What If You Cheated on Her?

Cheating is very prevalent in relationships, and majority of the cheating is done by the men, so we’ve dedicated this page to address this particular problem. If you are now out to figure out how to win her back because you cheated on her, you have to realize a couple of things.

First, cheating is a very grave offense in a relationship and there is a very large chance that you won’t be able to get your ex back for good. Second, the lengths you’re gonna have to go through to prove your worth to your ex once again will be great, and you need to be prepared for that. Third, to really complete the mission of winning her back, you will need a lot of time and patience. Lastly, now that you know the ramifications of cheating, you also now know that it is best for you to never cheat again. Nothing good comes out of it and its negative effects far outweigh its temporal benefits of pleasure.

Stay away from the third party for good.

The main source of the problem here is the other woman, right? Then the solution is quite clear: you must cut ties with the third part and bar all forms of communication with her. Most importantly, you shouldn’t be seen anywhere near her ever again. This is how you can initially show your ex that you’re remorseful of your actions and that you’re now taking responsibility. Don’t aggravate the situation anymore by putting yourself in a situation that will push your ex further away from you. Just steer clear of all the drama and stay away from the other “girl”.

Stay away from your ex for a while.

On the other hand, you can’t just simply rush back to your ex just because you’ve sworn to leave the other person for good. You also need to give her space and respect her privacy for a while. This will also allow for the dust to settle and for the pain you’ve dealt to your ex to reside, before you attempt on how to win her back. Never ever attempt to communicate in any way whatsoever as this will only reek of desperation and your ex will surely never respond to any of your calls or texts.

In the mean time, contemplate on your actions and how you can change yourself for the better. Really think back on what you’ve done and ask yourself: “Was the cheating worth it?” Do a little bit of soul searching because what you’ve done will absolutely put a scar on your ex’s heart and you have to be able to truly understand that.

The next objective is to become on good talking terms with her.

The key on how to win her back is simply taking things slow. After being absent from her life for a while, your next step should be figuring out how you can get her to talk to you without hesitation, without being pressured. You can do this by starting to send an innocent “How are you?” text message or email, or leaving her a voice mail asking her how things have been. If she replies to any of your messages or calls you back, it means that she’s ready to talk to you again. If not, then I’m sorry to inform you but you have to wait a month or so to attempt communicating with her again. Again, it’s better to patiently wait than to rush things.

Demonstrate your remorse and your transformation.

As is always said, actions speak louder than words, and therefore, a mere asking of apology or a string of promises to never cheat on her again won’t cut it. You need to be able to demonstrate that you’ve now transformed as an individual and that you’re truly sorry for your past actions. This can be done primarily through two actions: first, showing her that you’ll pay attention to her more than any other woman, and second, minimizing seeing other women that could be potential threats to the relationship. Actively perform these whenever your with your ex and she’ll discover that you’re worthy of her trust once more.

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