The Best Drinking Games for Couples to Bond and Have Fun Together

If you want to get to know your partner better while having some fun, there are a number of funny drinking games that you can do together. The truth always comes out when someone has had enough to drink, which is why these games are such a great thing for couples. You can learn a lot about each other with these drinking games for couples, and they will most likely bring you closer as a couple. If you have grown tired of dinner and a movie dates, this is an excellent alternative to explore.

The Best Drinking Games for Couples

Never Have I Ever
This particular drinking game involves saying “Never have I ever” followed by something crazy like “had sex on an elevator”. If your partner has done the thing you just said, they have to take a shot/drink. It is an excellent game for learning about some of the naughtier and more interesting things that your partner has done. Not all of the things you say have to be crazy activities though, so there is plenty of room for creativity. This is a classic couples drinking game that can reveal a lot about both people who are playing.

Beer Pong
Beer pong is a really fun drinking game that can bring you closer to your significant other while having a really fun time. You fill each of the cups with beer and try to throw a ping-pong ball into the opposing side’s cups. If your ball lands in one of their cups, they have to take a drink. You can ask each other questions back and forth while you do this. One of the things that you will learn about the other person is just how competitive they are.

Straight Face
With this game you will both write down a number of ridiculous things on individual torn up sheets of paper. If the person is able to read the piece they select without laughing, they score a point and it is your turn. If they laugh, however, they must take a great. This is a nice playful couples drinking game that will allow you to laugh and have fun with your partner, and it affords you the opportunity to be creative.

Drunken Artists
This drinking game involves drawing something (anything) as quickly as you possibly can, and your partner will need to figure out what it is within the first 20 seconds. Ideally you should choose something that is at least a little bit complicated to increase your chances of winning. It’s even better if you aren’t particularly good at drawing, because it just means that the other person will have an even harder time figuring out what the heck it is.

Another great thing about Drunken Artist is the fact that you don’t need to spend any money, because all you need is a writing utensil and a sheet of paper. If you are feeling like a lazy night in and want to save some money, this is definitely one option to consider. The one drawback is that it’s easy for the person drawing to cheat by purposely making it difficult for the other to guess what it is.

I’m Going to the Bar
This game is similar to I’m Going on a Picnic, but with alcohol. You start off by simply saying “I’m going to the bar to get…” and then choose the name of a drink. It goes back and forth until one person says a drink that someone else has already said. This is definitely one of the more basic drinking games for couples, but it can be quite a bit of fun once you have had a few drinks.

True or False
When you are playing this game, both people write down a number of different nouns. Once it is your turn, you will have to come up with a story that uses the noun you have selected. You will tell either a true or false story, and your partner has to figure out which it is. This is a great way to get closer as a couple, and you will most likely learn quite a bit about them that you didn’t know before. It can actually be kind of tough to do this, especially when you have had a certain amount to drink.

Drunk Relationship History
While this drinking game is pretty out there, it is definitely worth doing at least once. You and your partner must first finish an entire bottle of liquor. You will then proceed to tell your own version of how you met your partner, and they can chime in to correct you. Bonus points if you record this on video and post it online or at least show your friends. This drinking game for couples should definitely make for a very interesting night to say the least.

Two Truths and One Lie
This game is fairly straightforward, but it can be quite a bit of fun nonetheless. You will take turns saying three things about yourself. Two of the things you say are the truth and one is a lie. If the person who is guessing does not correctly identify the lie, they have to take a drink. After you have drank a decent amount, the game really starts getting interesting. Most people start saying true things about themselves that they’d be very hesitant to admit when sober.

Truth or Dare
It might be a kid’s game at heart, but you can definitely put an adult spin on truth or dare. Once alcohol is introduced, all bets are off. You can dare each other to do sexy things with each other, and the truth portion will help you learn more about each other.

There are tons of games that you can play to bond and have fun with your partner, but some of them are better than others. It’s important that you at least learn about some of these games so that you can choose ones that you and your partner will both enjoy playing.

The Best Drinking Games for Couples: Frequently Asked Questions

What are fun drinking games?

Never have I ever is a classic drinking game. If you haven’t done the one thing said in the statement, you will have to drink. Say someone says “never have I ever kissed a stranger”. If you haven’t, drink! It’s a two edged sword you see! Let the wine overflow!

What's a fun drinking game for two?

You can play king cups game. Here you will have to make some card and each card will contain some activity. If you can’t perform the activity, you’ll have to drink. Say a card says “get naked”. If you cannot do that, drink a sip. And if you can... great!

How can I make drinking at home fun?

Drinking is always fun with some quick games. You can turn any regular game into a drinking game. You can play truth and dare. If you can perform what the card says, do it – reveal truth or perform dare. If you fail to perform, drink a sip! Such games are real fun!

How do you play the drinking game?

In a drinking game, you will have to perform something that your game partner says. It can be a truth and dare game or a never have I ever game. If you have not done the thing mentioned in the card or cannot perform the dare task, go ahead to sip a drink!

What is a fun drinking game?

You can play a straight face game. Actually you can turn any game into a drinking game. Here your game partner will try to make you laugh with tickling or jokes. If you giggle, you will have to drink! This is a real fun game to play with two or more people! Cheers!

How do you win at drinking games?

There’s no strategy really. Take the game in a sporting spirit. Even if you lose, you may have to do funny stuff. However, it’s better to play the game with your friends and trusted people if you are not a pro drinker. Also, don’t go hard on yourself. One or two lies are fine!

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