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Silver Singles ReviewSilver Singles is an online dating site to match you with a partner, but it differs from competitors due to its exclusivity in being for men and women over the age of 50. It is a fast, simple and engaging way to find your soulmate with minimal hassle.

Most of us are attuned to the fact that dating can cause all sorts of anxiety, but Silver Singles removes this variable entirely by giving users the comfort of browsing and conversing at a pace they comfortable with in their own home. It is an extremely non-intrusive experience that focuses more on making a connection than awkward, first time encounters.

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Meeting locals 50+ in your area is a breeze, with the registering process being a seamless transition between entering your personal information and beginning to filter based upon your preferences. After selecting which sex you are seeking, simply agreeing to the terms of service and uploading a photo immediately gets you in the door to discover singles local to you. There is a personality test to take, which moves swiftly since it is answering your wants and desires.

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Personality Test And Profile

The personality test on Silver Singles is not just a means to get started on the website, but a crucial component in the algorithm narrowing down potential partners that seem like a solid fit for you. Unlike some traditional dating services, the test itself is designed to use parameters to pair you with your most likely matches. This is an extremely valuable tool for users because it cuts down on all the time you would normally be browsing individuals that would never be of interest to you. It is also advantageous in its ability to spark your creativity to flesh out your profile and attract more potential suitors.

Since Silver Singles uses a platform predicated on the first impressions of your photos, text and personality instead of an in person introduction, it is vital to showcase who you are as best as possible. This is made easy with its streamlined and error-free approach that minimizes confusion due to how simple it is to set up. Additionally, if you do not like talking about yourself, or are struggling with how to best convey who you are, Silver Singles provides a guiding hand to help expose the real you.


Silver Singles Review

Matchmaking is an art that is hard to bring to fruition most of the time, however Silver Singles represents one of the most solid sources to improve your chances of finding a mate dramatically. The results you garner from the personality test are used to advocate an unrivaled level of compatibility. Putting users in the best place to succeed is just the tip of the iceberg, as everyone is sent new potential matches on a daily basis. Since there are no shortage of members, it makes the hassle of meeting someone new an afterthought, since choices are directly delivered to you and are indicated on your panel.


One of the most frustrating aspects to dating is staying on top of all your contacts, or at the very least knowing where to find them later on. Silver Singles is an organized database that makes searching seamless. Additionally, surfing the site itself is fast, since you have the ability to click between panels, whether it be your own profile, or someone else’s This also makes updating and editing your information a quick process as well. The set up on Silver Singles is user-friendly and predicated on speed, but not at the risk of you losing your perfect match.


Now more than ever, safety on the internet, especially when it comes to online dating, is of paramount concern. Silver Singles incorporates measures to guarantee the site is secure. Not only is your information never shared with outside parties, non-members are limited to the information they are able to see. It’s exclusivity also becomes one of its strongest attributes by weeding out scammers and people who are not serious about finding love and friendship.

Moreover, because dating and getting to know a stranger is a delicate undertaking, Silver Singles respects the privacy of its members, and makes cancellation a snap if you wish to move on, or hopefully have found that special someone. There is also a F.A.Q. section that can put new members at ease if they are re-entering the dating scene, or would like further information on how the site operates. A customer care team is always on hand to address concerns or provide timely personal support. An added bonus is that all new profiles are checked manually to ensure that terms of service has been met and everything is appropriate.

Volume Of Users

Unfortunately, seniors and anyone over 50 years of age are typically a forgotten group of people in the dating scene, however it goes without saying they are just as deserving of companionship as anyone else. Silver Singles is a platform that solves this problem, and the fact that there are people seeking the same thing allows them a place to congregate, giving the site thousands of members to converse with.

Focus On Results

Dating among younger crowds can be serious, but certainly skew towards the casual end, meaning that statistically fewer are ready to truly settle down. This is not the case for those 50 and over, as they are desiring to find someone to spend their golden years with. Because of this, Silver Singles highlights results over flashy alternatives. The website does not have all the bells and whistles that millenials may enjoy, focusing instead on the right matches to lead to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. While competing dating sites may be successful at bringing couples together, Silver Singles offers a blend of integrity and practicality, based on personality types and region matching.


Silver Singles is a well respected service in the dating space, and one that relies heavily on promoting a fun and safe environment to meet new people. It is one of the easiest platforms to get started with, and eliminates potentially confusing add-ons and components that are simply not essential to finding a partner.


8.6 Overall Score

With more than 80% of its members holding either a bachelor's, master's, and/or doctorate degree, has established itself as the premier dating site for educated professionals — specifically those who are looking for a long-term partner.






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