Use Valentine’s Day to Renew Your Relationship

Use Valentine’s Day to Renew Your RelationshipWomen are reputed for loving February 14th. Many men even consider it a woman’s holiday. It’s that day when love, passion and romance are supposed to be at their peak. Men are supposed to be enchanting and women are supposed to be impressed. But, for many couples, this Valentine’s Day is just another Valentine’s Day. What has been done in years passed is set to be repeated again. Any peaks in excitement are likely to be acted out merely for the sake of being civil.

The reason that the roses have withered before the holiday is because many relationships are withered. No creative efforts and no new ideas are being introduced. There are simply two lives bound together by commitment and routine. And, celebrating Valentine’s Day is part of the routine.

It does not have to be that way, even if it has been that way for a while. Valentines Day is largely based on the spirit and plot of change. Stories and movies about this holiday commonly carry the line of a couple whose relationship seems headed in one direction but then takes an unexpected turn.

If you wish that your relationship was headed in a different direction, you have an opportunity to really make memories this February 14th. Few things are as memorable as major changes in a relationship. Here are some ways Valentine’s Day to achieve that:

Take Control:

If your partner usually makes the plans or you usually make them together, initiate a change. This year, take control of all of the arrangements.

For more impact, shroud the details in mystery. Do not give tell your partner what you are planning. Instead arouse interest with unexpected hints. For example, you may send a text message that says you will need a bikini but don’t worry there’s no sand.

Be Creative:

Language Of Desire

Imagine the degree of disappointment your partner will feel if you mystify the occasion and then reveal a dull plan. Consider what you have done in the past and then consider things that you have never done. Try to move from one extreme to the other.

Do something that will come as a surprise. Whatever you choose should also display consideration for your partner’s preferences and desires.

Valentine’s Day does not need to be confined to the normal giving of flowers, going to the movies, and having dinner. This is an occasion to celebrate your love and admiration for another person. You can do that by showing that there are other interests between the two of you.

Check out our Valentine gift ideas for him and for her.

Devote the Day:

Valentine’s Day is often an after 6 holiday. People maintain their regular schedules and then they get together in the evening hoping to squeeze some memory from the few hours before bedtime. The first difference that you could make this year is devoting the whole day to celebrating. This could involve an all day activity or a day devoted to inactivity. It’s just a matter of what makes the two of you feel good.

Show An Unexpected Side:

The time that people in relationships spend together is often dull because they have become a dull pair. You can get your partners attention doing something that you normally wouldn’t agree to even if you were asked.

If, for example, you are normally strict about your workday routine and are always in bed by 9 pm and up by 6am, reveal your spontaneous and risqué side. Plan to spend the night out of town and drive back Monday morning in time for work. If your partner has been after you to loosen up, use this as the occasion to do it.

The Day After:

Don’t let the occasion die at midnight. Send another bouquet or buy another gift the following day. Make sure to let your partner know that you did so because the night before opened up something new.

This year is not so far gone as to prevent you from making resolutions. Use Valentine’s Day to renew your relationship. But remember that you will have to continue to work at it.

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