The Breakup Doctor Review

The Breakup Doctor ReviewThe Breakup Doctor is a guide that was written by a leading expert on human relationships.

There are many factors that cause people to dissolve their relationships and this guide addresses many of them in the hope that people who read it can be restored to happiness again. The breakup doctor, whose name is His name is Kevin Kurgansky, has been through a painful breakup himself. He knows exactly what it is like to be depressed and feel that you cannot move on from the past because you are overwhelmed by the loss of all the hopes and dreams that you had.

Experiencing fulfillment in relationships takes commitment to do what will help the partnership to work. However, it also requires knowledge of all the elements that can make or break a loving contract. In this book, the author shows readers how to heal and move forward when things do not work out as expected. Kevin also offers personal coaching for people who want it.

Product Details

The Breakup Doctor offer several different products to help people move on successfully after a breakup. You can choose the plan that best meets your needs for where you are right now. Whatever you choose, Kevin’s aim is to have you reach a place where you can be happy on your own, so when you are ready to choose a new partner, they only add to your happiness. The onus will not be on them to make you happy.

The following plans are available through the Breakup Doctor:

  • The Breakup Cure Silver Plan
  • The Breakup Cure Gold Plan
  • The Breakup Cure Platinum Plan

The Breakup Cure Silver Plan is better for people who just want access to the PDF guide. This is printable and you may read through the content at your own leisure and highlight points as you go along. This plan also gives you complete access to the interactive community, so you can share your thoughts and learn tips from other people who are healing from a breakup.

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The Breakup Cure Gold Plan offer the content in audio format and is ideal for people who prefer to listen to the book as they drive, exercise or engage in other activities. The Breakup Cure Platinum Plan contains videos, the PDF, audio and other bonuses.

The special bonuses include an e-book which deals specifically with ways to stop thinking about your ex, a Live Relationship Clarity Coaching Call and much more. Each plan comes with a 60 day guarantee, so if for any reason you wish to return it, you can do so. It is easy to do returns since the Breakup Cure does not have to be mailed back. It is a completely digital product.


There are many advantages to getting the Breakup Cure. You can easily select a plan that is right for you. If you need to speak to Kevin at nay time, you can get in touch with him using any of the convenient means listed on the Breakup Doctor website. In order to make it easier for people overseas to speak with him, he is available via Skype as well.

Kevin has worked with thousands of people so while your own situation may seem complex, he has probably seen something that allows him to gain a unique perspective that can help you. Whether you used to live with a partner and are now forced to continue working with them even though you are no longer together, or you have a busienss together that you are not interested in breaking up even though you are no longer involved, he can help you come up with a strategy that works well for you.

Unlike other life coaches, he actually specializes in breakups, so your concerns over how your breakup affects the rest of your life will be his focus. He understands how painful it can be and how much it can muddy the waters when you have to continue studying, raising children, or partnering in a professional environment with someone who has hurt you.

There are several other advantages to using the Breakup Cure:

  • The Breakup Doctor has been through a painful breakup and knows how it feels. You will be learning from someone who has actually used the strategies themselves to move on.
  • The Breakup Doctor is a certified coach with the Life Coach Institute.
  • People who are depressed have been able to move successfully beyond what was one of the most difficult times in their life by using the information presented in these guides.
  • The program is ideal for people who have lost the love of their life. However, it is also written to people who feel as though they are in a position where they might lose the love of their life.
  • The Breakup Doctor works with people all over the world. He is located in Chicago Illinois but if you are in any other state or country, you can schedule an appointment with him and speak to him by phone.


There are very few disadvantages to the The Breakup Doctor program. It is affordable and there are options to suit every budget. The program also facilitates people from different countries. All of the methods are scientifically proven. The only drawback is that each person must actually apply the techniques to their life. They must do the work required but they have help.


The Breakup Doctor will be helpful to anyone who has been through a breakup or feels like they may have to go it alone after being with the love of their life. While it was developed primarily for people who have lost a partner who is still living, it may also be of help to people who have lost a partner through death.

The options that are available for people who want one on one attention or just prefer to go through a book in the comfort of their own space makes it suitable for a wide range of people. Kevin’s training also makes him knowledgeable of how to handle a wide range of situations, so clients know that they are getting help from someone who has something valuable to offer that will help them get ahead in life.


6.0 Overall Score

The Breakup Doctor offer several different products to help people move on successfully after a breakup. You can choose the plan that best meets your needs for where you are right now.





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