Why You Should Consider A Frugal Night Of Music This Weekend

Nothing evokes so much feeling as music. It can bring back memories from long ago, bring tears regarding painful experiences or create suspense when watching a movie. In addition, music is held in high regard during important events such as choosing a couple’s song at a wedding or feeling patriotism during the national anthem. So why then do so many couples leave out such an important romance tool as music?

Incorporating music into your love life can create an ambiance and mood that is completely ripe for love. Also, music doesn’t have to just be in the background, it can be the entire focus of a romantic evening together. This is not about spending large amounts of money on concert tickets where you barely see or hear your lover next to you. No, this is about making music be your activity, and reaping the benefits.

One doesn’t have to spend money to experience true romance – a couple can make beautiful music together at little to no cost. Not only does it help a couple’s budget, it ensures a meaningful night together can take place instead of noise and distraction.

A frugal music night as a couple doesn’t require that one of you play an instrument. There are many ways to bring music into the passion of your frugal evening together. Here are some ideas:

If you, your lover or both play instruments, wipe the dust off and bring them out into the living room (or take them to the park, beach or camping). Play songs together or have one play while the other sings. You can even write your own songs. Connecting through performing music will, guaranteed, ignite passion in your relationship.

Music lessons for any instrument are, guaranteed, expensive. For frugal romance, you needn’t take formal lessons. If you have always wanted to learn an instrument, purchase a used guitar at a thrift store. There are also “learn at home” books available in addition to a lot of free information online. Learn an instrument together and commit to practicing one weekend night each week. You will have fun filling your time with meaningful activity – and you will learn a skill you can keep for always.

If you and your lover have no interest in actually performing music, but love listening, check your newspapers for free concerts outdoors, at schools and the like. Enjoy a free evening listening to the wonder of music.

You and your partner can have a frugal, fun evening at home playing games with a musical theme. You can hum your own version of “Name That Tune,” share a romantic slow dance in your living room or play a music trivia game where you set the romantic “prizes” to be won. The sky is the limit so use your creativity to bring the passion of music back into your relationship.

Even if you encounter a weeknight slump with work scheduled for the next morning, you can spark up the romance in your relationship through music. Turn off the tv, snuggle on the couch together and play your favorite CD. Music is a form of therapy and it encourages people to unwind and relax – washing away the days troubles and igniting a love spark – all for free.

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