Bob Grant’s The Bonding Code Review

The Bonding Code ReviewIs “The Bonding Code” book written by Bob Grant really that good?

In love matters, women can become fragile creature. One of the main causes of the woman’s heartbreaking is certainly the man. This can lead a woman to enter into the darkest stage of her life. Often, real support and mere love and relationship may not work well for hurt women.

On the other hand, the man’s distrust on naturally developed relationship can stand behind his own one-side decision. Therefore, The Bonding Code program is here with the purpose to make a bond between them to be deeper, stronger and faster. In addition, the program can show how woman releases man’s deepest desires which later leads into the deep, stronger and faster intimacy.

What Is Bonding Code?

The Bonding Code is a 5-step program which is designed to assist women to build long term and successful relationship with their partners. It was created by Bob Grant with the view that in these days, cheating and lack of communication are more and more frequent as the “hook up and affair” industry is presently at its peak by just looking only at Facebook.

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There are five bonding code phases that will reassure you his love for you. They make the perfect bonding code. When followed intelligently and patiently, they will make him want to love you more, get committed and develop deep care for you. These are:

Phase 1: Interest
This is the easiest of the bonding code phases. A man loves what he sees. Keep him interested in you by making sure he likes what he sees. Wear interesting attire, have a nice makeup and you will be amazed at how he won’t get his eyes off you. A successful phase one will be portrayed in how he behaves. He looks at you when you are speaking. He talks with your friends. He will always stand closer to you and does not move away. You have already caught his attention.

Phase 2: Emotional arousal
A successful phase 1 leads to emotional arousal. You have stirred his feelings and he feels thirsty for you. He wants to see you more often and looks at you like a hungry bear. You are the hot pot he wants so badly that he can’t go away. You have completely swept him off his feet and all he wants is you. At this phase you need to be careful. Know that it is just a natural phase that will not last forever. There has to be a next phase.

Phase 3: Period of disillusionment
This is among the most important of the bonding code phases. Don’t panic at the big word. It is not necessarily a bad thing. You desire a naturally developing relationship and disillusionment is normal. Be careful though, as the predators have now sharpened their axes. This is where they start targeting the man. He may not even realize that he is in this phase, but when scrolling the Internet, a notorious ad pops up on the screen. Its Ashley Madison. Because of his feeling of dejection and having numerous doubts about the developing love with you, he can easily click on the tempting offers of immediate gratification. How will you know that he is in this phase? Check whether:

  • He stops texting you as much as he used to
  • Does not want to disclose all details abut his life
  • Stops wanting to go out with you as often as he did

When you ask him what is wrong, he will tell you nothing, but you can feel there is something pulling him away. Not that he does not know something is wrong, but he can’t explain it. He panics as the initial intensity of attraction to you fades, and he begins to fall to the temptations of visiting places in the Internet that entice him to betray his true love. As I told you earlier, do not panic too though it is very easy to do so. Know how to handle this phase. Do not let him continue doubting whether he really loves you.

Phase 4: The testing phase
This is the storm before every calm. You might find him getting upset over minor things like you not keeping time. He will have excuses for not being able to see you often. He will try to express doubts about the relationship. Tread carefully, be understanding and be hopeful so that you don’t lose him over silly things. Be the smart lady who accommodates him and tries to make him comfortable.

Phase 5: The bonding phase
This is the epitome of the bonding code phases. He has passed the test and excelled. You are the only one in his mind and he is happy when he is able to make you happy. He will more often grab your hand in public for no reason. He looks you deeply into the eye and you can see the vast calmness behind his. He has already decided you are the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. His love for you makes him relaxed and looking for another woman does not make sense to him .

With the clear outline of the bonding code phases you can tell where you are. It will guide you to be prepared for the next phase until you reach the last phase.


Great Credibility Of The Author
Being an active licensed relationship counselor and a bestselling author for 20 years, Bob Grant has helped many women to improve their relationships and make the transition to a happier life. Furthermore, he has been featured on various radio programs and several magazines, thus there is no doubt on what he is talking about.

Getting guidance and relationship advice from this type of expert is vital, particularly in these days where almost any other online author who doesn’t have expertise in the field, considered himself/herself as an expert.

Holistic Approach To Relationship Building
The Bonding Code is better than most similar programs available on the market these days due to its holistic approach to building and maintain solid relationship. It goes far beyond trust building and communication, into areas such as building a “firewall” around your relationship and forming a deeper bonding with your man.

Excellent BBB Ratings
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) seal is a guarantee of excellence. They respond to complaints made by consumers against any of their members. On the basis of the number of complaints, they give ratings, ranging from A+ to F, to business. Bob Grant is an old BBB member with an A rating. This speaks a lot about the quality of his products as well as the way he treats his clients.

Awesome Bonuses
When you sign up for these programs, you get three bonus items which will prove that you are useful in different relationship. The bonus items are valuable, thus when offered at no extra cost, you should appreciate even more.

A 100% Refund Guarantee
Bob Grant provides a 60-day refund guarantee when buying The Bonding Code system which means that you have some weeks to test all the things which he teaches inside his guide and see for yourself how effective his methods are.


Exclusive Digital Product
The Bonding Code guide is a downloaded as an eBook and can only be purchased online. If a hard-copy instead is your preference, the only solution is to purchase the digital copy and have it printed yourself.

Not An Overnight Solution
While the instructions and techniques offered in the program can perfectly work, it needs patience to get the first results. It is not a quick solution if your relationship is almost broken. On the other hand, by taking problems one at a time and by offering solid and durable solutions all of them, The Bonding Code can assist you build a stable relationship while creating the bond between the two of you deeper than ever.

In other words, this program will work only if you a have patience and think positively. If you do not know how to hold your horses, it is not going to take you where you want to go thus think well before buying it.

Not Exactly Cheap
If you will choose The Bonding Code program, you will find the information shared inside to be enormously valuable. However, you should know that after the 30-day trial period, membership will cost you on a monthly basis. If you have a short budget, you may consider canceling this membership after the trial period.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a complete relationship building program which will assist you build a deeper and stronger relationship with your man, then The Bonding Code may be a great choice for you. Furthermore, the 8 weeks money back guarantee actually makes The Bonding Code program 100% risk-free and allows you to try everything Bob Grant shares inside with full confidence.


7.5 Overall Score

The Bonding Code is a 5-step program which is designed to assist women to build long term and successful relationship with their partners. It was created by Bob Grant.





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