The Best Way To Touch Breasts, According to an Expert in the Matter.

They can be excited in a million different ways, but if you stop squeezing them like there’s no tomorrow and follow these steps, you’ll make sure she enjoys herself like never before.

Generally and although practically imperceptible to the naked eye, one is a little larger than the other. Its size may vary according to the time of the hormonal cycle or depending on the degree of excitement, when they harden and swell, the areola grows and changes color taking a more vivid tone and the nipples become firm and can increase their length by up to one centimeter. It is one of the feminine attributes par excellence whose role during maternity and lactation is obviously fundamental. Yes: we are talking about tits.

The sexologist Debby Herbenick, responsible for the Ask the sex professor anything! section of the ‘Men’s Health’ newspaper in which some of the great sexual unknowns are answered through instructive videos, has just clarified one of the most common: how to touch a woman’s breasts.

The question is, what the hell are you supposed to do with them when you touch them like that?

To put us in situation the expert lists some of the basic characteristics of the female breasts as they are soft, soft and round, before going into matter. “They can be touched in a million different ways, but following these steps will surely delight her,” proclaims Herbenick as a reclamation before sharing the correct and most pleasurable way of sexually massaging the breasts. And, despite the simplicity and obviousness of the technique, more than one will be interested in taking note.

Stop Blind Sticks

They love them and are one of the most exciting physical traits of the opposite sex. Ideal posture if we consider that the correct stimulation of the female breasts is one of the bases for women to enjoy a lot during sex, even producing the so-called nipple orgasm. But before venturing into hidden pleasures not entirely easy to achieve, how about we stop squeezing them like sponges?

There are men who crush them, others who choose to cling to their breasts as if they were riding on a runaway mare, those who turn them as if they were doorknobs and, probably the worst, those who pull them out: no, they are not removable. As Herbenick rightly points out in recalling some of these curious practices, the question is, what the hell are you supposed to do with them when you touch them like that?

Let go of unnecessary pressures that can be painful and start massaging them gently from the sides, slowly covering your hands from the bottom of the breast to the sides and up. As if they were holding them but do force.

Move away from the center

The expert recommends saving the best for last. To make a comparison, if we begin to touch the breasts by the nipple, it is as if we eat the spaghetti before boiling them: they will be hard but their taste will be far from what you would get if you had heated them.

The key is to caress, lick, massage or kiss the mammary glands before approaching the central point. The closer we get, but without touching them, the greater the degree of excitement. However, it is important to bear in mind that many women have tickling in the lower part of their breasts, so instead of caressing them very slightly it is advisable to make some pressure with the fingertips to prevent the inevitable laughter is decentre.

You should pay attention to the breasts throughout the sexual session and not merely in the foreplay.

Through the mouth lives the nipple

If you are touching them well you will notice how they slightly increase in size and rise a little in height. The area begins to be erect and the time is approaching to take the final step. Try one first so you don’t get confused holding both breasts at the same time. Surround it with both hands leaving the nipple area free and start licking and kissing the areola. Once the lights are ‘on’ proceed to gently nibble the nipple interspersed.

Important: We are not talking about a mere preliminary. You should pay attention to the breasts throughout the sexual session and not merely in foreplay. Whether it’s on top or underneath, use your hands to touch them -as we’ve been saying, always from the sides or from the bottom to the top- or lick them by slightly increasing the pressure as the degree of excitement increases.

Keep in mind that the sensitivity of the area can change in the course of events, so don’t hold on to them as if they were the lifesaver that will get her to orgasm and try to stimulate them correctly, which you now know.

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