Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box Review

The Pandora's Box ReviewAre You Wondering if Pandora’s Box still work?

Have you ever wondered why women keep picking other guys over you? Or why they turn you down for dates? Or perhaps you are wondering why you keep getting heartbroken. Well, according to Vin Dicarlo, the brain behind the Pandora’s Box system, all those things have very little to do with bad luck and more with your dating strategy. He adds that with the Pandora’s Box, you can turn the tables and become a chick magnet. But is that true or is he just another scammer? Read on and get my honest opinion after a thorough review of the system.

Pandora’s Box PDF Overview

The Pandora’s Box is a system that enables you to observe women and quickly categorize them into eight distinct groups. By doing so, you will not only profile them (which is a fun thing to do) but will also know exactly what you need to do in order to attract each kind of women. The system is based on three questions. If you answer each of them correctly you will know the woman’s category and in turn, you will know how to charm her.

Basically, the three questions will help you determine the woman’s “Time Line”, “Sex Line”, and “Relationship Line”. Her “Time Line” will reveal to you the exact strategy that she uses to pick a guy. On the other hand, her “Sex Line” will show you her sexual views and what a guy needs to do to turn her on. Finally her “Relationship Line” will tell you what she wants from a relationship.

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Now, the first question to ask yourself is whether she is a tester (T) or investor (N). It relates to her “Time Line” and is indicative of whether she is ready to take up a guy immediately (invest) or she is testing a number of guys before choosing one (test). The second question relates to her “Sex Line”. Is she a denier (D) or a justifier (J)? A denier is someone who denies having sex (despite the fact that she could be getting laid frequently) because of societal judgments and expectations while a justifier is one who doesn’t deny having sex but instead justifies why it is okay for women to have sex. Finally, ask yourself whether she is a realist (R) or an idealist (I). A realist is likely to embrace things that are traditionally “not meant for women” like building a career rather than staying at home to take care of the kids. An idealist will embrace the latter. This question relates to her “Relationship Line”. Key indicators include her views on the world, career, and life in general. Does she look at things as they are or as she thinks they ought to be?

Once you have the answers to the three questions, you will be able to classify her into one of the eight categories developed by Vin Dicarlo. They are NJI (The Cinderella), NDR (Connoisseur), TDR (Your Private Dancer), NJR (Modern Woman), NDI (Hopeful Romantic), TJR (Seductress), TJI (Social Butterfly), and TDI (Playette).

From there, the guide will inform you everything that you need to do to attract her. It contains plenty of useful information ranging from the kind of language to use and your body language. It has examples and case scenarios for each question. Note that you need to answer the questions in the exact order stated above. When you have the answers, it will tell you the next step to take.

I bet from the foregoing you have already noticed that the Pandora’s Box system is meant for people who are: attracted to women, interested in having control over who they date, and fascinated by the idea of attracting a woman in a matter of seconds or minutes. So if you are satisfied with the woman/women in your life or if you are interested in manipulating women then this system is not for you.

Product Details

The Package
When you buy Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box system you will get a full package that contains the following:

  • 11 PDF documents that contain among other things guides on the three major questions.
  • 10 videos on different strategies.
  • How to read her mind.
  • The ultimate strategy guide that you can use to get the perfect woman.
  • Extensive research on female psychology.

Vin Dicarlo starts by explaining the differences between men and women and how you can take advantage of the differences to win the woman of your dreams. As mentioned already, the system will help you discover the eight categories of women in details. For each kind of woman, you will gain very insightful knowledge including her desires, how she gets whatever she wants, the three phases of conversing with her, how to get physical with her, and what to expect from her among others. You will also get interviews from women of every kind.

Apart from the primary content, the Pandora’s Box system comes with other bonuses that are perfect for any dating and/or relationship scenario. They include finding her S-spot, mindreading, the fuck buddy formula, and movie magic among others.


  • Contains very educative research concerning male and female psychology. That type of knowledge is important in the dating and academic spheres of life.
  • Comes in both PDF and video formats. Therefore, people who don’t fancy reading have an option.
  • Breaks down content into small units for easy reading. That is the case for PDF and videos.
  • Has plenty of interviews that back the research, findings, and strategies. You can subscribe to the system and get weekly interviews.
  • A unique approach to the world of dating. It is a game changer if used correctly.
  • Might not be effective for beginners because it requires things like mind reading ability.
  • Might require time to learn and become well conversant with all the strategies.
  • Weekly interviews are not free.

So, is Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box system a scam? Absolutely not. It is a genuine product that was developed for people who want to win women’s hearts. It was developed based on scientific research and psychology. That means it is a reliable product that is worth trying out. However, remember that its success is dependent on how well you can learn, remember, and practice the tricks. Therefore, you need to put a lot of effort if you are to see any positive results.


7.3 Overall Score

The Pandora's Box is a system that enables you to observe women and quickly categorize them into eight distinct groups. By doing so, you will not only profile them (which is a fun thing to do) but will also know exactly what you need to do in order to attract each kind of women.





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