The Obsession Formula Review

The Obsession Formula ReviewThe Obsession Formula is the new dating book from the dating expert, Adam Lyon, that helps women make any man fall in love with them. Using the methods and techniques in Adam’s book, women can make the man; they have fallen in love with to see them as the only woman in the world. Adam, shows women the proper way of seducing men; he shows what most women do wrong, and why the most common dating methods, such as playing hard to get, don’t work. Adam, explains in detail why attracting a man for some women seem as an impossible task. Some women try too hard to attract a man that, in the end, they scare their loved one.

Obsession Formula contains a special chapter in which, Adam, explains what it takes for a woman to make her boyfriend quit watching porn. How women can turn their friendship with their loved one into a romantic relationship; the relationship women dream about. A romantic relationship that will make her boyfriend so happy; he won’t leave her sight.

Adam helps women change their view of life in a way that makes them relaxed, social, and funny as contrary to popular belief: good physical looks is not what makes men fall in love with a woman. A woman with a sexy body draws men’s attention, but a woman who is self confident, happy, positive, with a good sense of humor, and a woman who is not needy is what makes men obsessed.

Men can’t put up with a woman who is complaining, needy, and a woman who blames other people for her problems. As men know that women who behave like this, will blame them about every problem in the relationship. Therefore, Adam explains to women how to change their inner game in a way that attracts men. By changing their mindset and way of seeing things in life, women have an aura that makes men turned on and obsessed with them.

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By changing their way of thinking, women subconsciously improve their body language; as a result, men become subconsciously attracted to them. Adam, explains in detail how women can use their body language as an unfair advantage over other women. He has included simple switches for improving women’s body language that make a huge difference in how men perceive women. As a woman who walks with a correct posture, a smile, and a happy face is a woman who is irresistible to men.

Obsession Formula shows why men are turned off by women who use the method of being hard to get. Men already put women on a pedestal so when a woman plays hard to get, men think that they are out of a woman’s league. Then, men start to think of excuses and, in the end, men don’t approach the woman, who is using the hard to get method or ever call her on a date since she’s using the worst method for attracting men.

What troubles most women is, women can’t understand men. In Obsession Formula book, Adam, has included a guide for women on how to understand men, and he shows in detail what goes in the subconscious part of the male brain. With his methods, women will instantly know their boyfriend’s needs and desires, which is the crucial part of making men obsessed with them. The Obsession Formula contains a dictionary that explains to women what the most commonly used words by men mean. Even without men saying anything after reading Obsession Formula book, women will know exactly what is going on in men’s heads.

Once a woman has successfully attracted her man, The Obsession Formula has a special chapter that explains how women can keep their relationships fun, exciting, and to make their relationships feel as if they are in a never ending romantic movie. Using the tips in this book, women know how to keep their boyfriend forever interested both sexually and romantically. These techniques are so effective; they can even make a man change his mind and to change his plans: men will leave their friends to spend more time with their girlfriends.

The Advantages

  • The Obsession Formula contains videos that help women understand and implement every step and technique in the book.
  • Adam has given special attention on how women can overcome fear when it comes the time to tell their feelings to their loved one.
  • An audio book that enables women to learn the techniques even when they don’t have the energy to read.
  • “The Hornet Academy” this bonus includes how to guides to overcoming fights that have endangered the relationship, and things that can endanger the relationship in the future. Moreover, this bonus explains how to prevent these situations in order to keep the relationship alive.
  • “The Online Attraction Formula” is another bonus that explains how women can make their loved one to be literally obsessed with them that he won’t be able to sleep, eat, etc.
  • Mind reading techniques proven by science.
  • Body language switches that work for almost every woman, regardless of her body shape.
  • Methods that keep the relationship interesting.

The Disadvantages

  • It takes perseverance to learn the methods in this book as it takes some time until a woman changes her habits.
  • The Obsession Formula works only for women that are disciplined and consistent in following the guidelines in this book.


If you have trouble finding the man of your dreams or if you question yourself why you always have to date losers, then Obsession Formula book is for you. You will learn everything; you need to know about how to attract the men that you find cute, handsome, and out of your league. You will learn what it takes to keep men off the pornographic websites as you will know how to give your loved one the sex that he so desperately needs. You will be able to make every man interested in you wherever you go. You will no longer depend on one man to satisfy your needs as there will be a plethora of men of which you can choose for dating.


7.3 Overall Score

The Obsession Formula is the new dating book from the dating expert, Adam Lyon, that helps women make any man fall in love with them. Using the methods and techniques in Adam's book, women can make the man; they have fallen in love with to see them as the only woman in the world.





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