Top 10 Best Free To Play Erotic Games (NEW 2019)

Best Erotic Games
When it comes to erotic games, everyone knows the industry leaders. But this is often a problem, as many underdogs go unnoticed, yet they are often better than top games whether it comes to the graphics, game play or storyline. Here are some of the little known erotic sex games for adults and what makes them worth a shot.

1. Hentai Heroes (Visit Website)

Hentai Heroes GameFree to play and a simple concept this is what you get from Hentai Heroes. The general idea is simple collect all the girls in the game and have sex with all of them. This is your opportunity to build up your own harem. There are dozens of girls out there and developers keep adding more and more. Each of them has its own special features for a unique experience.

The game is rich in quality content, while the story mode will instantly hook you in you are a hero trying to make a lusty world an even lustier place. Sex scenes everywhere and lots of fetishes what else can you ask for? Oh, right  a good battle arena where you can push your sex skills against other players.


  • Good graphics
  • Battle arena
  • Good story mode
  • Free to play


  • No realistic graphics

2. NarcosXXX (Visit Website)

NarcosXXX GameNarcosXXX is quite popular, but not popular enough. It is common among those who love the drug of lords, but not so common among adult gamers. The game is basically a shooter filled with lots of sex. What you have to do is kill your enemies one by one by tossing grenades at them, save hot girls and bang them like there is no tomorrow simple as that.

There are multiple levels out there and the game can be played over more devices computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The best part is you can even control the sex moves choose how fast you go, put it in or out, decide when to come and so on. Furthermore, your subscription will give you access to plenty of other adult material.


  • Has some action other than sex
  • Playable on more devices
  • Good 3D realistic graphics
  • Easy to?setup


  • Shooting part feels quite easy

3. PussySaga (Visit Website)

PussySagaPussySaga may not be too realistic, but it can definitely turn you on. Available in more languages, the game requires Flash. Once in, you will meet a sexy fairy with a few options. Each option will give a different storyline. There is, however, lots of talking, yet you can click or tap your way out really fast  no need to read all the useless stuff.

Each challenge is different. Some of them might feel a bit dumb. You would have to match candies, for example. It is not like this game is for kids. Others imply taking hot girls out on dates. All in all, everything leads to the reason why you are here sex.


  • Multiple challenges
  • Different scenarios
  • Exciting graphics
  • Easy to load


  • Some challenges can be boring

4. Sex Gangsters (Visit Website)

Sex Gangsters GamesMafia, porn and a good experience Sex Gangsters sounds too good to be true. The storyline is quite simple to follow ? no need to have gaming experience. It might seem a bit overwhelming when you load the game up though, as there are plenty of things to do. However, you will get used to it within the first half an hour.

Simply put, your goal is to build your rank up. You have to do anything it takes to make money and that includes banging hot girls. You have to chase them in different parts of the world and conquer them with your manhood.


  • Interesting stories
  • Easy to follow
  • Good graphics
  • Easy to play


  • Feels clunky at first

5. The Fister (Visit Website)

The Fister GameBased on The Witcher, The Fister does not have the popularity it deserves, yet there is not much to complain about this game. It is part of a wider collection of games coming from the same developer and featuring the same exquisite graphics. At times, it might be hard to tell whether it is a game or a porn video  the lighting, shades, gestures, facial gestures and noises.

While The Fister does bring in a bit of action, most of it revolves around beautiful girls who could use some sex. You end up choosing the girl, the position and even when you come.


  • Excellent graphics
  • Realistic game
  • Easy interface
  • Easy to play


  • Not much of a storyline

6. Assassin’s Seed Orgies (Visit Website)

Assassin's Seed Orgies GameAssassin’s Seed Orgies put you in the famous assassin’s role one more time, but this time, everything is different. If in the original series you had to show your skills as a quiet assassin, you now have to show your skills as a potent man. Instead of killing people, you have to hunt beautiful women and smash them in every possible position. There is not too much of a storyline, but you do not want to waste too much time reading lines anyway.

The game is easy and does not require too much experience. What is so impressive about it? The graphics! It is based on rendered 3D graphics that look extremely realistic. It is a shame the game is not better rated as it could seriously make the difference.


  • Stunning graphics
  • Multiple scenarios
  • Easy to play
  • Just enough of a storyline


  • Tends to be boring after a while
7. XXXCharted (Visit Website)

XXXChartedXXXCharted does not come alone, but with a few other parodies along, such as Cock of Duty or The Fister, among others. The best part is that new games are added on a regular basis, so your list will keep getting bigger. Furthermore, extras could not miss either over 50,000 porn uploads just to name the most important one.

XXXCharted is playable on most devices connected to the Internet, so you should have no issues. It has a story mode, which is the hands free option. The 3D sex unveils in front of you without requiring any action. Meanwhile, a voice tells you what is going on. On the other hand, no matter how hard you try to change the outcome of various stories, you cannot do that.


  • Great artwork
  • Free bonus games
  • Free porn videos
  • Hands free option


  • Limited amount of game play
8. Chathouse3D (Visit Website)

Chathouse 3D GameChathouse 3D is the ultimate game in terms of sexual interaction. Basically, you have to create a sexy representation of you plenty of small details to customize. Once you are done, go in and start exploring. It is some sort of free moving game where you meet and interact with others like you. How cool is that? The best part is that once you decide you want some action, you start hitting on someone and you two get along. This can only lead to one thing hardcore sex in any possible position.

Chathouse 3D is widely appreciated for the good graphics, but also for the interaction.


  • Lots of interaction
  • Good graphics
  • Free movement
  • Deep character customization


  • No actual missions or game play
9. Game of Moans (Visit Website)

Game of Moans AdultGame of Moans is based on Game of Thrones. While the original television show is about killing everyone and everything, Game of Moans follows the same principles with one difference fuck everyone or everything. Otherwise, you get killed… Erm, fucked! The game is split into multiple chapters and each level comes with its own particularities and sex opportunities. Fuck your way to the top and enjoy plenty of explicit hardcore action.

The best part about Game of Moans is that you get more than just sex  you actually get a storyline and a decent game play. Sure, everything leads to sex, but after all, this is why you play the game anyway.


  • Multiple scenarios
  • Different levels and chapters
  • Easy to play


  • Not too much of a storyline
10. Red Bed Seduction (Visit Website)

Red Bed SeductionBased on the more popular Red Dead Redemption, Red Bed Seduction aims to take things a bit further by spicing the action up with loads of sex. It may not be the most popular game in the world, but this is because it comes in a group of more games, so you will get it in a package along with other bonuses and extras.

Sign up within a few minutes and enjoy a decent storyline and good graphics. The 3D rendered models look like real people and that is a plus. The game play? Not the best in the world, especially as all your options tend to lead to the same final result.


  • Outstanding 3D rendered graphics
  • Decent storyline
  • Hands free option
  • More scenarios


  • Not much freedom over your choices

Bottom line, the general idea is fairly simple  even a little known erotic game could be a hit. Be it a marketing issue or the developer’s lack of popularity, there are quite a few reasons wherefore great games fail to make it big.?

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