Obsessive emotional mental cruelty… He attatches himself by threatening my work. Its hard work writing songs and Lyrics, takes alot of concentration, for someone to hack ur accounts and threaten to destroy u if u leave them is a horrible feeling. We were friends for years, 20, in fact but hes become obsessed and weird…

  4. I have an obsessed man in my life I absolutely cant stand. He holds my songs to ransome because he films my work on his mobile for my website. I cant use my utube account. Its been paused on google.
    How can I transfir my music off his utube.. I want free of this man, hes driving me nuts. If I leave him, he will delete my work. He even joined to my email not long ago, harrassing so badly, in the end, I took a huge overdose. I was so angry, It lead me to implode on myself because I had enough. He h ad even text me constantly whilst on a drip in hospital, texting me to die… He gets very very masty. Anyone.. Can you help. If I secure my hard work, im free from him. Im a song writer and Lyricist..
    Cant phone police, they dont help.
    Hes not threatening enough… So I have to put up with this ugly horrible weird man, I cant stand. Please help… Anyone??

    1. 🤡if you really want to get rid of him you have to show him real madness,here’s the plan get him full drunk, put a cloth in his mouth,tie him to a chair,wait for getting drunk off, then cut his Pinky finger and ask him to give your stuff back or either you cut all fingers one by one.i hope it works if not then cut his toes too🤡

  5. A guy that I work with is acting very jealous and obsessive towards me . So it’s this new guy that just got hired and I help with with stuff because he’s new you know and John ( which is the obsessive dude ) does very weird crazy things he thinks I don’t notice like John will separate me and the new guy from communicating on purpose or when it’s just me and the new guy working a hour a head of him he’ll purposely come in the exact time when he’s not even scheduled that time to come in when me and the new guy works . He does that So that me and the new guy won’t be alone . I try to keep as far as John as possible but he seems to squeeze his way back towards me . I’ll often catch him staring at me . Every time I ask someone other then him for help he’ll some how beat that person to it and also he stand way to close to me while trying to help me with something . He makes me so uncomfortable and to mention he’s in his late 20s and I’m a teenager the new guy is also a teenager. John discusses me .

  6. I need help.. I know a girl for about 6 months or more and we had a fight.. I keep our distance and said we should be back to strangers.. she’s too much to handle.. sometimes she acts all loving and sometimes she acts all crazy.. when I hang out with my friends (girls.. I’m a girl) she would get upset and cry.. we fight because she always seems to get on my nerve by complimenting and then talk bad about me.. she even go as far as hurting herself (cutting her hands etc.) when we fight.. somehow I’m always the bad one.. she also asks me to follow her family vacation and clingy.. it seems weird to make physical contact everytime we met.. I think it’s the right thing to avoid her but I can’t always avoid her since she’s a friend of mine which means during lunch we will sit at the same line.. it’s very uncomfortable because sometimes she stare at me (before and after strangers) I hope to make myself clear that I don’t want to have anything to do with her.. what should I do?

  7. Well if you think this is a bad post then you most likely one that’s obsessed. You can’t win with an obsessed person. You will get this “we need to clean up around the yard and get it mowed”. So when you do that you get this,” I sit here all day waiting for you to get home so we can spend time together but you come home looking for shit to do so you don’t have to spend time with me. Is it that horrible?” Or am I that bad to be around?

  8. This is so wrong! People who obsess are the ones who truly love you! real Love isn’t about wanting time away and alone time from someone this is a garbage article! This is not what real love is!

  9. Wow! This post is very suitable not just for those in a relationship but for those who are planning to be in a relationship. Great information! ?

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