What If You Didn’t Give Too Much Time?

If you are in a relationship, it is only logical that you spend ample time with your partner so that they won’t feel left out or forgone. Most of the time a boyfriend or girlfriend can feel replaced by other priorities their partner may currently have, and this will cause them to ultimately leave the relationship.

If you’re now groping for ways on how to get back your ex (who left you because you didn’t pay too much attention for them), then I can suggest for you these strategies that will help you ease up your time and really help you see how much you should sacrifice to make the relationship work.

1) Set your priorities straight.
See, when you agreed to part of the relationship, you also agreed to give a very large part of your time to them. Therefore, if you really want to get your ex back, you should set keep your priorities in check. Which is more important to you, your work or your partner? Your family or your relationship? Your passions or the person you romantically love? You must set a hierarchy of priorities, and the relationship must be close to the top.

I mean, as much as we’d really like to get the most out of life, we can’t have it all. You should choose your relationship atop of other priorities if you want it to survive.

2) Sacrifice some of your activities.
If you feel like there are some hobbies or plans you can sacrifice just so you can spend time with your partner, do so. It is important that you let your ex know that you’re able to shake up your life just so you can have enough space for them. Verbally announce to your ex that you’ve let go of this specific hobby, or that you’ve refused a promotion that will require you to move to another place.

3) Talk to your ex.
Being on speaking terms with your ex is very vital to all the situations I tackle on this website, and it’s no different for this issue. You can’t know how to get back your ex if you won’t communicate with them in the first place.

Once you get to talk to your ex, tell them that you’re willing to spare a great deal of time with them, despite the business of your schedule or the differences in your lifestyle. It would be great if you can discuss a concrete “schedule” with them, agreeing with “date nights” or “stay-at-home nights” beforehand.

I know it’s difficult to just come up to your ex and tell them how you feel, but you need to overcome this so you can know how to get back your ex. Be courageous enough to accept the consequences, because really, this is the only reasonable way to solve your problem. And this will also send a signal to your ex that you’re spending a lot of time and dedication to fix the relationship, which will help to state your case.

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