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The Ex Factor Guide ReviewStill searching for the most in-depth and details rich The Ex Factor Guide Review?

Are you wondering how you can get your ex back into your life? You aren’t alone. There are millions of people across the globe (both men and women) who are wondering how they can get back with their ex as well. But the good news is that you can still manage to get back your ex regardless of the reasons as to why you parted ways, thanks to the Ex Factor guide.

It is a relationship program designed for couples who parted ways or broke up with their lovers, with the sole aim of helping them get back together. The program is authored by Brad Browning, a certified counselor who boasts of having over 10 years of experience helping people across the world fix their broken relationships.

Basically, the EX Factor Guide is divided into various chapters, all featuring detailed instructions on how you can get your ex back. Most importantly, the guide features real-world examples on how you can apply the methods and techniques contained in this program. Considering that the author has a wealth of experience helping couples fix their broken relationships under his belt, then it means that the Ex Factor Guide has loads of unique ideas that you may not get from tons of similar products out there.

How does the Ex Factor Guide work?

As already mentioned, the Ex Factor Guide is divided into several chapters, with each chapter covering various aspects of dating tips. Below is a breakdown of the chapters contained in this relationship guide.

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Chapter 1: In this chapter, the author starts with introducing to you some of the reasons as to why you parted ways with your ex. In as much as the reasons for breakup vary from one couple to the other, most of them are somewhat related and could actually be the very same reasons for parting ways with your partner.

Chapter 2: This chapter will not only teach you different attractive qualities for both male and female, but it will above all help you find out the exact attractive qualities that you have, and the ones that you don’t have. The attractive qualities can be masculinity or femininity, strong social skills and having specific goals in your life among other attractive qualities you may be having without your consent.

Chapter 3: This chapter is the exact opposite of chapter 2 , for it covers some of the unattractive qualities that both men and women have, and which could also be the cause of breakups in their relationships. This chapter will outline some of these unattractive qualities and also teach you how you can effectively avoid them.

Chapter 4: The chapter reveals to you how acceptance plays a role in nurturing relationships. The author encourages couples to take the first step of accepting their current situation and most importantly avoid putting pressure on their spouses.

Chapter 5: This chapter stresses the importance of couples not initiating contact with their ex for at least a month after breaking up. Once you stop contacting your ex, they will start wondering why. Again, you will be serving yourself a favor as well, thanks to the fact that it will stop you from acting as if you are desperate to have your ex back into your life. In as much as you want them back, it should however not serve as a reason for acting desperate.

Chapter 6: The chapter gives you a unique strategy that will encourage you to start dating altogether. As a matter of fact, dating is the best way of “moving on”. It has helped scores of people get their ex back, thanks to the fact that research shows that your partner is very likely to come back to you once they realize you are dating someone else. In addition, the author gives you tips on how to let your spouse know that you are dating.

Chapter 7: The chapter gives you tips on what to do once your ex starts contacting you.

Chapter 8: The chapter teaches you how to approach the opposite situation in the previous chapter. In other words, you are going to learn what to do if your ex doesn’t contact you.

Chapter 9: Once you succeed in getting your ex’s attention, you should proceed and come up with a detailed, solid plan prior to meeting with them. As such, this chapter is here to give you tips on how you to have the best date possible with your ex.

Chapter 10: Once you have learned the nitty-gritty of planning a romantic date with your spouse after breaking up with them, this chapter will help you learn how to seduce them again.

What do I get with the Ex Factor Guide?

  • A free e-book on how to text back your ex.
  • A free e-book on how to enhance your sex appeal.
  • 3-part pro video series.
  • 5-hour pro audio course.


There are lots of questions regarding how one can get their ex back into their life. Upon reading the Ex Factor Guide, you will definitely get exact answers to your questions on how you can get your ex back. Again, the guide will offer loads of benefits hence enabling you make the necessary changes in your life needed in order to have your ex back. Below are a couple of benefits that are linked with this relationship guide:

  • Ex Factor Guide teaches you how to get over the pain that comes with divorce or breaking up with your loved one.
  • It teaches you how to maintain a healthy relationship with your ex.
  • Teaches you how to date your ex after breaking up with them.
  • It teaches you how to seduce your ex.
  • Ex Factor Guide teaches you the art of using body language to get back your ex.
  • It is hard to implement the things you learn from this guide overnight.
  • Ex Factor Guide may not work for all people, especially those who want quick results.

Even though it will take time before you get desirable results after implementing the things covered in the Ex Factor Guide, it is however a proven tool that can help you get back your ex if only you are patient enough. As such, purchase the Ex Factor Guide today and start the process of getting back your ex.


8.3 Overall Score

The EX Factor Guide is divided into various chapters, all featuring detailed instructions on how you can get your ex back. Most importantly, the guide features real-world examples on how you can apply the methods and techniques contained in this program.





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  1. In my opinion, chapter 3 is one of the most important because it teaches us about those unattractive qualities we all have, men and women. In most relationship these are a major problem, sometimes contributing to breakups. If we know them and know how to deal with them, I’m thinking more relationships can be saved. My ex husband had some really unattractive ones which kept bothering me all the time and because I didn’t know how to handle it, we got separated. It wasn’t the only reason but it was one of them.

    1. hello janie? are you a real person who did the ex factor guide? i want to try it out but i feel like its a rip off

  2. When was this program 2 years ago? I made the mistake of putting pressure on my spouse when things weren’t working out. Instead of trying to fight with her, I should have found a way to let her see we are still in love and we should fight together to save our marriage.

  3. Hi…After seeing videos and all the reviews and ordered for ex back experts PDF..But nothing downloading except payment receipt..
    Can Mr Brad browning look into this.Is it any fake site ??

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