The Language Of Desire Review

The Language Of Desire ReviewThe main thing that has led to the development of this digital product called Language of Desire is the fact that many women these days feel undesirable.

Felicity Keith, who is the woman who created this product, has felt the same way. The worst part was when she caught her husband watching porn. Feeling awful about this, Felicity has started a quest to find the things that make men to become involved sexually with women and to understand their psychology. She discovered that all women go through such a phase at a certain point in their life.

It seems that every woman goes through this between the age of 22 and 52 and this feeling has a really negative impact on their self-esteem. While women can get advice from friends and relationship advisors, Felicity says that the best approach is to solve the problem once and for all, right from its core. Language of Desire is made in such a way to serve as a guide and is structured like a course. It is meant to help women discover the secrets of attraction and obtain the perfect relationship. Felicity has discovered the difference between men and women and how to give a man exactly what he expects from a woman in terms of attraction and sexuality.

Language Of Desire PDF Details

Language of Desire is a complete relationship program for women that can help them to reignite the spark in their relationships. The first impression that you get when you start with the program is that you will just learn about how to talk dirty to your man for making him aroused. But, you will soon discover that the guide is much more than that. In the end, you will be able to make your man to feel like he is the only man in the world for you. Felicity Keith is a mother than has passed the age of forty. The Language Of Desire guide is actually the sum of the research that she has performed in her quest to find the secrets of attraction between a man and a woman.

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When you buy the Language Of Desire book, you actually unlock the member’s area of the program and you get access to a lot of information. This information is well organized in ten different modules. Every module has four or five sections. You can read the information in any way and order you want, but it is recommended to take each module in the order that has been established.

Among the details that are presented in the guide, you will find useful information about the chemistry of the human brain, the reasons for which men like to watch pornography, sex, relationships issues and ways for you to become desirable for your man. The first module is the Introduction and the guide ends with a Dirty Mastery Class. There are also three bonus products available for download. These bonuses come to enhance the experience you are having with the guide.

The Language Of Desire guide content is focused on helping women to build healthy relationships with men. One of the great things about the program is that you can access it from your mobile phone and you can also listen to it, as it is also available in an mp3 format. There are many techniques in the Language Of Desire guide, each of them having a unique name. For example, Pavlov’s Erection refers to a phrase that you can whisper into your man’s ear to trigger attraction instantly. There is also the Tease Intensifier, a technique that can tease your man to a point that he will not be able to control himself. Once the Tease Intensifier works, the next step is using the Oral Intensifier. The name says it all.

You can also reach his mind through Erotic Telepathy, a technique that allows you to awake in him fantasies that he may not even be aware of their existence. With Desire Seed, you can plant a seed of your deepest desires into his mind. If you want him to be “hard” immediately, you can use what is called the Verbal Viagra. Another efficient technique is the one called Lust Mirror, which can be difficult to describe, but you will see how it puts you both in action.

The Porn Destroyer is the method meant to make your man chase you instead of watching porn. If you decide to get the program and you are not satisfied with the information, you can get your money back with the condition to state your dissatisfaction within the first sixty days after purchase. The guide contains worksheets that women can use for taking notes and practicing.


  • Highly versatile guide, as it allows women to use it on their smartphones or mp3 players.
  • Subtle techniques that you can use to see visible and positive changes in the sexual behavior of your man.
  • The content of the Language Of Desire guide is easy to access and follow.
  • Navigating through the member’s area is not difficult at all.
  • The advice presented in the program is easy to apply.
  • You can benefit from the use of worksheets.
  • The Language Of Desire guide is nicely structured like a course.
  • The author is sharing her personal experiences and she has developed the guide from research.
  • If you get the program, you benefit from the sixty days money back guarantee feature.
  • This Language Of Desire program goes deeper with the information than others, as it addresses sexual issues.
  • There are bonus products received at acquisition.
  • There are many practical examples in the guide.


  • Language Of Desire contains what people may consider dirty language.
  • You have to download the worksheets to use them, so they cannot be filled online.


If your life partner is cold and pays more attention to video games, football, his smartphone, pornography, or anything else but not to you, Language of Desire book is definitely the must-have guide for you. For any other issues with a relationship, there are other means of solving them. The program has many advantages and it provides an incredible amount of information to women who are desperate to make themselves desirable again to their men. Language Of Desire is one of the best programs that are available online for women.


8.5 Overall Score

Language of Desire is a complete relationship program for women that can help them to reignite the spark in their relationships. The first impression that you get when you start with the program is that you will just learn about how to talk dirty to your man for making him aroused.





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  1. I honestly think that just because she caught him watching porn it doesn’t mean she doesn’t think she’s attracting. Her husband might just have been looking for something else that she could not offer. I don’t think porn is something bad: done right it can help a relationship, sexually wise. It all depends how you perceive it and how you use it. Sometimes watching porn movies can be the spark a relationship needs. And if both like to watch it together and it helps their sexual life, why not?

  2. The fact that this contains dirty words makes it even better in my book! What kind of sexual life would we have without a little extra pizzazz? I don’t consider this as being a disadvantage at all, quite the contrary. Will most likely get this next week so thanks for writing about it.

  3. I’m very happy to hear there is also an mp3 version as I tend to be on the road a lot; this will make things a lot easier. Overall, everything seems like this is going to be a great investment and I do need to make some changes in my sexual life (and not just that).

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