Bobby Rio’s Unlock Her Legs Review

Unlock Her Legs ReviewCan’t find the best Unlock Her Legs review? Let me ask you a quick question: what would you give to be with the girl of your dreams? For most men, the answer is almost anything. But no matter how much you may desire a girl and want to associate with her sexually, getting her to agree to a sexual relationship with you is no easy task. It takes planning and skills and you have to be at you best in terms of body language, talking and even dressing. It is therefore no wonder that a large majority of men complain that they cannot get a girl to sleep with them.

If you are in this category, worry not, you are not alone. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, authors of the much acclaimed Magnetic Messaging, have themselves faced numerous rejections from girls. This is the reason why they have sat down and come up with another handy guide for men who want to get the girl they have always dreamed of. Unlock Her Legs system readers through The Scrambler effect which when implemented guarantees positive results.

Unlock Her Legs – The Scrambler Method

Provided as an eBook, Unlock Her Legs pdf bases its advice on the Scrambler Technique. This is a technique that turns normal guys into guys whom girls want to chase after. By letting her find thrill in the chase, you ensure that she will do anything to get you. So as to achieve this, the scrambler method makes use of four main principles which are explained in detail in the Unlock Her Legs book.

  • Uncertainty and mystery – If there is one thing girls love, it is mystery. Telling her every little bit about you on the first date takes the mystery out and the girl is no longer interested. Unlock Her Legs provides great tips on how to steer your conversations to achieve your final goal.
  • Power – no girl likes a weak man. If you let her have power over you, then you can forget ever making love to her. She needs to feel as if she should impress you with the things that she does. Naturally, females get turned on by the sight of a powerful male figure.
  • Validation – If you get to a point where she seeks your validation on almost everything, she’s yours.
  • Anticipation – Do not be very predictable otherwise there will be no anticipation at all. Anticipation drives a girl wild and crazy to the point where she will do just anything you ask her to do.

With this four principles you create drama, mystery and unpredictability; the perfect recipe for a girl to fall head over heels in love with you. In addition to the above, the Scrambler effect also includes various other techniques such as pattern interrupts, unpredictable rewards and what is referred to as the Zeigarnik effect.


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Another very important section of the Unlock Her Legs book is ‘The 12 seduction weapons’. Here the Rob and Bobby provide 12 very effective seduction weapons that are guaranteed to work on the girl you want. You are also shown how and when to use these weapons for maximum effect.

Lastly, there is the Lust System which is more physical than psychological. The main purpose of this section is to show you how to evoke strong feelings of lust for you within her that can only lead to sex.

The pricing of the v is at $97. However all the bonus material you will receive along with the main program means that you will be paying peanuts for a package that’s valued over $900. In total there are 6 totally free bonuses such as Invisible Escalation, She is Sending You Signals and The Magnetic Effect Pattern.


The biggest advantage of The Scrambler Method is the fact that you get to achieve what you have been longing for. In the end, if you follow the program to the letter, she will easily fall to your charms and you can lead the relationship to wherever you want it to go.

Other than helping you get the girl you have always wanted in bed, you also get to learn many other things especially having to do with women psychology. This can help you improve your current relationship and even relate to the women in your life in a better way.

The book gives you control over your relationship. Once you have managed to get her, you may decide to make her a casual sex partner or go deeper and make her your girlfriend.

Finally, all the tips and tricks explained in the program are supported by sound scientific facts and research. This guarantees that whenever you use what’s provided in the program, the results will always be positive.


Nothing is perfect and Unlock her Legs is no exception. For one, there is a lot of material to read and understand. This is not a book for those who cannot make time to learn how to seduce a woman into bed. So when you buy it, prepare to cut off adequate time form your normal schedule to go through the program.

Secondly, the results you get will not be immediate and this may be discouraging for most guys. The scrambler technique in particular, focuses on changing your behavior gradually and getting girls to notice this change. Therefore patience is a huge requirement for Unlock Her Legs.

Finally, it requires effort. There is the reading and understanding part and then there is the implementation. This is where the real effort is. You have to work at being the guy of her dreams, the guy she would want to do anything for.


The Magnetic Effect by Roby and Bob was a hit and this one seems to be going in the same direction. With its powerful way of passing a message and the extremely simple to follow tips provided, it is hard to resist making this buy.

Whether it is that girl with whom you are just friends, an ex-girlfriend, a work colleague or a girl you once knew; the Unlock Her Legs ebook will work on anyone you use it on. Within the pages of the book, you will find what you have been searching for so long. It gives you power to go after a girl no matter how ‘above your class’ she seems.


7.5 Overall Score

Provided as an eBook, Unlock Her Legs bases its advice on the Scrambler Technique. This is a technique that turns normal guys into guys whom girls want to chase after. By letting her find thrill in the chase, you ensure that she will do anything to get you.





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